My Favourite Makeup Items

Hey folks! You know, I’m totally not a person who goes through the whole routine of adding ‘hey’ at the start of each post. I just want to get into the story already. If you’re a blogger and you do it, why do you do it? You can answer in the comments!

This post is kind of a fun post, because each day I think more and more about the type of content I want to be putting out. I mean, it’s nice to talk about myself and all, but I want to balance that by writing content that will actually help someone out there! This is one of the reasons I have a category called ‘Blogger Box’, which I will update with as much blogging information as I can throughout the lifetime of my blog.

I would describe myself as a beginner-not-so-beginner when it comes to the world of makeup. I’ve already told you guys the beauty things I fail at, so you know that I am aware of a lot of makeup stuff, but still have a long way to go in perfecting the beat. One thing I amuse myself with, is the fact that I have such a bulky collection of makeup items for someone who likes to form beginner sometimes. I mean, yes, I know what the right routine is, but it’s all about the technique. Looking at my makeup collection, you’d think I was an up and coming, very small scale, local, self trained MUA.


Enough of my mediocre makeup skills, I love taking makeup flat lays. I find them so beautiful, and hope that as more brands join the face paint fam (aka my makeup bag), I’ll be able to take even more stunning photographs. For now, we’ll just have to do with these. I like makeup posts too, but not necessarily tutorials on looks.

People who fascinate me when it comes to makeup include Uzo of Uzzy Mami, Niella of The Budget Bella, Bookie of Bookie Kunlere, Joyce of Joyce Daniels and recently, Ifedayo of A Makeup Junkies’ Blog. Didi of The Black Beauty has also done some great posts relating to makeup.

I spilled out the contents of my makeup bag, to show you just how much makeup I have, which I don’t even use on a daily basis. I should be arrested.  


I also want to share my favourite makeup products with you! Let’s get to the photos, shall we? 


This is my absolute favourite part! I am no brow pro, but I honestly love doing my eyebrows. It’s one area of makeup I can say I have come very far in. The first time I tried drawing my eyebrows, I pretty much coloured in rectangles with a brow pencil on top of very bushy eyebrows. It looked horrific.

L.a. girl concealer, l.a. girl, l.a. girl Nigeria, ELF cosmetics, ELF concealer, ELF palettes

I am so happy for the amount of improvement that I’ve made! Of course, I have bad brow days, but hopefully they’ll stop completely some day. In the above photos are the products I use for my eyebrows. I’ve been a pencil gal for a while now, but I’m slowly graduating into other types of brow products – the Focallure Brow Gel, for example.

23585135_1534434266650920_2060872288_o (1)


This is my second favourite part. This sounds sad, but I love when I can put foundation on my face, achieving an even look. Sometimes, my hyper-pigmentation really gets me down in the dumps. That, coupled with my acne scars and dots of pimples. Of course, most days I’m bare faced, but I love stepping it up when the need arises.


I’m still looking for the perfect foundation for me though, but currently I use the L.A. Pride USA Liquid Foundation, which I bought for N1200. I’m saving towards better (ahem, Maybelline, Revlon or Zaron), but since I’m transitioning to smart money woman mode, I need to save towards other important stuff!


I used to have a hateful relationship with my lips, but I’ve learnt to accept them! I actually find myself cute sometimes. This especially applies when I put some lipstick or gloss on and my lips are popping! I love lipsticks and other lip products, but I haven’t explored colours other than pinks, purples and reds. I hope to change this soon. Even if I don’t I know pink is always a hit!


My current favourite lipstick is the Classic Makeup USA Lipstick in the shade ‘Hot Flame’. I scoff at this shade name because frankly, flames are not pinkish-purple, they’re red! Oh well, it does its job very well. I think I got it for N800 or so.


There’s different powders in my makeup collection, but I love the purpose they all serve! I like my Classic Makeup USA Powder, because it is a powder foundation (should I have put this under foundation?) and it just gives me a neater look.


I wear it basically every day, and it helps because it reminds me to wash my face at night. Yeah, I know, I’m terrible at skincare routines. I even sometimes sleep with the powder on, come fight me!


Other faves when it comes to powders are powders for highlighting, and powders for setting. For my transluscent powder, I use the BYS Transluscent Powder. For my highlighting powder, I use the BYS powder in ‘Medium’. It’s also good for the powder-before-foundation routine.


And the latest addition to the face paint fam favourites is .. highlighter! I love this little product right here. It’s still on probation and working its way into my heart, but the few times I’ve used it, I’ve been fascinated.

beauty glazed, beauty glazed highlighter, beauty glazed aliexpress, aliexpress makeup

I just like the fact that you can glow! Just apply it to your nose, atop your cheeks, cupids bow (sometimes) and even at the arches of your brows. Imagine turning and blinding your enemies. That, in all honesty, is awesome.

Beauty Glazed Highlighter

I can say Instagram made me buy it, honestly. Still, just look at that packaging! Instagram has actually made me buy a lot of things, and I’m ashamed to say I’m very easily influenced (but like I always say, the product must be cheap/a sensible price).

This post was originally meant to be a ‘show you my whole makeup collection post’ but I got bored writing it, and it was pretty long. I’m trying to shorten my posts, so I hope this was still nice! 1073 words or so, I’m truly trying my best.

P.S. If you want to see my flat-lays more regularly, you can always follow me on Instagram! My username is @mindofamaka.

What are your favourite makeup items? Not brands, but actual makeup pieces!

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10 thoughts on “My Favourite Makeup Items”

  1. Everytime foundation goes on my face, I break out!??
    I don’t even own it anymore.
    I only use white powder on my face actually?.
    The eyebrows, eyes and lips are what I focus on when I ‘attempt’ to make myself up?
    I’m rambling.
    Alright. Goodbye☺

  2. Lol I really don’t know how to start or end a blog post! Your makeup collection looks so nice! My current favourite makeup item should be my zaron face definer. It has three shades for highlighting, contouring and bronzing- a good way to save money!

  3. It’s hard choosing favourite make up items o! But if i’m to leave home with just two things done on my face, that would be my brow and then powder all over my face. Thankfully i’ve no acne or spot to cover. And maybe a dab of my Nude gloss on my lips (make that three!) Lol

  4. I am not really a make-up somebody but looking at people loke Jackie Aina, Laura Lee make me wonder how much money one can really spend on make-up (apparently, it could be tens of thousands of dollars, serious stuff!)
    My fave make-up item is lipstick!! I live for it, have many colours and I keep wanting more.
    Still looking for a perfect foundation shade, and hoping I actually learn how to draw my brows soon especially since my sister is an MUA.
    I do start posts with a ‘Hey Tribe’ just because I just decided to have a signature intro.

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