Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives

So, it’s basically independence day. This day probably solicits a wide range of responses from people, from absolute joy (because, public holiday and whatnot) to numbness. Some may have probably lost all motivation and hope for this country, due to the hardships they have faced in it.

I’m still quite young, and have been blessed, with God providing me with avenues for my most basic needs and comforts to be met. However, I know that my country Nigeria is flawed. We’re far from perfect, and have a lot of things to get right, starting from our electricity supply.

Imagine Nigeria with 24/7 electricity and all the possibilities! Imagine a Nigeria with every road and path clean, with designated paths for pedestrians and cars/motorcycles in every place. A Nigeria where efficiency and effectiveness is the order of the day. A Nigeria where key issues are brought to life instead of festering, taking life from those who wither away in silence. Hopefully, Nigeria will become better one day. I just hope that one day is sooner than later, especially with the 24/7 light concept.


I like Nigeria. I’m not just saying this because It’s Independence Day. I don’t know where this strong like came from, but it has influenced many things. My Wattpad username is even ProudlyNigerian – I created the account on October 3, 2011. I can guess why I chose that username.

I could’ve been born an East African girl (and be raved about on a Kendrick Lamar track, while having hips for days), or I could’ve been Sudanese, Zimbabwean or even Ghanian. However, God made me Nigerian. This is all part of his greater plan for me, which I am yet to figure out. I love our food, especially jollof rice, more specifically, party jollof rice. Other favourites of mine are soups – Peppersoup, Egusi, Vegetable, Okro, Banga etc. I love our tribes and languages, especially the attire associated with said tribes! Don’t even get me started on Nigerian weddings!


It fills my heart with a great pride when I see cultural dances going on. I love our slangs, and most especially the influence we have. I’d say that Nigerians have a magic touch. Some of us have such a strong ability to influence, and wherever we go, we inspire and make our mark!


So, in the theme of Nigerian pride, I’d love to share some of my admired Nigerian creatives! I didn’t want to do a typical post, as it’s already cliche enough I’m making a Nigerian pride post on Independence Day.

So, Why Creatives?

I chose to flaunt our creatives because well, we all know the prevalent mentality a lot of African parents have. A joke was once said that as an African, you can either be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or disgrace to the family. It’s funny, but a sad reality for some.

Some creatives can’t bloom, as there is no room for expression! And so they go, forcing themselves into moulds created for them by the people around them, living unfulfilled lives, with talents wasted. Creatives can also be affected especially when people around them don’t believe in their vision and goals, when people don’t take them seriously for the unconventional path they have chosen to take. Some, like Asiyami Gold, even get disowned by their family members. Granted, some pursue their creative endeavours while also keeping the conventional stuff in place, and that is also okay!

These people are honestly so amazing, with wonderful minds and ideas. They’ve also influenced me one way or the other, and I am rooting for them constantly! You may know most of them, but also this is a chance to find some new faces!

Ifeoma Amadi (@thesvnflower) – Draped in Basics

I can’t even deny it. There’s just something about Ifeoma. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop bringing her up! She inspires me so much, from her blog posts, gorgeous photos, thrift finds, to her Instagram and everything associated with it. She had such a unique style of doing things, she knows what she is doing, and she is definitely going somewhere.

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

I just hope I don’t get too obsessed, because sometimes this might result in copying, but honestly, she’s a babe! I’ll never regret finding her blog, never! I think she even inspired me to give blogging another shot!

Maryam Salam – Fashion By Daisy

I only discovered Maryam recently. Prior to the discovery, I’d simply been participating in her project. Maryam is the founder of The Blogger Point, a Nigerian blogger agency – the first one in Nigeria, If I may add. She is seriously quite innovative and business minded. Her blog is one you can go to in search of knowledge on blogging or business. She also has really nice outfit posts, and an absolutely gorgeous skin tone. 



I’m quite excited, because I won a free 1 week blog consultation from her which she offered here! I hope to make the most of the opportunity, and that a lot of good will come out from this consultation. I’m ready to get my A-game on when it comes to my blog!

Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is honestly so awesome! She has established herself, and is only going higher! I am so proud to be Nigerian when I see creatives like her. I love her dressing, her face, her photography, and especially her Instagram feed. She takes us all around the world with her, getting such good shots of spots. She’s really had a rough time getting to where she is now, and so she deserves all the very best!

Yagazie Emezi 

Yagazie is an amazing photographer with a quirky personality. Talent and creativity clearly run in her family, because her sister Akwaeke is also an awesome writer.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I can’t call Chimamanda my favourite author. This is because I have read just 3 of her works – Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, and Americanah. However, I will say she is amazing.


She has made a name for herself, and that is something I want when it comes to writing. Her writing is so deep, and she tells complex stories of complex lives and complex people. That is writing goals! 

Lola Shoneyin

I don’t know much about her, but what I know is that she writes really well! She authored the book ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’, which is honestly a must read. The storyline and the characters are such a mess, it makes for a great read!


