Mind on the Month: August

And just like that, a new month has arrived at our doorsteps, bringing us closer to the end of this 2017. Of course, in the spirit of consistency, I am back with another reflective post.

Frankly, I don’t know If I should continue. I mean, monthly reflections are a great way to recap the month and take stock, as well as sharing some of my life with my readers, but at the same time, It feels to me like a chore, a lazy way out. An easy way to make up content. Thing is, I love reading the recaps of everyone else though! Maybe it’s the events of this month that have really sucked my joy. We’ll see. To the recap!

Mini-Rant: Before I even start, what is with all these mink hair pages following me every time I put a location on my posts? Spam pages are actually annoying! I post a picture of a quote and you’re telling me ‘nice pose’ lmao okay. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • The Anike Herbal Solutions page reposted 2 of my photos, leading to a spike in readers for my post (here) which was a review of their products.
  • I binge-read Cassie Davies‘ blog, and I responded to one of her posts on her story. Next thing I knew, she’d followed me and we chatted in my DMs! I’m still blown away! She is literally so down to Earth!
  • Increase in engagement and followers on Instagram
  • More life! Increase in blog views and visitors!
  • Online shopping. I need not say more.
  • Sleeping and eating, not worrying about assignments




August started off well enough, there was the building up pressure which came with knowing that exams were around the corner. I was meant to have stuck to one rigid schedule I drew up weeks before the exam, and found that I failed. Anyway, exam week landed. In the first week, I was to have 1 exam each day.

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It went like this – Social Justice, Criminal Law, Tort, Commercial Law, and then Family Law. Then the last exam would be Human Rights, the Monday of the next week. Well, I’d like to thank God. I was honestly so nervous, especially for Tort (I HATED tort this semester, because of the teachers) and Social Justice, but I think I did very well in all my exams! My only fear is dropping my GPA. I just want to stay above 4.5. As I entered, all the stuff I had studied for jumped out at me, and I quickly wrote down all the cases and latin maxims I’d inhaled through the weeks at the back of my exam booklet.

Here’s one of them: omnis ratihabitio retrotrahitur et mandato priori aequiparatur.


It wasn’t easy o! I was there chanting it like a witch hovering over a bubbling cauldron of problem questions. I like that Law has latin maxims, you can scare off your enemies by confusing them in Latin.

Like I said in the beginning of my recap on visiting Suleja Prison (here), my last 2 exams – Family Law and Human Rights – were pushed way forward due to some very interesting technical issues. I wasn’t complaining though, more time to read (yeah right, I tried to read each second of the days but still left it slightly last minute).

Exams were the major part of August, and I was so glad when they were over. I then shared my plans to sort my life out with you (here). I have to say, this life sorting thing is going atrociously slow. I listed the clothes I wanted to get rid of on Jiji (here) and nothing has sold! I’m sick of these clothes. Maybe you should have a look through. I have some of my clothes I got from Australia for sale too, think BooHoo, Missguided, Jay Jays etc.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.36.40 PM

I was chosen to preach at the Teenage department of my church. I came up with two topics – choosing friends, and also backsliding. I gave the audience a choice and they chose the topic on friends. I wish I had gone with back sliding. It’s something very personal to me as I have first hand experience, and am still struggling. I never want to preach again lol. I was shaking and stuttering.

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Some serious stuff really went down during these holidays, last week to be specific. It’s thrown my mind into a state of chaos. I think that it’s only making me stronger, because after the event occurred I was still quite normal. In fact, the next day I got back into blogging and was taking flat lays. You just never know what goes on behind the scenes. I just really feel alone. I wish I had more support, but everyone is so far away.

I also had to think of a lot of relationships, and It’s been very emotionally tasking.

Looking to September

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 9.39.34 AM

A great thing about August was that all the stuff I ordered online started coming in bit by bit! This will result in greater content, and quality photos! If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram (@mindofamaka), I’ll tell you here: my flat-lays are getting better! 

I also shopped a lot in physical stores, and managed to get these beautiful slippers/sandals amongst other really nice shoes. I also realised that same day I have more than 10 pairs of shoes, I just never find them on time because they’re scattered all over the place.

made in nigeria shoes

September is packed with content for the blog! Trust, I’ve been writing every day, getting inspiration from everywhere. There’s a lot of rich posts coming! That’s one thing about batch shooting (always take advantage of good lighting, especially now it’s raining more frequently) and batch writing, you can schedule posts weeks in advance. I believe it prevents writers block for a while too.

What else is there for me in September?

  • Bank Statement: Yes, my disgusting spending habits will be revealed through the almighty bank statement. Jokes, the spending was all for my benefit, trust! Okay okay! MAYBE I bought some things that will earn me side-eyes. I DID IT FOR THE AESTHETICS.


  • School resumes (Back to the hustle and bustle)
  • Exam Results: Wish me luck people, pray I stay over 4.5 and drop to only like 4.7 or something
  • More packages ordered online delivered (TBH this is the most exciting because it’s like having gifts from you, delivered to you)
  • The Ginger NG opening & giveaway (what’s that? keep reading to find out!)

So yeah, that’s about everything for August. I’m really liking the increased engagement on my Instagram page! I’m also currently reading Sophia Amoruso’s book, #GirlBoss.

How was your August? Any hopes for September?

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.04.47 PM

10 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: August”

    1. Amen o amen to greater heights! Lol I love the pictures, I have a whole folder dedicated to funny facial expressions thanks to my years on the internet, and recently Twitter! Thanks for reading!

  1. August was packed full for me and quite busy! About those hair pages following me on IG, I almost thought I was the only one?? Makes two of us?

    Happy new month dear

    1. Girl you’re not the only one o. It’s honestly so annoying! Everytime I put my location, there’s always a certain group of pages that follows me – made in nigeria brand pride pages, event organisers, and the almighty mink hair pages. Is it by force? Lol Happy New Month!

  2. You’re not alone ooo.. these mink hair pages won’t stop disturbing me and the worst part is that they follow then unfollow then follo again. Uggghhh!!! I started reading the girlboss book too. And congrats on your store

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