Mind on the Month: June

P.S. I would firstly like to thank God, and also my genes (passed down by the ‘rents), for my wonderful eyebrows. I appreciate you all, and I hope my eyebrows never lack. I couldn’t find my eyebrow pencil before taking this photo, and it turns out I didn’t need it anyway! All I did was put concealer around it.

Now that the appreciations are over, let’s get into yet another reflective post on the month!

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Alright, so, a recap on last months’ reflection, I listed these, and this is how I performed:

Life Goals (I shouldn’t have called them life goals, these aren’t really considered life goals. From now on, I’ll just call them Month Goals because I mean, who lists experiment with makeup as part of life goals? Note: [Insert Month] Goals)

  • Save more money (KEY): (5/10) I didn’t really do this, however I recall that I didn’t want my account balance to remain stagnant. This really improved this month so, check! I’m still no where close to my $30 billion though, so I must fight on!


  • A better spiritual life: (0.5/10) I failed woefully. As I write this, I feel mournful that I only managed to join the Hallelujah Challenge about 4/30 times. I turned on post notifications for Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram (@nathanielblow – What a brilliant name, because he blows the trumpet) I just can’t seem to stay awake! God help me.


  • Read more!: (2/10) I failed at reading not only my actual school books, but also reading other books! I gave myself a 2 instead of 0 because the other day I started on ‘Things I wish I’d Known Before We Got Married‘ by Gary Chapman. I’m not getting married any time soon, and I’m at a point in my life where I need to figure a lot of things out. However, It is good to arm yourself with a variety of knowledge!

I have so many books waiting to be read – life books, fiction, autobiographies – I just need the time, and to plan things out! I wanted to do a simplistic book review section on the blog and I will do it!

  • Dress with confidence, take more photos – (5/10) I had a day where I felt productive enough to take some photos, I also got a new shirt while thrifting – I talked about it in a different post, check it out!

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  • Experiment with makeup(8/10) This was pleasantly surprising because I think I actually discovered a good routine. You see, I have oily skin which makes my life hard sometimes. I went on Youtube this month to look for ways to stop my face from becoming a pot of oil half-way through the day while I wear makeup. Youtube delivered, and I was happy. I then used the information I got and applied it, achieving favourable results! Thanks, OmabelleTV! I’ll do a post on my discovery soon!
Click the photo to go to the video!



  • Speak up – (Null) Well, I don’t really recall any situation that required me to speak up – I really need to start keeping my diary entries frequent – so I can’t really score myself on this one! If there were situations, I actually believe I failed.

Now I’ve gone over my reflection relating to my goals, what else was on/is currently on my mind in June?

Song Of the Month: Wanna Be Happy? – Kirk Franklin

I listened to a lot of songs, however ‘Wanna Be Happy?‘ by Kirk Franklin was awesome!


Blogs I’m Loving:

I read many blogs and many posts – those of you who I follow, I am loyal! Just be consistent and I’ll always love you! Anyway, I was especially in love with Dee Mako! She writes really well, and everything just flows. I also love her different categories! Check her out If you don’t know her already

IMG_2594Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.07.55 AM

Lessons Learned

I can’t even remember most of what happened this month, due to lack of discipline with diary entries. I want to repent and do better this new month!

I’m trying to console myself right now, because I missed out practically the whole hallelujah challenge. I feel down, and I feel disappointed. Will I ever get those things I’m wishing for? I am telling myself, the hallelujah challenge is not the only chance you will ever get for your prayers to be answered. You can do your own hallelujah challenge! There will be others!


I am also telling myself there will be other opportunities. I still can’t help but feel a bit down, you know? I’ll just read through all the testimonies on the blog and be happy for those who managed to stay awake all through!

This month, I got into a complex situation that had my stomach twisting. I’ve never felt like disappearing so much before. It really opened my eyes and forced me to realise that I can’t please everybody. I must not even attempt to, because that feat is not possible to achieve. I must hold myself to a high standard, and must stick to my morals and personal beliefs. When I deter from these beliefs, bad things always happen to me!

That’s one thing about me, most times I stop myself from taking part in certain activities because I believe this:

While others get away, you could become the scapegoat



lessons learned
Save it, pin it, repost it!

Some might think this isn’t a good perception but this has saved me a lot of trouble. I just didn’t enforce it fully this month – boy did I regret that.

In church, we have a program called Divine Visitation where at the end of the month it’s like a special program. For this month, we were to write down our prayer requests on a piece of paper as a letter to God then place it on the altar to be prayed over. I used every space possible on that piece of paper! I have so many things I’m wishing for, and I hope I can start being consistent with my spiritual life. I’m just so tired of this stagnancy! I also am thinking of starting a little something, which I shall share later on.

Anyone with tips for a better spiritual life, just comment below!


I can’t get enough of flat lays, dead straight weave and faux locs! I’ve been dying to get faux locs since the start of this year but I’m still trying to figure out when and how painful they will be! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews so I’m scared. I love them so much though!


Flat lays! Flat lays! Could never, and would never get over them!


July Goals

Let’s hope I do better this time!

  • Improve spiritual life
  • Write in journal at least each day, every 2 days, every weekend or fortnightly
  • Save more – cut the tendency to spend unnecessarily
  • Improve relationships
  • Read more (academically) and read 2-5 books (non-academic)
  • Post more! Consistency Consistency!
  • Be more organised, map out goals and strategies

See you in August! Welcome to July!

Did you like the post? Do you feel it should be shorter/longer, or is the length just right? How have your first 6 months of 2017 been? Share some of your June discoveries & ambitions for the next month!


5 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: June”

  1. 1. No carbonated drinks all through the month of July.
    2. Work out 3 (Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays) times a week.
    3. Journal more consistently.
    4. Work on theme for the month of July (Productivity)

    1. Lmao! I’ve already failed your first one because I drank fanta this morning! Chai! It’s never too late for me to also adopt this though.
      2. Sis, good luck o! While you want to work out, I want to gain weight because I’m soo skinny! I’ve always wanted a hard, flat stomach (no abs) but I always fail. Are you doing a particular routine e.g. 30 day abs challenge or something?
      3. I agree highly with you on this!
      4. Yasss

      Good luck on all these! I wish you the best!

    1. Awesome! I got a response from Haute Signatures, they said the glasses would be restocked in 2 weeks and they’re called ‘half frame oval glasses’

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