Mind on the Month #1

Wow! Just like that April has come to an end. In this month, I:

  • Did my second semester exams, and in my opinion performed way better than the last semester. When I looked at the exam papers and saw the questions, my mind didn’t go completely blank like last time. I didn’t spend a majority of the time staring hopelessly at the paper and wondering if answers could drop from heaven.
  • Braided my hair, getting a short-ish hairstyle for once. This however took about 12 hours…that led to some annoyance.
  • Turned 19 (they say being old is a privilege, but nooo I don’t want to be in the last of my ‘teen’ years!)
  • Started a blog (again)
  • Had a “surprise” birthday party thrown for me
  • Lazed around and finished watching season 6 of Teen Wolf! Also started on Stranger Things, but the speed of the Internet wouldn’t let me be great.

All in all, April was quite the month, but not too stressful since I’m on holidays. The last day of April was quite lively, as it was Sunday so my church usually has this program at the end of the month called Divine Visitation. In this program, the church invites a pastor from outside to preach, or uses someone other than the pastor in charge. The pastor we got was so lively and I loved every bit of the service. The day ended with a visit to Silverbird to watch Fast & Furious 8, which was quite action pumped.

May has 31 days, and so I am looking forward to May and what it brings, some of which are:

  • Results of exam are released – fingers crossed this is a happy event
  • School resumption – I love the makeup of my class, and so I look forward to seeing my classmates again.

May Goals:

I think we should all try and set goals, which are to be achieved by all means at the end of the month. The goals don’t have to be something huge or absolutely ridiculous, but can start as little things. In May, I want to:

  • Consistently begin a skin care regimen from which I hope to see favorable results by the end of the month.
  • Be efficient – use time wisely & productively
  • Begin each day well, and end each day well
  • Try to go to weekday services consistently
  • Read 5 books other than law books
  • Experiment with photography/videography
  • Try to consistently write on the blog for the whole month

I hope that this time next month, I would have been able to achieve all these little goals!

Do you set monthly goals? What goals are you setting for May? How was your April?



0 thoughts on “Mind on the Month #1”

    1. Write down the vision o! Lol, I like that I write and post them because then I look back on them the next month and I’m like .. gee, I wrote that? Chai I didn’t achieve much ooo! Writing keeps me accountable

      1. I will oh, from September! I think its better to see it and more progress will probably be made than ‘mental’goals when one has already forgotten half of them.

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