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MTV Shuga Naija S6E3: Blacklists & Safe Periods

We’re back for another episode! In this episode, sex and the safe practice of it are discussed further, through the various couples we see throughout the show. I’ll have you know that this recap is filled with spoilers – it’s a recap, for goodness sake!


Leila (Jemima Osunde) and Tobi (Timini Egbuson), the ever problematic pair, seem to have their relationship on fire now that nudes have been dropped. Who would’ve thought, eh? She goes to meet him and he actually introduces her to his friend as his girlfriend, a gesture which I’m sure set her heart on fire.

TBH, what is Leila doing with that Tobi of a guy? What does she see in him? Click To Tweet

They then proceed to do the do in a secluded room, but then Tobi realises he has a condom deficiency. To fix this problem and get back to business, they go on a little adventure to fetch for condoms. Yet, when they get to a shop and Tobi asks Leila to get the condoms, she vehemently refuses, because of fear of being caught by people who know her or her parents  – that would’ve been so awkward eh?

Or… Just Do You

Madam Fine Corper Teacher, Mrs. Yasmin (Rahama Sadau), has got her implanted birth control out. She and her husband are ready to go with full steam to grow their family, and it’s a cute moment. I like the relationship she has with her husband, especially the ease with which they communicate #goals.

Also, like the safe sex angel she is, she tells off a nosy, conservative nurse who sends a young girl away when she requests for contraceptives. I’ve always wondered – are you meant to let your personal inclinations and beliefs govern your job? If your religion is strictly against pre-marital sex, or even contraceptives, does that mean you should put mouth when you see someone wanting to buy these things?

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Diana (Helena Nelson) is still wilding, painting the town red with her ever-sketchy, much older boyfriend (where are her parents?). After they do the do in the car, she sheepishly asks if they could be safer next time. In typical fashion, the guy retorts by asking whether you put a nylon on a banana before you eat it – ugh. He then asks if she’s on her safe period – a term both Diana and I didn’t know about. She of course doesn’t, and he’s all like ‘really’?

Anyway, Diana needs some coin to pay off her teacher in order to secure success at her final exams (which she’s taking for like the 100th time) but bros doesn’t have cash to spare. An opportunity presents itself as a party is happening, and bros’s friend from ‘the abroad’ is coming through. This party, like any other party, needs babes. The task of acquiring females is thus bestowed on Madam Diana, and of course, she communicates this party deets to her group of naive friends. They’re of course all down, except for the one who lost her virginity the other week, who seems a bit sheepish. Hadiza is still shading them from afar. 

A twist occurs however when Diana takes photos of her friends and sends to her boyfriend, like the pimp she is. To her horror, he zooms in on Hadiza who happened to appear in the shot, and asks only about her. It's like a twisted,… Click To Tweet

A twist occurs however when Diana takes photos of her friends and sends to her boyfriend, like the pimp she is. To her horror, he zooms in on Hadiza who happened to appear in the shot, and asks only about her. It’s like a twisted, bootleg version of Cinderella. This leads to wahala and anger. When she calls to confront him, he tells her to stop acting up. By the end of the episode, she’s left wondering what to do.

On the other hand, Hadiza is oblivious to all this mess. The girl just wants to get her life together. She takes a bold step and asks Mrs Yasmin to sign her up for the debate competition/group going on.

By the way, I’m liking the school scenes. I mean, it reminds me of Puberty Blues, an Australian TV program which focused on issues affecting the youth. Having an African (Nigerian) equivalent is pretty awesome, because so many topics are being explored. Yay to TV!


Faa is once again trying to keep her household together – because her problems don’t just vanish after one episode, duh. She’s trying her best but has her pecuniary prospects dashed a bit because she’s been blacklisted (gasp), with an ugly review left on her profile. Of course, Ebisinde and his neglect caused this. He lurks in the background, slipping a few notes earned from hard, honest gambling work into her bag as the brother who has good intentions. When she confronts Ebisinde on the money, he brings up how their mother said a man should be able to take care of his home which is meant to be an ‘aww’ moment.

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Ebisinde gets into a fight at school trying to defend the honour of his sister who is tagged as an ashawo (prostitute). After the fight is disbanded, he attempts cleaning of the ugly graffiti that called his sister a prostitute, and when someone who clearly cares about him comes by, he brushes her off. Why do we often go for the ones who don’t even care about us? I ask myself as Ebisinde goes to Diana, even giving her a chilled miranda drink after overhearing her little tiff with her boyfriend over the interest in Hadiza. She brushes him off and he stares into space like a confused, love sick puppy – this is after she sips that miranda! She doesn’t even finish it but shoved it back into his hands #rude.

In this episode, we’re also introduced to Leila’s brother who we haven’t really gotten to know. He works in a food van and has pretty much been disowned by the family for it. Yet, he seems to be doing well. There’s a hint of a budding relationship with one of his customers, a single mother who is quite broke. He goes over to her place and she hides some pills while his back is turned – could she have a disease like HIV or something? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode! Watch this space for the next recap!



3 thoughts on “MTV Shuga Naija S6E3: Blacklists & Safe Periods”

  1. Ooh I’m so glad that you’re doing recaps of the episodes! I love watching Shuga, have you watched the previous seasons? The one set in SA is so good!

    -I love Rahama Sadau’s character and her relationship with her husband is super cute. LMAO @ safe sex angel. The scene with the stuffy nurse was so irritating. In a sane world, your personal beliefs shouldn’t really interfere with your work (depends on what your job is at times) but unfortunately, that’s not always the case especially in a country like Nigeria where people are super religious.

    -Diana’s boyfriend is super sketchy my God, like what a predator! And I know right? The eating a banana with a nylon on comment made me roll my eyes.

    -I love Faa and her family, she’s a really good sister. The scene where Ebisinde is cleaning off the graffiti made me really sad. Shey, we never go for the ones that care about us. I don’t even know what he sees in Diana, she’s rude and mean!

    And yeah, Princess has HIV (hope I didn’t ruin that for you, it’s from the previous Shuga Naija season). Can’t wait to read your next recap! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

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