My Blogging Bucket List

We all start blogging with various tools, some have more than others. We also have differing visions for where we want to end up, but sometimes also these visions comprise of little goals which may be similar to others. I was happy when Gift of Gift Collins tagged me to do this blogging bucket list challenge, because I was planning on sharing something similar, I just didn’t know when.

I feel I’ve started pretty well with blogging resources, and I have loads of dreams and ambitions for my blog, so I’ll share some of them with you. Maybe you can be inspired to set blogging goals for yourself also!

Psst… When I drafted this post, I was still on, but look at God! That means I’ve ticked off not just one, but two bucket list points. Yay me! *London Tipton voice*

My Blogging Bucket List

Get a Domain Name 

Like every other “serious” blog, I want to get mine. It’ll be cool to become a .com as opposed to, but bloggers are still real bloggers, don’t think otherwise!

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Become Self Hosted

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Oh man, this is where I’ll be putting my big girl pants and becoming responsible. When I think of self-hosting, I feel like it’s such a huge deal. That way, you have so much control over stuff. I can’t wait to feel nervousness as I make the self-hosted decision! With self hosting comes a whole new world. I’ve never had my very own website before! 

Upgrade My Theme

It doesn’t have to be something premium ($$$), but there are also a lot of pretty layouts which are only accessible through The thought of getting a pretty theme is so exciting, because there’s just so many to choose from!

Get a Camera

I would be so happy the day this happens. I just want to be able to play around with camera settings, continuing to perfect the art of flat-lays and product photography. Until then, I’ll just stick to my day 1 iPhone and good sunlight, as well as being inspired through photos from Pinterest.


Monetise my Blog/Get Paid for Writing

I’d like to be able to display ads on my blog – but they have to be beneficial. Sometimes you go on blogs and see random ads which make you think, “who would possibly click that?” Other ways of monetisation would come into play too. I want to write e-books, teach people stuff/entertain them.

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Photo: Mind of Amaka

Getting paid to write is basically getting writing jobs, related to the next bucket list point.

Become a contributor on top websites e.g. Pulse, Buzzfeed, Bella Naija, etc.

It would be awesome to not just share my awesomeness (you know I’m awesome, don’t even play) with not just my audience, but bigger audiences. Of course, I hope my audience will grow big also. I have a list in my head of places I want to work with, and I hope I can get access to them!


Network/Go to Blogger Events

Networking is honestly awesome. I’m glad I’ve started with groups like The Blogger Point, and my favourite, The Bloggers Advocate. I just fit in so easily, especially into TBA. Alice and the gang have really made things interesting. While these establishments are online, I’d like to physically attend events. The Bloggers Brunch, hosted annually by The Blogger Point, is high on my list!


Execute Unique Collaborations with Brands/Other Bloggers

This is something that terrifies and excites me. I only hope my crazy mind gets to work and executes the collabs well. I’ve already thought up a few ideas! If you want to collaborate with me, check out my Collaborations page for more information! All it takes is one email, and who knows?

Start a Youtube Channel


I always complain that Youtube sucks too much data, and writing is so much better. How much data does it cost to read a post or two, photos included or not? However, a teeny part of me hopes to get into Youtube. That’s one of the reasons I’m also looking for the camera! I just want to pour out this creative energy – editing videos and adding cool background songs and opening titles. I just need to know what I’m going to talk about, because I’m not qualified for makeup tutorials, lmao. People like Dimma Umeh, Jackie Aina and Safiya Nygaard inspire me greatly.

Get Interviewed

When you get interviewed, it’s like you being considered so important that people actually want to know more about you! I would love to be interviewed, whether in person or via emails, and featured on other websites. 

Become an Established Brand

There are people who when you think of a certain word or thing, you immediately think about them. There’s just something about their style, their way of doing things, their personality. I want to be one of those people, I want to influence people positively and also create valuable content for them, to change their lives in a way, no matter how small. That’s why I write, for myself, as well as others.

So yeah, that’s about some of my major bucket list points for blogging, and I hope you join me on this journey as I tick off each milestone! You can also help me to achieve some of the milestones if you have advice, tips and valuable info. I’m all ears. 

I don’t want to challenge anyone in particular, but you should share your blog bucket list! Either in the comments, or through a blog post, like me!

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13 thoughts on “My Blogging Bucket List”

  1. Glad you came through… YouTube has been on my mind lately, I know what I want to do, I am just holding back, telling myself I am not really reading. YouTube was the dream even before I got my blog. I am just bidding my time girl till the magic push comes.

    And you can YouTube with your phone. Sisi yemmie has a very helpful video on her Channel.

    I am happy you crossed major goals like going self hosted…. Once again welcome to the club hun! It’s going to be rough with traffic and all…. Like the shield from WordPress reader is gone and all but I got faith in you. You made it happen before, you will make it happen again…

    So here’s ? cheers to more checks off your list.
    All the best, Amaka.

    And one more… Canva should employ you…. Girl you work magic on Canva.

    1. Now that you’ve done your project and submitted, you have more time to start o! Start planning your Youtube content, brainstorming ideas and whatnot. I know about Youtubing with my phone, but it’s like when I use the front camera the audio is not working (ever since they fixed it it hasn’t been the same lol) so that is one challenge now. You’re right about the traffic, I just need to do my SEO properly and cross my fingers, while making sure I actually promote posts. Cheers to you also for more checks off your list! CANVA? Lol I’m just a beginner o, I haven’t even arrived yet

  2. Woo, congratulations on going self-hosted Amaka ,this is amazing ,can’t wait to see you check out more things off your blogging bucket list
    Have a great day

    1. Thanks Debbie! I also can’t wait to tick off more stuff, it’ll be so exciting to come back to this post and realise I’ve done much more than what I’ve done so far

  3. Wowzers!! Amaka, that was fast. You just switched it up real quick on us with the .com,juss laidat! Super proud of you girl!!!
    Loving the new theme too. For someone whose favourite colour is blue, you have a lot of pink going on here, and I am here for it!
    My blog goals really are to touch lives, share my story and inspire the world through my journey and that of others! I’m not sure how to do it, but I am taking one step at a time.
    Plus, I need a domain name, I just love the .com kini. Hoping to have that done in 2018, God-willing.
    Your graphics are the bomb too.

  4. Well done Amaka…Our blogging goals are almost the same! but you are ahead of me. I also want to join the bandwagon by getting self-hosted, registered domain name and a camera cos I have a big heart for photography. Hoping to realize some of the goals as early as possible in 2018! Can I get a big Amen?

  5. Issa list and you’re pretty much on your way to ticking things off. That camera still hasn’t shown up? Na wa ooo! Sure someone hasn’t traded it for magic beans? Lol! iKid. I hope you find it soon.

    All the best babes!

    1. Haha magic beans, I’ll kill that person o! I guess I just have to make do with my phone, maybe get some extra lens..maybe start saving for a camera

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