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MTV Shuga Naija: Season 6, Episode 2 – All The Good Girls Have Joined Gang

MTV’s Shuga comes again with another juicy episode. In this episode, we have more pockets of drama going on in the lives of the different characters introduced in the first episode (you can read that recap here). In Episode 2 of Season 6, we touch on topics such as possessiveness, sexual predators, responsibilities, and joining gang. Joining gang? Read on to find out what that’s all about!

Go Home, Pervert

In the first scenes, we have to deal with the unfortunate footage of a creepy ‘uncle’ preying on Tare, the laiskeen (light skinned), fresh and fine younger sister of Faa.

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga, mind of amaka recaps

Faa is a video vixen with too many things to worry about – three worries being her drunk and irresponsible father, her heavily distracted younger brother, Ebisinde, and her young, beautiful and naive sister, Tare. Considering she’s the only responsible adult in the household, and attempts sustaining it with her video vixen gigs, life is actual stress. 

I wanted to swat that pervert with the way his eyes roved the body of the Tare who was in her own world, washing clothes and minding her business. Ugh. Well, thank goodness the audience aren’t the only ones who picked up on that mess, because once Faa noticed she switched into big sister mode. She knew something had to be done, and fast.

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga, mind of amaka recaps

Girl, We’re Kinda Broke

On the other side of Lagos, Hadiza the runaway single mother from Kaduna refuses to eat, and her guardian (I don’t know if it’s her mother) tells her to quit that mess. The lady reminds her that she can’t run away forever, and Hadiza responds in the same way she always does – she can’t go back. I really want to know the backstory – I’d probably have to watch the previous seasons.

We’re reminded that the guardian can’t stay forever with Hadiza. This is a bit upsetting because well, the lady is helping her with the baby, and seems like a generally decent person. Money has also become a pressing issue, and a solution needs to be found.

Leila and Tobi Saga

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga 2018, mind of amaka recaps, episode 2 2

Again, we switch to yet another character, our baby girl from last week, Leila. She checking up on her boyfriend-who-doesn’t-know-he’s-her-boyfriend, Tobi (Timini Egbuson) and finds out he’s doing a video shoot. Struck with the realisation that Faa will be there (which is the worst possible thing ever), Leila decides to tag along because #girlfriendduties. Somehow, her girlfriend sensors didn’t pick up on the fact her bae-who-rejected-her-on-tv was all up in another lady in the last episode. Oops.

This Used to be a Fun House

While Leila is ready to guard her territory, Faa is also making moves to keep things together, albeit with worn out thread. She confronts Ebisinde on his sketchy whereabouts, and warns him to watch over his little sister. We’re also introduced to their father, who can only be described as a useless. She also discovers that unku from the beginning has started bestowing goodies upon Tare, in the form of a chocolate bar. This, of course, is upsetting. Tare is none the wiser.

I have to admit, I liked Faa‘s look in this scene. It’s so modern and so alternative me-ish. I also liked the mean mug she had in this particular shot. 

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga 2018, mind of amaka recaps, episode 2 2

Blind Leading the Blind

We’re back to the Secondary School, and boy is some nonsense going down. We have Aunty Diana, the ever-matured one, giving some hot tips on avoiding pregnancy like a pro. She’s so experienced, she doesn’t even require condoms, any form of contraceptive or abstinence to prevent pregnancy. Her award wining solution? Do it while standing up (I hope you’re all taking notes).

The other minions in her gang lap up the information like hungry puppies – including the once-virgin who is panicking at the possibility of getting pregnant. Diana has even more amazing advice – you can’t get pregnant on your first time. Hadiza who knows this all is total bull tries to step in with some nuggets of knowledge and is shut down by Diana. Thankfully, the conflict is broken temporarily by Mrs Yasmin, the gorgeous NYSC teacher. Diana is honestly a mean one, I wonder where she thinks her relationship with that shady older man is going.

More Drama

The episode edges on, now focusing more on the video shoot and afterparty scene. At the beginning of the shoot Leila continues being a jealous girlfriend, Tobi is a nuisance who doesn’t even give Khalil the time of day, and Faa has a bit of a heart attack when she realises that her little sister is at the house of the same man that was eying her sister like a piece of meat.

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga 2018, mind of amaka recaps, shuga season 6 episode 2
Faa (Adebukola Oladipupo) is always on big sister – or should I say mum – duties. Even at work!

