MTV Shuga Naija | SE6E09: Checkmate

MTV Shuga Season 6 Episode 9 was yet another rollercoaster, with each character making even more decisions to their detriment or betterment. What went down? Read and find out! SPOILERS WITHIN!

Unfortunately I couldn’t recap last weeks episode and I’m sad but I made up some pretty entertaining captions for some scenes – check out my Instagram here to see them! Here’s one below:

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On Mumu Buttons & Infatuations

First of all, let’s all get one thing – no guy is worth your future! Honestly, I was so mad at Leila because she’s basically squandered her opportunities and dulled her shine because she’s hopelessly fascinated by some jerk.

Tobi really showed himself in this episode, and we were all very disappointed. I get that sometimes we have our mumu button pressed, but Leila‘s has been pressed for too long. Now look at this – she gets pregnant, has a miscarriage and has to deal with her parents saying that she might as well say goodbye to her USA education.

From the last episode

May we all undo our mumu buttons on time before things go wrong. #MTVShugaNaija #Shuga @mtvshuganaija #leilaandtobi Click To Tweet

*Mumu Button: An intangible button which once activated causes the one the button is attached to to lose common sense, often throwing all caution to the wind.

All this loss – let’s answer this, what has she gained from all the frolicking and stress with Tobi, apart from heart palpitations, judgement and stress? Did she make money? Did he buy her a Porsche (lol)? Not to mention that when stuff hit the fan he just sent her money and shooed her away, leaving her to find solutions – which might have been lethal – all on her own. May we all undo our mumu buttons on time before things go wrong – and this advice is definitely for me too. Amen!

Oh yeah, we find out Leila is 18. That’s some sad stuff. Not judging at all, because I understand. I just would hate to be in a position where my opportunity for betterment and moving to the next level was interrupted because of some guy. The painful thing is the guy won’t be as affected!

Diana is Up to No Good (As Usual)

I bet we all wish that cane hit Diana when the principal turned around #mtvshuganaija @mtvshuga #mtvshuga #shuga #helenanelson Click To Tweet

Of course, Diana has been ditched ever since she pulled that stupid party stunt a few weeks ago. Her once-squad members caught sense and bounced, knowing she was no good. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to let go and seems to want to take revenge. How? She’s planning to shut down Corper Yasmin‘s club. She first tried to get a recording of Corper Yasmin saying stuff that would send Principal Yetunde’s wig flying off, but failed.

Unfortunately, she got into Cynthia and Frances’ bags and got some pretty implicating stuff. I mean, a hospital test following a gang rape and some contraceptive/sex education pamphlets are nothing, but when given to an uptight, highly traditional woman like the principal, trouble is on the horizon – we’ll see it all go down next week. I feel it will backfire on her, because first of all – how did Frances get into that situation? It will all come back to slap Diana in the face, you bet. I bet we all wished that cane hit her when Principal Yetunde swivelled around.

Love is in the air, but we don’t want. Face mask please.

We all caught that cute moment between Cynthia and Ebisinde, but frankly I’m over it. Cynthia should just continue being her awesome self. She doesn’t need Ebisinde, especially now he’s planning to pull a car theft stunt which is bound to end up horribly, especially with those two goons he calls friends. Ebisinde is cute and nobody wants him dead! He needs to settle down – can’t wait for next week anyway.

Bye Tobi

At this point, we don’t like Tobi. He makes things worse by just throwing Faa under the bus. First he goes on about how he wouldn’t be able to tell what certain sounds are like – valid point. BUT, he clearly walked in on Faa in her bloodied state last week after the rape occurred.

It’s so sad! We’re hoping he’ll have a change of mind and actually catch a conscience. We’re also curious as to what the hell will go down with him and Leila. But wait, Khalil also saw Faa – how come he wasn’t called as a witness?

And to the Star of the Episode

We’re all very proud of Hadiza for the brave steps she took, standing up to her husband and her outdated father. She made a monumental move, bringing in an Imam and declaring she’d divorce her husband. Who saw that coming?

