Oh, Niche-less One

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I was privileged to win a free blog consultation from one of the top Nigerian bloggers, Maryam Salam. One thing she brought up was that my posts were kind of all over the place. 


This is a true fact. I’ve written more than 50 posts to date, and they don’t have a consistent theme. If you’ve picked up on a theme apart from pink, do let me know! 

Niche is a word which gets thrown around a lot when I read most of these ‘how to’ blog posts from more established bloggers. It’s basically a theme that your posts should have, in order for you to become sort of an authority in that area. It exists to kind of narrow down what you write about, so people know they’re coming to your blog for something specific. For example, Maryam blogs about business tips and fashion/style. Some bloggers blog strictly about health, some are about relationships, some are about lifestyle. A niche just allows you to be known for something.

However, I don’t really think I have one. If I could describe my blog, I’d call it a writing blog. What does that even mean? Most would consider my blog to be lifestyle, but is it really? A lifestyle blog, in my interpretation, is one where a person has a certain lifestyle which they share with the world, inspiring others through perhaps the lessons they learn. I for one wouldn’t consider some of the posts I make to be ‘lifestyle’. When I read lifestyle blogs and some posts on lifestyle post ideas, I see topics suggested which… I basically wouldn’t really see myself writing on. At the same time, I can write on anything that just comes to mind.

As I blog more consistently, scheduling posts ahead of time, I find myself hiring and firing blog post ideas. Any blog post idea, no matter how small, could easily turn into a 1000 word post. That’s just the way I am. I have an idea of what I want to put out, so I’m picky about what I post and when I post it. Some ideas come, and I’m just like, really? For example now, sometimes I want to post about 5 Nigerian cities I want to visit, and also 5 international destinations I want to go to. In my head, I’m like, 2 posts on travelling, wouldn’t people get bored? Why do they have to know?

It’s honestly quite a process in my head. I might still do the posts though, or at least combine them into one, just in case anyone wants to support me (ayyy, lmao).

I see some blogs have really gotten the hang of this specific thing, but they scare me in a way. I think it’s just because I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is I can talk about consistently without getting bored. So far, my posts border on a bit of randomness, blogging experience/tips/lessons, reflection posts. Safe to say, they’re all over the place! 

The thought of saying ‘okay, I’m going to strictly write about 2 things: spiritual life posts on Mondays, motivational posts on Wednesdays, and Style Posts on Fridays’, is kind of sickening in a way. The only way I can do such a thing is by maintaining a certain type of lifestyle. Honestly, I have respect for people who can do things like that, for example those who write motivational posts EVERY Monday! How?


These things cost money, because, for example, if I want to be a skincare blogger, I need to have the dough to buy the products for testing and reviewing. This is even if it’s DIY skincare tips I’m sharing. I have to be doing my research all the time, and that can get boring really fast, unless I’m really passionate and have a head full of ideas.

If I was to narrow things down, I’d talk mostly about shopping, life and money. Those are the things which I feel I can talk about, especially shopping and life, because I’m not dead, and I shop all the time, even if it’s window shopping. I even see myself becoming someone that will share blog tips in the future, no matter how young I am in the blog world.

I’m sure you’re thinking, okay, if you can talk about life, why not say you’re a lifestyle blogger? Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like I can write about anything and everything. I should even consider myself to be a creative writer, because I’ve realised creative writing doesn’t have to mean writing short stories (I write short stories too, by the way).

Well, after my short ramble, all I can say is that I hope to maybe neaten up by the time the blog turns one. I feel like I need to have a neat and streamlined post structure, especially when it comes to working with brands. Sometimes I think, oh, if a fashion brand was to approach me, how would I work for them? I have quite a lot to figure out, but I’ll get there! Shopping is definitely a thing, though! 

Until the next post!

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What do you think of niches? Do you have one? If yes, how did you figure it out?

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21 thoughts on “Oh, Niche-less One”

    1. Ahh thats my fear, becoming too specific and getting stuck! I feel it’s best to start off general, and once you find your strengths, you can take the plunge to niche down really specifically. Why not say you’re a lifestyle & natural hair blogger? I mean, your blog name alone doesn’t scream “natural hair” at first impression. I get more of ‘frugal lifestyle blog’ than anything. It’s just like Naija Single Girl, you’re free to write about what you want! Don’t chain yourself o

      1. Oh that’s great then… That my blog name doesn’t confine me!
        I’ll definitely work on moving out of my comfort zone.
        Thank you!?

        P.s. Tbvh, I don’t want you to change your style. I love how totally random you can be… It’s relatable.?

        But what do I know?

  1. that could be your niche, nicheless. he he. Sorry about your dilemma, I don’t think you need to confine yourself really. But what do I know?

    1. Lol @ nicheless, that could be some kind of alternative going-against-the-grain niche on its own. I feel 50/50 about the confining myself v not confining myself, and it sucks!

  2. I agree with Lara on that one, people would get to your page to know what you are up to and it would never be a bore cause they know whatever you throw yourself to is all fun. With time, things would eventually play out. Don’t sweat it love.

  3. You don’t need to be alarmed baby girl
    Work on the niche you’ve created
    It’s clearly stated…mind,body and soul
    Anything that appeals to any of these is under a niche and can be written.
    Keep doing you,after all like they say Rome was not built in a day, with time you will get better.

    1. That’s actually a nice angle to look at it from! my original tagline was mind body heart and soul, and those were meant to be my categories, but then I cut them up and created ones with better names. I really like how you brought that up. I pray that with time I do get better!

  4. I can’t totally relate to this. I’m a niche-less blogger and I still don’t want to confine myself to a niche. But at the same times it’s difficult to work with brands without a niche ? we’ll figure it out though

  5. I kinda can relate to this. The thing is I consider myself a lifestyle blogger because you know, I’m using my life and experiences to portray ideas, information and all that, but sometimes I delve into a little skincare and it’s like “uh oh you’re straying” or I write a post and I feel “Is this right for a lifestyle blog” And then it gets all confusing. It’s good to find a niche and stick to it, but as a creative person/writer I feel like that’s putting a restriction on your creative capacity. It’s stressful really, but as they say we’ll be alright in the end.

  6. So I’m niche-less.*rolls eyes*
    That should be made a thing too.? I hope to find my niche or group of niches someday?
    Cus like you, I’ve had a hard time deciding

  7. Amaka,
    My advice for you is this: write. First, do you have a vision, I mean, what motivated you into blogging? Rediscover that thing and write. Yes, the professional bloggers talk about the niche thing, but if you want to do more than blogging and be a writer,then write. Don’t limit yourself with the niche thing. Don’t shut your voice.

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