Mind On The Month: May 2017

At first I lay on my bed thinking nothing really happened in May, but it turns out that a lot actually went down! There were several fun times but also challenges this month. Let’s get into it!

I must say, I’m currently loving certain things though..

Blogs: My constant love is and always will be Who What Fab, and this is because of her consistently amazing posts, as well as her lovely Instagram layout and awesome visuals on her IG story. However, there are more blogs which have made their way into my heart. Blogs I loved this month were Quirks and Outfits, and This Thing Called Fashionn

I like Vincent’s way of blogging, his style and the way he goes about things in general! He does things in such a refreshing way, so you can bet I’ll continue to lurk. The first post of his I read was about makeup. That just shows you the uniqueness because I mean, a guy talking about makeup? I was like, what does he have to say? I was very impressed! He also talks really well on several topics apart from style and beauty*, so check him out!

*I’m screaming, I just realised one of his blog categories is ‘Handsome’. At first I was like ah ah so he has a whole category dedicated to his looks, but I just realised it’s kinda the opposite of beauty. So while most beauty bloggers call their beauty category ‘beauty’, he put his own twist and called it ‘handsome’. BRILLIANT.

I’m obsessed with Nayonde, her interesting style and tone of voice when I read her content (nearly read everything btw)! I read a lot of blogs this month, but these two stood out the most!

Song of the Month: Let My Baby Stay – Amandla Stenberg

I absolutely adore this song. I don’t know If it’s the visuals from the awesome music video, the beat of the song or her soft voice. It’s so funky and I always see myself dancing when I listen to it!

let my baby stay amandla
Visuals from Amandla Stenberg’s new video


So, a couple of good things went down this month:

  1. I went from 1 to 26 followers! Yay for small victories, I think I should set a goal for how many followers I want by the end of this new month!
  2. I posted consistently enough, although this started to dwindle towards the end of the month
  3. My most popular post currently is my little story about my experience, featuring Classic liquid foundation
  4. I finally got the shoes I’ve been dreaming of since! They are black flats with straps at the ankles and they were N3500. I’m scared to wear them too frequently though due to the occasional rain and the mud which comes with it.

    I have the strangest “tan”. I wore my last shoes for way too long, so when exposed to the sun for more than 5 months this is the outcome. Still going to rock my new shoes though!
  5. Academically, I found myself in a position I never expected to be in and honestly It’s exciting but petrifying.
  6. Some family friends from Australia came to visit, and they stayed with us until about last week when they left which was such a depressing moment. One awesome thing was that they came with clothes for me! My wonderful friends in Perth usually get me awesome pieces and stash them away to send to me when my birthday rolls along (This started in 2016). I honestly love them because one of my bestfriends, Happiness, got me the denim jacket I’ve been dreaming of! That’s one thing off my lust list! I also got some other fabulous pieces which shall make appearances soon on, you bet.
  7. Changed my theme, AGAIN! I hope I’ll be satisfied with this for a loooong time!

ELCI: The New Collection

One of the most exciting moments, was also the launch of the new collection & revamp the website of my co-owned business website, ELCI. I love the new look, and when I look back at the first design until now, I am proud of what we’ve achieved so far.


We launched our look book, and I am shook at the visuals!

Elci Threads
See more via @elcithreads on IG

To see the full look book, click here

We also took part in an event called RAW Perth: Fixate which was held at a hotel. There, we showcased our latest collection called ‘2 Girls + A Picnic’. I wish I was all the way in Perth to watch everything go down, but the photos/snapchat and Instagram stories always feed my curiosity and make me happy! Shout out to my partner, Linda, for her constant hard work and creativity!


Gets me every time LMAOOO

Of course, things can’t always be completely great. Life just is filled with constant challenges that force us to grow and face harsh truths in some occasions. For me, my problems seem to stem from my mood which can change drastically within seconds. Due to this, I nearly lost a very close friend and I’m glad we were able to resolve it. There are some people who you know life will be so empty without.

I had some responsibilities which completely stressed me out, however I have learnt once again that it is so important to try and remain calm. I always start hyperventilating whenever I get into stressful situations and once the situation passes, I realise panicking was so extra. Note to self: calm down!

I found myself questioning how much is too much when It comes to helping people. This is due to the fact that I’m always willing to help, but then it gets to the extent where I feel that certain people only speak to me because they need something. It’s not a great feeling at all, and It honestly is quite annoying. I can’t change my nature which always tries to help somehow, but I need to learn to say “no”. Saying yes to anything and everything can put you in situations of extreme stress, and I experienced that in May.

End Note

On that note, May flew by so quickly! I’ve now owned this blog for about a month and a few days, and I hope I can only get better. I’ve been quite active, which I can say has contributed to my growing following and the comments I get on my posts. It’s always nice to set goals for the month, so I’ll set some and hope that by July I’d have results.

Life Goals

  • Save more money (KEY)
  • A better spiritual life
  • Read more!
  • Dress with confidence, take more photos
  • Experiment with makeup
  • Speak up

Blog Goals

  • Be more interactive on other blogs/blogging platforms
  • Re-vamp my Instagram page

I hope I achieve these and more, and I face the challenges for this month with a fierce mind and heart.

How did you fare in the month of May? Would you say it was fabulous or simply depressing? I hope June is a better month for us all! 


9 thoughts on “Mind On The Month: May 2017”

  1. Heyyy thank you for this! Really made my afternoon. Interestingly both Nayonde and Ifeoma are huge inspirations to me. So it is an honour to be featured alongside them. And I didn’t know you had such a bomb online store/line? Off to follow on IG (I really like pretty pictures Likkkeee) and the lookout is so goals. I’ll download that Amanda song. Good luck with your blog goals. I like how you did your monthly post, a different perspective I love

    1. Heyyyy haha you’re so welcome, I’ll always hype you up as long as you keep writing well! I put the online store/line thing in my IG description though haha but I guess I haven’t really mentioned it. Even now I did I’m having all sorts of thoughts lol but most people don’t really know about it, even in reality. Please do tell me If you like the Amandla song! And yes, this monthly post is kind of my twist on the whole ‘currently I am/life lately’ thing

      Thanks for reading! Always appreciate your comments

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for this!!! Nayonde and Ifeoma are awesome bloggers and are so inspiring so being featured alongside them is just so awesome to me. I didn’t know you had such a bomb online store/line! Off to follow on IG (I love pretty pictures Likkkeee) and that lookbook is goals!!!! Good luck with your blog goals

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