MTV Shuga Naija: Season 6, Episode 1 (Recap)

MTV’s Shuga is a show which focuses on the youth and the many problems they are plagued by. Having had 5 other seasons, it returns again with a sixth season set in Nigeria once again. Now, I haven’t watched any of the other five seasons, and so I’m viewing this season with a completely new eye. I still want to recap the episodes as they come though.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at recapping a tv show. Why? Well, tv show recaps are absolutely fun to read! It all depends on the author, but generally they’re good. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who watches something then reads all the comments on it and a recap as if I didn’t just watch it. There’s just something about being able to relate to emotions other members of the audience go through at certain scenes.

I particularly like recaps by Price Peterson on the Teen Wolf episodes. They’re absolutely hilarious! So, inspired by all this, I’ve decided to embark on this task. Hopefully I can keep up, and let my voice come loud and strong.

The Recap

So, I understand that these characters I’m introduced to aren’t brand new, and thus watching previous seasons would give a bit more insight. Yet, I’ll still go ahead.

From the onset I didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of episode 1 of Shuga Naija, I was excited and eagerly anticipated the next episodes. We were introduced to several cool characters, some prominent ones being:

Faa: Faa is basically a dancer who dances in music videos. She’s gaining some popularity, but has to do certain things to get ahead with her career.

Mrs Yasmin: This lady is a dream teacher. She’s so friendly and approachable, and I like her relationship with her husband.

Tobi:ย Tobi is someone I’m already shaking my head at, but Leila doesn’t seem to get this memo!

Leila: Leila is a young girl who has clearly fallen for the wrong guy! I’d like to see where their relationship goes..

Diana: The all supreme ‘it’ girl at the local secondary school, the queen mother of all the girls who won’t take any nonsense. Diana is definitely an interesting character

Hadiza:ย A teenage, single mother with a past which she is trying to escape from – what could be her story?

I hope you’re all watching Shuga along with me! You can simply search ‘shuga season 6’ on Youtube.

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