The way she brings her characters to life, is something I really admire. She was also quite detailed and hilarious in the book. Just check it out, thank me later.

Emma OhMaGod


This guy is just way too creative! I love how he remixes songs and puts his special touches on them! You should seriously check him out!

Now, we’re getting to an interesting part of this post. The following people have seriously influenced me when it comes to cracking jokes. I’ve always had a strange sense of humour, and it’s always been shaped by social media. Did you know, I run a meme account called African Memes? Anyway, I have such a strong love for them, and will always be rooting for them! 

Samuel Ndubuisi Okafor 


Sam Okafor, who used to be known as @samtakesoff, one of the most popular Vine users, will always have a special place in my heart. He is hands down the face of ‘african parent’ jokes, most especially ‘african dad’. He made such a great impression on us, and left me dying from laughter so many times. His posts were hilarious, and I will always have his facial reaction photos stashed away for the right moments.

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 11.52.48 AM.png

I loved his videos so much. He’s a great dancer, and also makes good songs. If I could, I would honestly marry him lol (he’s engaged o, to a beautiful black queen known as Sao @withlovesao)! I remember when he had a meet up in the UK or so, and hundreds of people showed up! Honestly though, I would love to meet him at least once in real life! Unfortunately, he ‘retired’ from the comedy life, choosing to focus on his music. He also lost his mum, a very sad event. I will always root for you Sam!


Tolulope Ogunmefun


Which Nigerian doesn’t know of Don’t Jealous Me AKA Tolulope Ogunmefun? I discovered him from his ‘magdonna’ video, and he has seriously blown since then! What don’t I love about him? He is funny, and his short clips on IG are hilarious. We have watched him grow so much, including becoming a married man and soon to be a father! More life!

Of course, there are many other Nigerian comedians such as the all too famous Dr Craze (Craze Clown), Wofai Fada, Comedian Ebiye, Maraji, African Ape, Klinton Cod, how can I forget The Real Femi? There’s just so much talent! Take all my MB!

Speaking of take all my MB, I am not an avid Youtube patroniser, but when I do, these are people I can turn to for interesting content. And look at God! They’re Nigerian!

Jackie Aina

Finding out she was Nigerian was honestly one of the most amazing things. Jackie has really built a brand out of her name and Youtube channel, and I love her for that.


Her videos (the few I’ve watched) are fascinating, and she’s just hilarious! 

Dimma Umeh 


Yes, we all love Dimma, who used to be known as That Igbo Chick. I’m not really a makeup tutorial person except for where I’m feeling like learning something new, or researching on something. I love her ‘Dimma Living‘ Vlogs. I also like how she’s in Nigeria, and she’s just so authentic. Go girl!

Uche Natori


Uche is a makeup Youtuber based in the UK! Found her by accident, really, but she’s awesome. I just love her face, she’s quite beautiful. I also like her makeup looks, and she’s definitely one you should watch out for!

Toni Olaoye


I like Toni’s makeup videos, and her intros are bomb tbh. She’s based in Canada, and I like watching her flourish as a Youtuber.

There’s many more Nigerians who are poppin’ on Youtube such as Grace Ajilore, Omabelle, Patricia Bright, Adanna of AdannaDavid, Ronke Raji, Jennie Jenkins, Shirley B. Eniang… need I go on? Nigerians are honestly everywhere, and we definitely make our mark wherever we go.

I think a shoutout needs to go to Yemisi Abraham, most popularly known as Serra Bellum.

Her feed is bomb, okay? I don’t even know what she does for a living or whatever, but her feed is bomb! It takes work to maintain such a feed. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.06.40 AM.png

Of course, I can’t just conclude this post without throwing some light on some gems! This section is dedicated to up and coming Nigerian blogs who are amazing. and totally need more people to see their amazing-ness! I may not know them personally, but there’s nothing wrong with giving other people shoutouts


Bunie – She Fancys That

Bunie will always have a special place in my heart, because she is the first blogger I’ve met in real life! The other ones, I simply interact with from my computer. My first impression of her was that she was this energetic, bubbly person. She’s one to definitely look out for.

Bukola Jayeoba – The Naija Brides Outlet (TNBO)

TNBO, authored by Bukola Jayeoba, is a blog I honestly found by accident. The way I found this blog also shows just how beneficial the WordPress reader is. I can search a tag, and then boom some blog posts pop up! It was through one of such searches, that I found this blog. At the time I found it, she was writing posts expressing all the challenges faced during the planning of a Nigerian wedding.


I read all the way until now, where she has transitioned from planning a wedding, to actually living married life. I love the way she writes, and can honestly see her concept becoming as big as Bella Naija. She should even be featured there! I’m not married or even planning a wedding, and I won’t be for a long while, but I love her posts so much!

Want to get on a faster track to that ‘thaty billion for the account’? Check out Saving with OJ. Want to know how one can slay while being saved and secured? Check out Saved, Secured & Slaying. Want to know how stressful Nigerian weddings are to plan/relive your memories planning or participating in one? Check out The Naija Brides Outlet.