Startled, she rushes out of the shoot and straight home, storming into the house and grabbing her sister. What ensues is a short pep talk on how non-consented touching must be fled from and reported straight away to Faa by Tare. I want to slap Tare but I guess she’s a kid who doesn’t understand the dangers.

I also want to slap Ebisinde for ignoring her calls and generally not doing what Faa told him to do. The situation could have ended up way worse! When he’s confronted by Faa, he launches into an emotional, short speech about how he should be the one providing for the house, being the man. How touching, yet still lame. Boy, you have protective duties! Now Faa has lost out on payment from the video shoot, while looking hella unprofessional.

Hadiza‘s guardian manages to find a job which has it’s benefits, but in the course of searching she learns of a girl who has her life changed due to the mistake of her older sister. The older sister got pregnant 3 times while being unmarried, and so the young girl was being married off to avoid the same fate. It was all quite sad, really. Later on, Hadiza‘s guardian is introduced to a lady from their state who says she looks familiar. At this, the scene is fled and the lady wonders what on Earth just happened.

And of course, we’re back to the drama hub – the party following the video shoot. Leila realises she needs to boss up and get even more territorial. Who inspires this? It’s none other than the same chick that was advising her friends that doing it while standing up is the best way to avoid pregnancy – Aunty Diana. When Leila sees Diana warding off a twerking man snatcher, she summons the courage to do what will get Tobi‘s attention. 

And of course, she gets on the dance floor, doing a few fluid, seductress movements. The desired result is achieved, and further boosted when a man takes interest in Leila. At this, Tobi gets up and wards him off. I’m tired of these two TBH but oh well. The moment of oh-i-love-your-possessiveness is cut short when Tobi asks for nudes. Really?

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga 2018, mind of amaka recaps, episode 2

Bad Gang Initiation

So Leila gets back home following the little tiff with Tobi over the #sendmenudes issue, and he’s leaving her messages on ‘read’, which is obviously the height of disrespect. At her wits end, she caves in and makes the decision to join bad gang – take nudes.

Licking her lips then discarding her clothes (as well as sense) she channels her inner nude model as she takes some hopefully tasteful photos of her naked body for her bae. I’m quite disappointed, and honestly wonder what she sees in him, and where this all is going. Sure, he’s handsome, young and upcoming, but he’s still toxic.

mtv shuga recap, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga 2018, mind of amaka recaps, episode 2

The closing question is ‘typically, who holds more power in a relationship?‘ Options given were:

a) The guy

b) The girl

c) Both partners equally and;

d) There shouldn’t be power struggles

Frankly, I think it depends on the way the relationship is set up, and the mindset of both parties. Where one of the parties is incredibly naive, the power balance might tip heavily towards the side of the person who possesses more information. The naive person can end up being played, and find themselves doing things they’re not meant to. I say this because I can relate heavy. The real answer though, is that there shouldn’t be power struggles. Things should be balanced and healthy – unfortunately it’s not always the case.

Watch Shuga SE6E2 Here

With that, we have arrived at the end of the recap for episode 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and where it was boring – skipped to the nice parts. I think I’ll change the structure for the next recap I do. I’m not sure whether to just do highlights, or recap character by character. I’d love your feedback!

4 thoughts on “MTV Shuga Naija: Season 6, Episode 2 – All The Good Girls Have Joined Gang”

  1. Nice. You really did not miss much with the Hadiza character, there were not in any of the previous seasons.

    As for Leila, I’m just really feeling sorry for her in that toxic relationship she has chooses to adore. Unfortunately, a lot of people out here are in same situation.

  2. I really want to know Hadiza’s backstory too! She wasn’t featured in the previous seasons so we don’t know what it is but I have a feeling it’s something really heartbreaking. What cracks me up is the confidence Diana has when giving out all her trash advice lmao.

    I almost had a heart attack myself when it was revealed that Tare was in that uncle’s house. Poor Faa has to live with the consequences of storming out of that video shoot now, sigh.

    Nice recap Amaka! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Lmao Diana and her confidence can kill oh! You’re right about Hadiza, after this Easter weekend I have now realised she wasn’t introduced before. I can’t wait to find out her story. Poor Faa indeed, and it turned out things hadn’t escalated yet thankfully

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