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MTV Shuga SE6E06: Busted

MTV Shuga Naija Episode 6 did not let down our expectations in any way, as we held our breaths at some points, and rolled our eyes at others. Either way, the story continues on. We got a better look into the life of Hadiza, while other relationships appeared to fall apart.

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It’s what I assume to be the Monday after the wrecked weekend, and all around, (some) characters are reeling from their actions. Diana looks like she’s trying to reach Frances, but she’s probably just texting her waste of a boyfriend. The camera focuses on the empty desk in the classroom, and the we’re all hit with the feels – Frances is absent. 

After class, Diana tries talking to her squad, but they’re clearly not feeling her. Done with her nonsense, they bounce, leaving her standing by herself. I’m surprised they even gave her the audience they did – they should just avoid her completely. She didn’t even realise what was going on. All she cared about was that her gang shouldn’t have embarrassed her, and whether they collected digits. sigh.


Ebisinde and his mates almost get caught by the police. ‘Luckily’ they run to the spare parts village, and the police are met with a crowd of men who don’t have their time. Of course, these boys are going to enter proper hot soup soon, and they came quite close. I actually thought they’d finally get caught – come on, we’re now stealing in broad daylight?

mtv shuga naija episode 6, mind of amaka, shuga episode 6, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga recap

Just when you’d think such a close shave would limit or put to sleep all 419 tendencies, Ebisinde makes an offer that I believe will bring all this tomfoolery to an end – because he’ll get busted. He offers to bring a whole car instead of just spare parts. His friends think he’s crazy, but their dealer is impressed and awaits the work. It doesn’t look like things are going to get any better, but we’ll see.



I’m sure we were all pumped, though a bit scared, to see the debate day finally land. All those weeks of preparation and coaching had to pay off! We were all rooting for Hadiza. However, when she gets to the debate venue, she begins to panic because she has a bit of a leak situation on her hands. She tries to escape by saying she has something important to do for her mother, but eventually the truth comes out.

mtv shuga naija episode 6, mind of amaka, shuga episode 6, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga recap

By the end of the episode, Corper Yasmin finds out about Hadiza’s personal life, and we also get more information on what is going on. When she started panicking at the debate, I thought it was because her father was present or something, but the other twist was still quite major. Oh well, I guess there’ll be other opportunities. 

mtv shuga naija episode 6, mind of amaka, shuga episode 6, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga recap

Looks like Hadiza’s mother is running out of excuses and will have to go soon. She was on a phone call with Hadiza’s father, and from what we saw in this episode, Hadiza‘s story is coming together. She was likely married off at a young age to an older man, got pregnant, then ran off before or after her child was born. It’s all quite sad, really. I did say last episode that her story is probably about educating the girl child, but let’s see what else we find out in the next episodes.



Ah yes, and Leila is busted in this episode! Seeing the aftermath of that wild party she followed Diana to has her thinking about her life and the decisions she has made. She’s a bit feverish – who knows what could be happening? Eventually, her uncle drops the bomb that he knows what she’s been up to.

Honestly, I’m watching Rumor Has It currently, and the contrast between Jemima Osunde‘s characters in RHA and MTV Shuga Naija is just crazy. One is a young and naive girl, and the other is a cold-hearted, two-timing snake who will sell anybody and everybody! Lmao

mtv shuga naija episode 6, mind of amaka, shuga episode 6, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga recap

Turns out she was captured on a camera, and her face is up on a gossip blog (I wonder if it’s Rumour Has It)! Her uncle then purports to limit her movement, instructing that she be confined to the home from now on – which we all know isn’t happening. Furthermore, her uncle’s wife steps in all big-sisterly and advices her, drawing nuggets of knowledge from her own life experience. Leila goes with the ‘deny deny deny‘ option when asked if sexually active by her aunt, but her aunt knows it’s all BS.

They take a casual, girls trip down to the local clinic or so where she gets some contraceptive lessons – how touching. Unfortunately Leila‘s uncle sees the contraceptives and seizes them, deeming it as a licence for Leila to have sex.

mtv shuga naija episode 6, mind of amaka, shuga episode 6, mtv shuga naija, mtv shuga recap

I understood both sides – I mean if she has contraceptives, she’ll continue with Tobi and feel untouchable in a way when it’s clearly not a cute relationship. On the other hand, her uncle can’t control what she can do – she’s still going to continue with Tobi so she might as well avoid unwanted pregnancy. As someone who has a phobia for little children, the thought of getting pregnant when one is not even ready is an absolute nightmare.

We all know abstinence is the best protection. When you don’t have sex, you don’t have to worry about all this stuff. For someone like me who hates pills (just like Corper Yasmin’s sister), the thought of having to take one a day in a strict regimen is actually stressful. Even with that, I appreciate the knowledge dropped on the forms of contraceptives.

With all that said, I wonder again what will be in stock for us next episode. We’ll just have to tune in to find out! We were left with this final, emotional scene between Frances and Cynthia. We’re all hoping Frances gets through these, and we hope that these girls understand that not all that glitters is gold, and Diana is a toxic person. Will Ebisinde‘s crime career end any time soon? What is Faa up to? Will Diana ever get a grip? Will Leila listen to her uncle? Tune in next week to find out!