MTV Shuga Naija | SE6E09: Checkmate

MTV Shuga Season 6 Episode 9 was yet another rollercoaster, with each character making even more decisions to their detriment or betterment. What went down? Read and find out! SPOILERS WITHIN! Unfortunately I couldn’t recap last weeks episode and I’m sad but I made up some pretty entertaining captions for some scenes – check out […]

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One Year of Blogging! + Giveaway

On this day a year ago, I published my first blog post after deciding to start a blog. It’s not a new decision, it’s something I’ve always done but in various ways and through various mediums. I’ve used Tumblr, and then my personal Instagram page in order to get my thoughts out there somehow. I’ve […]

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MTV Shuga SE6E06: Busted

MTV Shuga Naija Episode 6 did not let down our expectations in any way, as we held our breaths at some points, and rolled our eyes at others. Either way, the story continues on. We got a better look into the life of Hadiza, while other relationships appeared to fall apart. Have you read the […]