It was quite a deep scene with deep quotes thrown around, and was a learning moment as we saw the girl child fight for her education – Hadiza found her voice! She was tired of running away.

She talked to her husband and they resolved that she’d finish her schooling then go back to Kano. Joy all round – but will it last? Will she just go to secondary school and that’s it? What is the next step for her? We’re all wondering!

What happens Next?

The comments suggest that next episode might be the last, but let’s see! I have some predictions for the next episode:

Ebisinde will get caught and end up in jail, dead, or badly injured. Faa will get justice – hopefully.

Tobi will say the truth, and this will likely affect this his new career path along with his relationship with Bada (duh). Bada will go to jail. Khalil and Faa will be alright.

Hadiza gets her happily ever after, Corper Yasmin and her husband drive off into the sunset. However, with the way her husband left for Kano, I’m hoping everything will be alright. I mean she was only trying to help her sister who was drowning under pampers, cries and formula.

Corper Yasmin‘s Club plans will get ruined – they were preparing for a performance but things aren’t looking so good. Cynthia and Frances will be exposed by Diana due to Diana reporting to the principal. Frances’ parents will then find out and a lot of stuff will ensue. However, Diana won’t go unscathed because she will equally get into trouble, and might not end up writing those all-important exams. She won’t get any help from that boyfriend of hers (who has been in ghost mode for like 4 weeks now).

We’ll just how to see how it’ll all go down next episode!


6 thoughts on “MTV Shuga Naija | SE6E09: Checkmate”

  1. I don’t know why I don’t feel the urge to watch this season considering I have followed the whole mtv shuga story. Maybe it’s because they took so long to bring back this season…. I lost interest..
    I don’t watch and don’t know the story but I like to read your recaps, lmao I don’t know why though 😂…. Probably just the blogger supporting blogger thing…

  2. This episode got me tearing up ni sha.

    Tobi! I like him but I am beginning to want to enter this series and talk some sense into his head or even whoop his ass. Faa my girl, the tables will turn in your favor. Rapist are not meant to go scot free.

    1. Amen they will not go scot free! Tobi needs not just a sensible talk but an actual whooping o! We’re all just anticipating next week

  3. This episode had me all in my feels, really sad that next week’s episode is probably going to be the season finale. I love your captions, they’re hilarious.

    -Tobi is a Grade A bastard honestly. I was already looking at him funny because of how he handled the situation with Leila, then he threw Faa under the bus. Like wow, truly, what kind of guy is he? He used to be so sweet in the previous seasons if I remember correctly. Hopefully, he comes to his senses next week. As for Leila, I feel so sorry for her. If only she had left that yeye Tobi, he obviously didn’t respect/like her from the start. Ah well, as they say, love is blind. Uncle Cyril too should share some of the blame. I get that he was just trying to be protective but as Uju said, she’s grown and needs to be treated like an adult.

    -Ugh I’m so mad at Diana, I really hope everything backfires like you’re predicting. Instead of her to try to find out why her friends are no longer talking to her, she’s looking for a way to cover her own back.

    -The Ebisinde and Cynthia scene was so cute but abeg, I just can’t. Ebisinde is making a horrible move, I hope he doesn’t end up getting hurt or jailed.

    -Hadiza’s storyline was the only positive one during this episode, so glad she was able to sort things out with her husband. But I have the same questions that you do, what happens after secondary school for her?
    And as for Corper Yasmin, idk, I’m scared that her husband’s family is going to make him take a second wife or something. I mean, he seems to really love her and doesn’t look like someone that’ll do such a thing but the thought did cross my mind for a second.

    Great recap as always girl. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. And I have not been following the series so I am lost…
    But because of how nice these pictures look here (nice picture quality by the way) and the amusing captions, I might just start looking out for the series and anyone that has it in Ile-Ife.

    And then my celebrity crush is there too (covers face)

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