Mind on the Month: May 2018

Just like that, we’re in the 6th month of 2018. It’s interesting but at the same time depressing – like just yesterday some of us were lying to ourselves that we’d change certain things about us, take on certain new experiences and generally flourish. How many of us can actually say we’ve done all these things and even more now the 6th month is here? Did you write your goals down? How has your year honestly been?

Mind on the Month: April 2018 – Starting a Creative Business, Exam Stress

Anyway, looking back on May, I actually liked the month. Dare I say it, I liked it more than April which was my own birthday month. April came with exams and exams brought stress with them. Once May came in, the exams ended and I was released into my holiday mode.


Semester Break

Due to the hectic nature of my school schedule we only get about 2 weeks break (or less if you had your last paper on the last day of exam period). I intended to use it very productively, and so I spent most of it watching Gordon Ramsay ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ videos. It’s actually sickening how much of Kitchen Nightmares I watched.

Why Kitchen Nightmares? My friends, it all started with one video. Doesn’t matter, it’s pretty educative because you can clearly pick up on what to and not to do when running a restaurant! It’s also meant to put you off eating out too much but that really didn’t work on me, though I don’t eat out normally because I am BROKE. Okay?

I also watched some snippets of Ellen, some makeup videos from Jackie Aina.. and Frankenweenie. God – I love stop motion films! I especially love the works of Tim Burton. I wish I had watched more movies before the holidays ended.

Studio Amaka Growth

In the last month recap, I mentioned I had officially came out as a product photographer and stylist. It as quite an interesting step, and things got even more interesting in May. First of all, on my birthday I got bored and decided to come up with a pitch, then I sent this pitch to multiple brands I was interested in working with – the well known ones, the upcoming, and the ones that simply needed help and a more refreshing branding.

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To my utmost pleasure I got a lot of positive responses, so my semester break wasn’t all wasted locking up myself in my room and watching Gordon Ramsay swear at people, I actually went to new places! I went to 41 Libreville Street and saw 41 Luxe while working for Mint Organic Care, and I also spotted Metro Cafe, a place I hope to one day visit. I’d hoped to visit Art World to find more coloured cardboard but didn’t quite make it.


I wish I went to more places, but money constraints didn’t let me be great. Plus some people who I expected to work with in May didn’t really come through – still, I’m happy with what I had! I saved up quite enough to acquire some important pieces for my business – I’ll definitely reveal them soon! On the other hand, I’m learning about dealing with people, and my policies are evolving. Definitely follow me on this creative journey because it will be packed full of lessons.

Shameless Self Plug

One thing I’ve found out is that I’ve been really advertising Studio Amaka. I didn’t think I was that kind of person, and though I’m not doing large scale advertisements, what I have done so far has been surprising. I guess you could say I’m really passionate about it, and driven to make it thrive. We all need a bit of passion in each sphere of our lives.


The end of May had me thinking – why am I not doing more? Why am I not living intentionally? I wish I could wake up each day with a set to-do list of things to accomplish. Otherwise it’s the usual – wake up, go to school, eat, sleep.

There needs to be more. I feel an urge to challenge myself, to make sure I’m growing every day, to start acquiring skills, to start pushing myself more. To learn more, read more, be more! I just don’t know where to start…is it by reading numerous self help books and faking being some kind of intellectual? How does one grow? I need to think about what I want for my future, because the thing I fear is just waking up one day with 5 years wasted and trudged through, wondering what the hell happened.

I think of the fact that I’m quite mediocre in some aspects – why don’t I eat better? Why don’t I try a lifestyle upgrade? Lifestyle isn’t about staying in the same spot, one should always seek to improve themselves. And not just so they can brag about it on their blog or do it for the gram. I just wonder what step I’ll take next – brand myself better? Go for skill acquisition? Learn some new things via Youtube and the Internet or books? What do I really want? Where am I really going?

Hopes for June

Psalm 126:1 – When the Lord turned AGAIN the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

In June, I hope to be more intentional about living, setting to-do lists and achieving the tasks I have sought to undertake. I also hope for more financial growth, and growth in other spheres! May was crazy because while I had a good time, there were some annoying times. For one, I lost my ATM card and obtained another one, and the next day after getting the new one it was sucked up by an ATM! I was so frustrated but I’m fine now.

One thing I definitely want is more product photography briefs! I have an awesome project coming up, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it! I’ve been reading Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John & The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, and they’ve been pretty interesting. I hope I can get more reading done – academic and leisurely. Either way, I need more skills! And the skills I already have? I need to sharpen them!

That all being said, I wish us all the best in June 2018!

5 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: May 2018”

  1. You have been doing so well with growth, Amaka. when I started following you, it wasn’t like this and today, watching grow through it has been so inspiring.

    Keep doing what you know how to do best, you are a motivation to some of us!

    Have a beautiful June.

  2. Your blog is so refreshing to look at and read. It’s like looking at a beautiful piece of art and understanding everything the artist is trying to portray…

  3. I know right? It’s crazy how the sixth month of the year is already here and it’s going to be over in just a little over two weeks! I’ve achieved some stuff I set out to do but I’ve definitely got quite a long way to go!

    I am so happy that Studio Amaka is growing and doing great. I saw on your Insta Stories this morning that you’re going to be working with Arami, how exciting. Congratulations girl!

    I feel you girl, everyone’s always talking about doing more but how can we do more? I’m not so sure myself but I do believe that no knowledge is wasted knowledge so I make an effort to read and know stuff. So novels, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, think-pieces and so on. That’s my own way of ‘doing more’ for now sha.

    Happy half of the month lol! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

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