There’s also other awesome people who are not so new, but also up and coming. These include The Blackk Beauty, Joyce Daniels, Uzzymami, Girl Eccentric, Diary of a 20 SomethingSpoken Voicelessness.

Lastly, I know an awesome chick you totally need to check out! Her name is Amaka, and she is the author at Mind of Amaka! She’s a bit of a mess though, and is still trying to figure out her style, as documented here and here.

That’s right, I’m shamelessly advertising myself on my own blog, in my own blog post. What are you going to do about it? That’s right, nothing! *Hiss* Now, why don’t you check out my other pieces eh? Don’t just #BuyNigerian, #ReadNigerian too! Lol!

God bless Nigeria, Happy Independence Day!

What is your favourite part of being Nigerian? For non-Nigerians, what do you love most about Nigeria/Nigerians?

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21 thoughts on “Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives”

  1. I loved this post!! Plenty information. I barely know any of this hot stars you mentioned and I even surf the web well. So much for being current. My dad had this tape recorder he duplicated into CDs and some years back, into DVDs. Now he wants to make my brother put the content in a flash drive for his car. It’s the “atilogwu dance” video (Igbo cultural dance) and we all love watching it at home (not as much as dad tho). The bare chested men using their man boobs to dance, and that tune!

    See, I’ve always loved that Indias retained their culture. Even though how advanced in technology and times like they are, they still haven’t succumb fully to the jeans wearing, crop top pulling society. I know if I were to visit India someday, it will be to try on their sari?. Nigerians should keep their culture alive. No need trying to be like “them”

    1. That’s crazy about you barely knowing them! I guess I’ve spent a lot of time on the funny parts of Facebook and Instagram lol, that’s why I’m such a weirdo now! Lol you’re right about indians, they’re quite a cool bunch of people. I definitely have India on my must visit list! And, I feel like definitely western things are accepted more than Nigerian stuff here, like Ankara is just something we take for granted a bit, while we wear our jeans and tops most of the time. It’s all quite interesting. Let me google that Atilogwu dance sef

  2. I just found some new blogs to keep up with. I loved this post!! I don’t think I’ve told you this before but your content and writing style is amazing. And thanks for the shoutout babe? I’ll definitely try to be more consistent.

    1. Omg thank you so much! I love when people say my posts are funny, or comment on my writing style. It encourages me to keep being my crazy self!

      Do be more consistent, don’t let me direct people to you only for them to see that your last post was in January o, we’ll fight! Lol it’s all good, you’re welcome! You should especially look at the Naija Brides Outlet blog lol, content so nice!

  3. I loved reading this Amaka, what a brilliant post. It’s so nice of you to celebrate Nigerian creatives. You’re so right when you say Nigerians have a certain magic, we really do and I don’t say it just because I’m Nigerian too. I really do like Nigeria but it’s a hard country and we have such a long way to go. Nothing works and things need to change.

    I love some of the creatives you mentioned like Asiyami, Lola and Chimamanda. Some of them I’ve never heard of and will check out. I totally forgot about Samtakesoff, he was so hilarious. Glad to hear he’s doing well. Once again, great post girl! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

      1. It can be like that sometimes! My own issue is that whenever I step out of the house I always forget something lol! Those vlogs are life, I don’t even know why they’re so good! Editing, content and music on point

    1. Exactly girl, we have a long way to go indeed! I know we can get there somehow, it just takes a collective effort instead of playing blame games.

      I want to definitely do my part!
      Girl I think of Samtakesoff now and then, imagine me going on his Instagram while writing this post only to see that he is engaged! Time has truly flown!

      #Nigerianmagic for life! Love your comment girl!

  4. I just can’t help but share your blog posts on my Facebook timeline… People are even asking if you’re my girlfriend… Just because they noticed i have been sharing your blog posts ever since I came across your blog last week. LOL

  5. Awww this post?. A lot of my fav creatives on that list! ??? It’s great to acknowledge talent and aspire to grow through the inspiring people that surround you. The growth with regards to creatives back in Cameroon is sooooo extremely slow. So many things hindering bloggers, artists, comedians and etcs, but we really have a lot to learn from Nigerian artists. ?❤

    1. I hope you Cameroonians start popping more too! It can start with you o! I just love Nigerian creatives lol! What am I saying, I love all creatives tbh!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that lol! I can only hope I can continue to be detailed! Amen to writing a book, I’ve always wanted to do it tbh and I don’t think I can die without writing at least 1 lol, be it eBook or an actual hard copy book! Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to see what you’ve been inspired to write!

  6. Amaka ❤
    I’ve not been well so I’ve not been keeping up with blogs but I’m recuperating and I dove here immediately and I saw my blog there.. Thanks for the mention love. I literally had to go back to make sure it was my blog that I saw. ?
    Okay now, I loved the post and unfortunately I’m not following any but Daisy. E shock me o. Now I have to go and check them out. And it’s a good idea you had doing this. It’s not just the everyday independence post, but different, celebrating our own. Lovely.
    Me too I like your writing style o

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