MTV Shuga Naija SE6E07: Gone Girls

MTV Shuga Naija came for my emotions this week with their latest episode. I was quite early this time, watching about 75% while the views were still at 1500 or so. Yet, I was so conflicted and sad with the terrible ending – what happened in Episode 7? Let’s recap! If you haven’t read the recap for Episode 6, check it out here.

Note: These recaps contain spoilers, they’re recaps!

I’m actually quite upset as I’m writing this after seeing the ending to this weeks episode. I don’t know why these things have to happen, and I’m scared for what the after-effects are going to be.

Anyway, at least this week we saw all the faces that were absent last week! This episode saw ‘gone girl’ being shown in different ways, from toxic friends being told to be gone, sense disappearing for certain girls, to girls disappearing.

Leila Makes A Decision She Just Might Regret

At this point I’m really tired of Tobi and Leila. Sure, they’re both very handsome and beautiful people, but this relationship isn’t even cute. Leila was flared up because the blogs were carrying gist that Faa and Tobi were dating (lmao funny they’d mention blogs because in another alternative universe, Leila is a gossip blogger with a mean nature). Tobi shuts her down and says she’s basically his girlfriend part-time, and of course this doesn’t go down well with her.

Tobi wagwan? You're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no... Leila and Tobi need to go, ugh. Click To Tweet

How to Lure Your Community Boyfriend 101

Therefore, she pulls the wild seductress card. She shows up at the gig where Faa will be singing and dances with Khalil, in a bid to make Tobi jealous. He of course takes the bait (Tobi wagwan? You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no guys know how the song goes) and they proceed to have a makeup romp in some secluded room. The upsetting thing about this scene is that well, Leila threw her brains away again, succumbed to unprotected sex, and this was all while somebody was freaking getting raped. I’m honestly upset. 

Hold up – so basically there was no protection AT ALL. I mean, in the last episode Leila’s uncle snatched the birth control pills from her right? For goodness sake! Well, she got him to delete the nudes she sent in this episode, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.


Speaking of Tobi, he and Princess finally ran into one another. In previous episodes he was just avoiding her but they actually interacted. Pretty interesting – I mean the last time they met was about a year or so ago? The baby is still small, so it couldn’t have been that long since they broke up and all that drama happened. That’s actually crazy now I think about it. In such a short span of time Tobi has gone off the rails, and Princess, well..

Princess was trying to make something out of herself by baking cupcakes using some recipe she jacked from the internet, and the guy at the cafe wasn’t having it. Tobi swoops in like a hero and buys the cupcakes off her. It was cute, but then not really. Princess can’t bake, and Tobi is still a mess (even if he’s cashing out) at the end of the day. Princess should just make up with Leila’s brother TBH.


It looks like everyone is done with Diana and her antics, even the guy that’s been trying to show her some love since episode 1. Diana is just really unwanted right now – I kinda feel bad for her but she brought it upon herself.

The least she can do is pass her final exams instead of running around being a nuisance. She has a public argument with Frances and Cynthia and tries to talk smack about FaaEbisinde wasn’t having it and put her in her place. #begonegirl


At least they allowed Hadiza to finish the debate this time – they won! Yet, her moment of shine was blurred when her mother walks in with her father and a guy who is probably her husband. We were all shook and wondering if she’d be be snatched off the stage.

Once the debate ended Hadiza had disappeared and her mother had a breakdown. We’re all worried for her and want her to be safe, wherever she is. I don’t blame her at all.


Faa spent the episode fending off users and trying to convince Ebisinde that this big break was for the best. He wasn’t too satisfied though, and he seems to want to get this car stealing deal on pretty soon. The next episode is going to be crazy!


mtv shuga naija

This was the most upsetting scene of all! Faa was having a good time and living the dream with her first performance. We were all rooting for her, hoping for the best, and then the worst happened. Faa was raped by Bada. I’m so sickened! Can’t this girl get a break for once?!

mtv shuga naija

I’m just so upset, I just want next weeks episode to come already!


3 thoughts on “MTV Shuga Naija SE6E07: Gone Girls”

  1. Tobi and Leila’s relationship is very irritating. Tobi needs to grow up and stop this lukewarm nonsense. Leila needs to understand that Tobi is lowkey not that into her. But every time he says something sweet, she forgets everything. To be fair, she’s all in her feelings so I understand. It’s just so annoying to see. I really wish Uncle Cyril didn’t seize her birth control. Only God knows what’s going to happen next.

    I’m glad Frances is feeling better. I really hope that she and Cynthia are able to confide in Corper Yasmin. She’ll be of great help to them.

    In the scene where Hadiza’s mum is preparing to leave the house, I just knew that something was going to happen. I’m really scared for Hadiza and sad for her mother. I really hope they’re able to find her. Poor girl, I’m pretty sure her world came crashing down when she spotted her father and the other guy who’s probably her husband. I hope Yasmin can help too. Lol, I’ve pretty much turned her into a modern day superhero.

    Ugh, the scene with Faa was so horrible. Like can things just go right for her for once?! That Bada is a monster and I actually recoiled when he hit her. I feel so bad for her because this isn’t even the first time she’s been raped/abused. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, mainly for Faa and Hadiza’s sakes. xx

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