3 Things I Suck At

Everyone knows we can’t all be perfect, even Beyoncé isn’t perfect, no matter how much hype and credit is given to her. I’m sure while there are some things we absolutely kill, there are also things we absolutely suck at and usually avoid at all costs. In this light-hearted post, I’ll be sharing three things I […]

5 Wardrobe Facts About Me

Personal style is always something I find fascinating. I like rummaging through the wardrobes of other people in order to see what they’re into. Of course, I don’t literally rummage – that would be weird. I enjoy glimpses of their style now and then as I see them put outfits together, whether it reflects the […]

The Power of Good Hair

Did you know good hair could boost self esteem? In the world we live in, it seems like every single individual is insecure about some thing or the other – be it their seemingly small achievements in comparison to their peers, or worse, their appearance. My Self Esteem Journey I’ve personally been through quite a […]

5 Reasons To Love Ndani TV

Ndani TV, a channel on Youtube, is a source of constant, quality web series which we have all grown to love. Featuring amazing shows like Gidi Up, Skinny Girl in Transit and Rumour Has It, amongst a few other series, I’ll be giving you 5 reasons to love Ndani TV if you haven’t checked them […]

The Downside of the Internet

The internet is one of the greatest places to be – while you can get all sorts of opportunities and crate opportunities for yourself on the internet, it can’t be ignored that the internet does have a downside to it. While we save photos that inspire us – fashion and style inspiration, hair and makeup […]

iCandy Cosmetics

iCandy Cosmetics are a Nigerian beauty brand owned by two good friends. They are based in Lagos, and have a range of genuine, made in Nigeria beauty products. I highly enjoyed taking these photos for iCandy Cosmetics (@shop_icandy cosmetics) because the communication was highly pleasant, and they were willing to give me a chance to explore […]

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What If I Regret Self Hosting?

Self hosting is where you decide to take full control of your website. It is a process done by firstly finding a host, and also obtaining  a domain name. It has been called one of the most crucial steps to start blogging properly – according to a majority of the articles I find on Pinterest. […]