January 2018 – L’s, Tears, Wins, Hopes, Stress

January 2018 has come to an end, just like that. And here I am, back again with another Mind on the Month.

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I’m shook because school literally ‘resumed’ on January 12th, giving me quite a long Christmas break. However we’re struggling now because school usually closes before Easter and they say Easter is April 1, meaning somehow we’d have finished exams by April 1 which is madness. Anyway, January wasn’t all that bad now I look at my calendar, it’s just that since school started I’ve been thrown off completely.

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So, let’s break things down shall we?



+ Last year, I won an Ankara tote bag from a giveaway hosted by Sola Fagbemi, a blogger who owns @shopsola_. It was pretty awesome to win, yet I never claimed it because time flew and things kept coming up. However! She still reached out to me and I went to collect it. It was awesome meeting her and she was really nice. I love the bag, It is my secondary bag for school and adds a splash of colour against my monochrome ‘uniform’. 

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++ Ran into Vanessa Ohaha of Style by Ohaha at Mr Price the other day. It was quite random! Now I’ve met like 4 bloggers in real life – Bunie, Vanessa, Sola and Oroma. I’ll hopefully be meeting many more when The Bloggers’ Advocate comes to Abuja in April! Sarah from Princess Audu gave me a shoutout on Instagram! I really appreciated it. I’ll also be collaborating with other bloggers so stay tuned! In fact, I wrote a guest post (first ever) here for the blog Peonies and Rubies

+ I grew a little in this blog journey and have some exciting collaborations with brands coming up. It’s so cool because they reached out to me, all I had to do was exist and be consistent, as well as participate online. Hopefully I’ll reach the level where I can pitch to brands too. In fact, I got my first PR package ever from Bo & Jo Naturals (@boandjonaturals)! Review coming up soon, for sure.

++ I’ve low-key started a skincare routine. Wearing makeup each day forces me to wash my face at night (but I forgot the other day because sleep knocked me out). It involves all the Bo & Jo Naturals products, as well as Ghana soap I bought from Wuse Market for N200. It filled up a whole tub and won’t be finishing anytime soon, as I use it just for my face. It looks like cookie crumble.

My friend, Moji came to Nigeria from Australia during Christmas. She came all the way from Lagos to Abuja to hang out with me. Though we didn’t spend nearly enough time together due to bad timing etc, I highly appreciated it. It made me want to do better, so next time she comes I’ll even go to Lagos because we can do way more there.

++ Guys, I’m becoming smarter with my money. I record my spending every single day, as I realised last year that I was inconsistent. Do you realise how easily money flies out of your hands when it is in cash? No more! I must record. I’ve started saving more too, and I currently want to travel to Lagos this year. I don’t know why, but I’m tired of being oppressed on the gram. I also want to explore Abuja more. These things cost money! I’m my very own accountant.


Low Blows

If you read this post, you’ll have an idea that things got rough in the last two weeks, and it all came from school. I was really disappointed with my results, and now I’ve entered a new semester and everything is so foreign and confusing unlike before. The only light is my Intellectual Property class. I really hope February and the rest of the year will be better. I’ve been praying hard for God to take control because I need my A’s and sanity back.

There were also some conflicts with family, several bad decisions and mood swings amongst other things. Right now, I feel scared and overwhelmed. You know when you get yourself into something but find it hard to let go or quit because of you’re thinking of so many things at once? That is how I feel. I just don’t know anymore. I’m also turning 20 this year, and I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it.

P.s. this month I bought yoghurt (I cherish yoghurt so much) and lost it in school! On this very 31st day of January! I’m actually shook! My wig also fell off in Dominos, but if you’re following me @mindofamaka you’d know the full gist. 

I also really wish I could hear God. I have so many voices in my head that I don’t even know the difference between any of them. I need a revival in my life. I want to start sharing my faith walk more on the blog but I don’t know how to go about it, considering my spiritual life is so pitiful. Oh well. 


Now in my Closet

++ I copped two new awesome shoes. I was so proud of myself because I went to Wuse Market all by myself and didn’t get cheated much. One of the sellers told me N9000 for the shoes, and I priced it to N3800 – I’m getting there guys. 

I got the ‘boyfriend’ shoes (N3800) and some classy looking flats (N3500) which are half patent leather, and half normal leather. It makes me feel so boss-like and corporate when I wear it. The downside is though they are both size 11+, they were quite unbearable to wear in the first few days.


Current Lust List

  • Black brogue shoes – I want these so badly, especially the ones with tassels attached to them. The day I find them, I’ll be over the moon.
  • A corporate black jacket with proper length of sleeves
  • Corporate pants and skirts
  • White and black blouses – long sleeve
  • A beret, head wrap, fascinator and baker boy hat.
  • Scented candles
  • Flatlay props, coloured cardboard and paint
  • A cute wig
  • More ankara clothing and totes


Hopes for February

In February, I hope to grow spiritually most especially. I also hope for increased financial stability and better decision making skills especially pertaining to life. I read a post by Ebun (@wanshygirl) where she said she makes a list of goals she wants to achieve each week. I really need something like that in my life. Who knows what I can accomplish when things are written down?

I want to really stay on top of school work, while also carving out time to work on things concerning blogging, mostly the aesthetics – instagram feed, text posts, layouts and whatnot. Can’t wait to see what February brings – less tears, please!

4 thoughts on “January 2018 – L’s, Tears, Wins, Hopes, Stress”

  1. Hey girl, looks like you had a pretty long month of January.

    Cheers to meeting other bloggers, that something I hope I can do whenever I get the opportunity to visit the homeland.

    Your yoghurt and wig incidence had me rolling on the floor, how much can one person really handle?? Lmao!
    Cheers to copping new flats without being cheated much. Thank goodness!

    I am lusting after a candle from Jo Malone, I hope someone surprises me with that on valentines day.

    I’m excited to see your brand collaborations! Good luck with everything!

    & before I turn this comment into a blog post, I wish you a great February ahead!
    Ash ||

  2. Quit an interesting journey through January . . .

    Wait, your wig decided to have some freedom from your head? Oh lawd!!!

    Maybe I’ll also be going to Lagos, so we also meet in person, who knows????????

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