April 2018 – Starting a Creative Business, Turning 20, Exam Stress

What is going on? How is it already May 2018? This year has just been speeding along, and I’m probably always going to be shocked whenever a new month arrives – is this how people one day wake up at 50 with like 4 kids and a husband? Scary stuff! Anyway, I know my blog post title looks like a Youtube video title, but I’m unapologetic.

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This month has flown by so fast, and yet again I wish I’d at least jotted down the happenings of each day! Yet, I think I can scrape my mind to find enough to note down in this post. I like sharing lifestyle posts, and occasionally I have to come and look back to see what’s good and how far I’ve come.

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I think the fact April flew by so fast establishes that time really is not on the side of anybody. I mean, what have I been doing with time? Is there any way I could have had a more productive April? These thoughts go through my mind as I realise that as I’m coming out of April 2018, I’m not any more different, only just twenty years old as opposed to nineteen. I’ve also been a blogger for one year pretty exciting! You can read this post to get all of that gist.

Blog Life

Blog life, I have to say was pretty stressful this month. For one, my hosting provider suspended me about 3 or so times within the span of 3 weeks for spamming. It was a really stressful and frustrating experience, but an angel by the name Michael Tadese came through and helped me, that’s why you’re able to read this now. Let’s hope things stay this way until my hosting plan finishes. I also had to upgrade my plan because I had such a surge in traffic, my monthly bandwidth allocation fizzled out before April could even end. Imagine the day after I upgraded I got suspended! I nearly lost it. 

I went to my very first blogger networking event! You can get the gist on that in this post!

Real Life

In real life, I had exams and all towards the end of the month, my last paper being yesterday. So as you can imagine, I’ve spent all day rummaging through the pantry eating junk, noodles, drinking coke, and creating content as I feel – already written like 2 posts, this being the third. 

I turned 20 in April, as you would read here, and so far nothing has really changed. I mean, I’m still the same person, just closer to way more responsibilities. Iv’e started trying to visualise what I want for myself and where I want to see myself, and I find that I’m still very confused. With the introduction of this creative path – blogging & product photography, I wonder what my future is going to look like.

All I know is, I just want to go to heaven. While on Earth though, I want to explore my talents, achieve purpose, look good, take lots of photos, and foster healthy relationships. Is that too much to ask? Looks like it is, considering how lazy I am (I’ll admit it) – I wish I was more high maintenance.

Apart from that, I am very thankful for opportunities that have come my way in this mont of April! Just hoping I don’t squander or mess them up. I became social media manager for a brand, Aimanosi Lingerie, and so far I’ve been a tad shaky but getting used to the routine. Definitely want to give my all to that aspect.

Let’s just say, who doesn’t like holidays? After the hectic semester I’ve had, I’m happy to slink away into my house. The only difference is, I don’t think I’ll spend all the holidays cooped up in my house! Why? Read on!

Starting a Creative Business

Oh yes – I’ve done something I never have really thought I’d do before. A whole year of flatlays, starting with a crusty photo taken against a white background of Anike Herbal Solutions Products then proceeded to overkill with editing, have led to a branching out.

For one, I got tired of taking photos of my same old stuff – boring! I decided I wanted to expand my horizons – why not take photos for other people? Why not push my creative boundaries and test myself? Voila! Studio Amaka was born. I have to admit, It’s been pretty challenging – not that nobody is interested – but there are several factors to it.

There’s the self doubt (not huge, but still there), insecurities about equipment leading to thoughts on getting more equipment, the burning desire to create more, do more. There’s also the question of this – knowing your worth and adding tax to it. How does one do that in a creative business? Does enjoying something mean I can’t charge certain prices for it? I hope to figure out these questions, and when I do, I’ll definitely spill all in a post!

Until then, follow Studio Amaka to see all the projects coming up! I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been provided. I did pitching on my birthday – something I’ve never really done before. I was pleasantly surprised with all the positive responses I got!

Either way, May will definitely not be boring. I’ll be doing what I love, and sharing all the details with you, that’s for sure. I also have some exciting posts coming up, including a little collaboration interview with Demi Akin – you don’t want to miss it! Until then, stay in touch with me via my instagram – @mindofamaka and show some love to @studioamaka.


5 thoughts on “April 2018 – Starting a Creative Business, Turning 20, Exam Stress”

  1. Ooh what a coincidence, I literally just put up an April roundup post as well. I know right? Time seems to be speeding by at an alarming rate, can it like slow down, please?

    Haha, I just want to go to heaven too o. Sometimes, when I sit down and really think about it, I get kind of scared lol. Anyways, congrats on the new position Amaka and I hope things go great with Studio Amaka. Happy new month! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Aww Welcome to the 20’s.
    A studio! That’s so amazing dear. So much to do before 50. Happy New month!

  3. I feel you Amaka, this year is just flying by, we really aint got no time at all. Congrats on starting your own studio, I think you’re crazy talented in this product photography thing so this is a great move by you. Welcome to the 20’s btw, you’re life is about to change soon, enjoy the lack fo responsibilities while it lasts girl.

    Princess Audu

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