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4 Reasons Why I’d Fail as a Style Blogger

Style bloggers are pretty awesome people, I see them all on my Instagram and I follow quite a handful of their blogs. There’s just something about them, the way they rock clothes effortlessly. I guess this is why brands love working with them, especially. A style blogger doesn’t just post up gorgeous amateur-editorial (sometimes even editorial) type photos and keep it moving. They can be awesome writers, and some are quite relatable when they mix outfit posts with real talk. Either way, It doesn’t look like they’ll go out of style anytime soon.

I thought a couple days back of this idea: what if I was in a different niche? How well would I perform? That lead to the creation of this post. That, and the fact that It’s Christmas. Merry Christmas, folks! I also had this outfit idea in my mind, because I made the flat lay and It was nice, so I said why not take full body shots? Forcing my brother outside with a phone half-charged, we got to work. 

mind of amaka, nigerian style blogger, nigerian style, nigerian lifestyle blogger

My favorite style blogger is Ifeoma Amadi, and while a majority of the time I couldn’t care less about style posts (I prefer looking at photos on Pinterest) she’s an amazing all-rounder. The way she writes and the type of content she creates just keeps you coming for more. Style posts, in my opinion, are best when mixed with lifestyle content – bomb combo.

Applying some Amadi magic to myself for the photos in this post, here are reasons why I’d fail as a full-time style blogger.

I Virtually have no style

nigerian style blogger, nigerian lifestyle blogger, christmas outfit

If you’ve read my Style Edit posts, you’ll realize that I currently have the same style as an obnoxious aunt who always has something to say, but doesn’t have her stuff together. I’m basically trying to figure out what works because one thing is that I like comfort while being quite skinny. How can someone who has no style blog about style?

In fact, what’s the essence of a style blogger, don’t they serve as inspo for your future outfits? How can I be inspo when my style somedays would probably send someone running the other direction?

I suck at posing

nigerian style blogger, nigerian lifestyle blog

Ah, style bloggers should practically be called part-time models. In fact, some like Nonye of This Thing Called Fashionn are just that. Ifeoma is someone I know who is amazing with poses, and that’s one reason out of many why I like her. Being quite skinny, I find it hard to strike a pose without giving off strong ‘awkward librarian’ vibes. Don’t be fooled, the photos in this post were just lucky shots. Plus, behind every great photo, are about 20-50 not so great ones.

I wouldn’t be Consistent

nigerian blogger, nigerian lifestyle blogger, style blogger fail, nigerian style blogger

Being a style blogger is actual stress, and those who stay consistent must have some magic going on. Narrow it down to being a Nigerian style blogger in Nigeria, dealing with the stress of choosing a location where you won’t be harassed (for those who dare to go beyond their house backyard/frontyard), dealing with uninvited comments and stares from the general public, and just stress in general. I’d probably post once a month and be going, and we all know that’s terrible for any blog, not just a style blog.

I Repeat Outfits

Now, I’m not saying It’s a crime to repeat outfits, because there’s something called a washing machine. However, for someone who wears the same outfit every day to school, only switching the top, I feel I should be arrested sometimes.

nigerian lifestyle blogger, nigerian style blogger fail, style fail, christmas 2017 nigeria, mind of amaka

I also spend most of my time on the weekends and holidays in pajamas. Being a style blogger doesn’t mean you need to be always on point, but you should take some of that fabulousness on your blog/the gram and apply it to reality sometimes.

So basically, those are my reasons. Funny thing is, I do need to dabble into style posts a bit, because I am part of a brand! What kind of brand owner doesn’t flaunt their stuff? This is why I’m kind of in love with Adebayo Oke-Lawal (@theorangenerd) of Orange Culture. The guy flaunts his merchandise shamelessly and looks good while doing it. Plus, I have so many ideas of designs in my head, now and again I’d like to share.

On the Outfit

I randomly put these items together and ran to take photos, nothing spectacular. Though I’m a bit of a Grinch, I didn’t shy away from the cliche red to mark the Christmas season. I got this lovely top from a N500 rack (you know I can’t shy away from them) at a trade fair.

Oo, I also used the highlighter from Beauty Glazed as part of my makeup. That palette is the bomb! I can’t keep my hands off it. Earrings from @shopginger.ng

I love the fabric (I think it’s satin)  and vibrancy of red – something I usually shy from. Paired with a lace black skirt and heels, I felt pretty cute. I also like the top as it’s a great add to my corporate collection.


Earrings: @shopginger.ng

Top: Trade Fair (not a brand, an event), N500

Skirt: Gift

Shoes: ‘Borrowed from Mother

That’s it, folks! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Here’s to a better year ahead.

Is there a niche you think you’d completely flop at? Why not share below, or do a blog post on it! Can’t wait to see your responses! You can also suggest another niche I can explore why I’d suck in.



13 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I’d Fail as a Style Blogger”

  1. I’m with you on this one!
    I would absolutely suck at fashion posts?? I’ve worn the same black skirt almost everyday of school for the past 2 years! I recently got 2 new black skirts and I swear I could hear the old one crying with relief?

    Also the fact that I hate spending a lot of money?(you can bet my wardrobe is suffering for this)

  2. You are a faux style blogger! We want more style posts! (Just playing). Don’t push it, you’ll get around to making it as a style blogger. You just need to get bitten by that bug to make your intense focus switch! When you’re on holidays from school or something. Btw Merry Christmas ?

    Idle head

    1. Haha nooo but the thing is I don’t want the style blog life, I’ll leave that to the pros like you, Nonye, Ifeoma etc. You’re right, Nonye is fab!

  3. If there are any niches I will consider blogging on it will be travel, poetry, and lifestyle.I figure I will do pretty well with poetry in the combo. my first blog post is up, check it out on herdentify.me I will love to hear from you in the comment section.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I have major respect for the style bloggers. I have one style post on my blog, and I know how much work that took, so big respect to them!
    I love your outfit girl! Naturally, I am not the biggest fan of satin, because of the sweat patches that show up so easily on them.
    I live for Nonye. Sarah. Larisa and Sarah’s styles!!( Nigerian blog lovers would know who I am talking about).
    BTW, hope Elci Thread s’ next collection is coming up fine.

    1. Ayy I’m so happy you care about Elci! We’re doing good, thanks! Collection shipped and ready to be revealed soon. Haha I’m telling you a lot goes into the style posts. You’re so right about sweat patches, I was looking like some haughty choir mistress/sketchy aunty when the sweat patches showed up, but it’s simply gorgeous tbh. The colour is so nice! Chai, though I said I couldn’t care less about style posts most of the time, is it shameful that I know almost everybody you mentioned? Haha. Wait o, there are two Sarahs in the blog world? The only one I know is Princess Audu, who is the other?

  5. I understand pretty much what you are going through on this style blog thing, i also find it difficult to put out a style post. I believe with time we’ll get there

  6. Hahahaha! Amaka Amaka!! Steady making me laugh. I’m a Style Blogger yet I see reason with you especially on taking pictures and being consistent. Well, keep us busy with your lifestyle posts and banter. We’ll take it. 😉

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