Mind on the Month: October

Wow, it’s actually crazy to think the month of October has come and gone, just like that. I remember how excited I was to type the last Mind on the Month, but here I am, completely deflated. I hope you all had a great October, at least! I don’t actually recall most of what happened this month, all due to my failure to update my journal daily to take stock. The thing is, when I do write journal entries, they can be up to 3 pages detailing the events of a day. Just like my blog posts, my journal entries are long. I haven’t done entries consistently for the whole year, and I feel so disappointed. Anyways, even If I can’t recall everything, I can just note some highlights as well as other happenings in the month of October.

I think the best thing about Mind of the Month posts is not just about taking stock, but also I can do it in whatever layout I like! Sometimes I can do it in a kind of ‘currently I am’ layout, other times, It can just be sectioned off into different categories!


I am quite happy with my blog, because I’ve been doing so well, if I say so myself. My blog is like my child, I am obsessed with it. I try not to, but I end up checking up on it everyday. I love when I see notifications, especially of a new comment!


I actually believe that comments are better than likes, and reads come in second position. I want to know how my posts make you feel, your reactions! I had some hilarious comments this month, and  I am very glad for them. Please, keep them coming!


I loved my stats for October! I wanted to pass the amount of views I had last month, and I sure did! I just need to work on getting a certain amount of views and visitors each day, as per my blog goals. You know, my blog is the one thing I’ve actually sat down one day and written a blog plan for. It must be pretty important. I am now a 6 month old blogger, who is still very much figuring things out! I got to 1000 likes, and reached 200 followers!

be kind to me, february. (10)

Blog Consultation: Also, like I mentioned here and here, I won a free blog consultation from Maryam Salam of The Blogger Point & Fashion by Daisy. It went alright, I made some changes e.g. trying to figure out a theme, trying to post more consistently, switching my Instagram to a business account. However, there were some challenges during the consultation week due to internet problems. These challenges marred the experience a bit. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like making mistakes, and so when I got picked up for some errors I was making, I got quite defensive, coming up with a reason for everything. That’s a no-no. Maryam was pleasant though, encouraging me to communicate when I need something, and also to be ready for criticism when it comes to the blogging industry. If you want to patronise her, you can do so via her blog. You can also DM her on Instagram!

October was amazing when we’re talking content. From day 1, I was posting something. My posts ranged from downright silly, to pretty serious. I have to say, I loved my advice post on How to Survive an Assassination Attempt. You should totally check it out, stay woke! I started off with some Nigerian pride flaunting in this post, and ended the month with a little self-treat post, 3 Ways I Treat Myself.


Unfortunately, I’ll need to refer to my self-treat post as soon as possible, because your girl is STRESSED. I honestly have felt so inadequate this month, especially concerning school. Either I feel dumb in class, or that I feel like I’m drowning under all the work.

be kind to me, february. (6)


I’m not organised as I used to be, and it’s really affecting me mentally. I feel so down, I can’t seem to keep up. Tests are coming and I can never say I’m actually prepared. Assignments are swarming me, day to day assignments (pre-class activities) threaten to choke me.

I even had to stop doing things for some people because it all became too much. I’m just going through such a rough time this semester, I don’t know what happened. I don’t want my grades to go down, and yet, I keep falling asleep at night.


Being a student is my life basically, and so the same applies. I have been really feeling down in the dumps, and I poured my heart out in Law Student, Mass Comm. Mind. I enjoyed the comments on that post, and I hope I can get out of this funk.

I realise that my life appears empty. I mean, yes, I take nice flat lays now and then, I’m sorting out things blog wise and appear to be a functioning person, but I’m struggling. I feel like I’m drowning, and have nobody to talk to. This month, I went to a church program on a rainy evening.

I’d met a member of the church as we were on a keke (tricycle), and she invited me. It was raining very heavily, and the traffic was what you can only describe as chaotic. Surely, I went, and I had such an interesting encounter. A man at the church told me about some things that would happen to me in the future. He also knew so much about me without me ever meeting him. One thing he also said, was that as he saw me, he heard the word ‘disappointment’. I was thrown into deep thinking when he said this, because I don’t know if it’s that God is disappointed in me, or I’m disappointed in life. I believe it’s both.

I’m feeling really stagnant. I go to church and I’m just so empty. No set routine, nothing. A dead prayer life, finding myself doing things I shouldn’t be. I’ve become numb to things that my conscience used to nag me for. I just need help. 

I used to say I didn’t want to be one of those people who only start their relationship with God when they get way older, but here I am, 19, and struggling.


So, after all about October has been said, there’s some things I’m looking forward to in November.

  • My Orders: I ordered quite a bit of stuff online in October, and I hope to see them trail in one after the other or in batches, contributing towards my blog photo improvement, amongst other things! I even ordered a highlighter palette, although now I’m sad because I don’t know If I’ll use it frequently enough to justify the money that has departed from me. We both know I won’t.
  • The Aliexpress 11:11 Sale! Every November 11th, Aliexpress throws a big sale where you can get really good deals! TBH, Aliexpress always has sales, but this is also awesome. Maybe you can get certain items you really like! I don’t know what I’ll even order, but of course, due to some knowledge I’ve been exposed to this month, I’ll have to spend wisely.
  • Content Creation: My blog is the most exciting part of my life right now, because I’m a hermit and shuttle between home and school a majority of the time. The only other exciting breaks I have are when I go to the post office to pick up my packages. Apart from that, I am quite alone.
  • Theres a Hallelujah challenge this November, but I doubt I’ll even stay up until it starts. I hope to at least try.
  • Law Dinner: My faculty has law week every November. I frankly don’t even want to go, but I’ll probably show up anyway. I will be designing my dress too.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I traveled to Benin and Warri in October. I’ll probably do a post on that! Content-wise, November is going to be quite deep, but also with the occasional playfulness! I want to motivate others, while also reflecting on myself and various aspects of my life this month.

Happy November!

How was your October?

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19 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: October”

  1. Some pretty big things for your October. I feel a similar path. I was so overwhelmed with school that I didn’t set any specific goal for October and so it’s hard to track. But I doubled my PV for the month which is huge! And I feel my blog growing which makes me happy. October was also my 6th month blogging ?

    1. Sis, what’s a PV lmaooo! I feel so lost, I hope it’s not something completely obvious that I can’t seem to register! October was definitely overwhelming. Ah ah, you’ve blogged for 6 months too? Ayyyy!

    1. I definitely do have a lot going on! Goal setting is always awesome, and I am actually achieving some of the goals way ahead of what I anticipated!

  2. Awww it was so hard for me to stay up last night for the halleluy challenge but I’m glad I did! It was pretty awesome ?. We’re 1hr ahead here though so had to sleep and wake at 1am. ? … But in case you may be tired by that time, he shares the live videos which you can watch the following morning. I enjoyed this post…it was like nice catch up things ???

  3. I like the way your blog feels. It feels so lively. You pretty had an awesome October to me, no matter how much you painted it. Well, to me.

    I had an October full of mixed feelings. It was when I finally decided to quit my job and move on into full time Blogging. So, one time I am very excited, another, I am so scared and apprehensive. Here I am in November and I like what I have so far.

    Well done girl. Keep moving.

  4. I had no idea you’re a law student! Me too!
    My October was pretty wild. Exams and stuff. Thank God it’s over now.
    I also decided to really take my blog very seriously in October! #fingerscrossed
    I wish you all the best darl.

  5. Apparently you had a fully engaging month and you don’t see it that way. Which is ok really, because you’d have it happen some other better way, and it surely will. With time.
    You’ll figure out how to give God Time, no worries. We all are still trying to try.

    Your blog gives me information, have I mentioned that? I’m just learning of the Hallelujah challenge. Thank God it’s still in the early days of the month

  6. Awww, Amaka. I really understand where you are right now, and I just want tp say you’re an inspiration for sharing thid with us graciously .
    About your relationship with God, just take it one baby step at a time, if it’s a minute of prayer, do it! A few verses on your Bible App, do it! Allow yourself grow and make mistakes. You are His daughter and He never leaves you no matter what.
    You may going through a time like this so that others may not have to as you would serve as an inspiration to them.
    Congratulations on the blog consultation, was really happy for you when I saw it on Instagram. I really do love this layout.
    Plus, I really do love how engaging your posts are, leaves me wanting more.
    Tbh, I love comments so much, really makes me feel like people actually are interested.

  7. I really do love this post. You seem like such a lively person and it shows through the way you write. October for me was actually only comprising of student life, Exams start soon so I have been super stressed. Also my blog turned one on the last day of October and a post about that will be up soon if the procrastination bug doesnt keep me away from that for too long.

    My Fashion Musings

    1. “No matter how little” I definitely need to keep that in mind. Honestly, that all nighter thing barely ever works for me, and when I do it, you know it’s an emergency situation. My body hates when I do it!

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