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I mentioned previously that I read the Smart Money Woman, and safe to say, it had me thinking of a lot of things. I never said that I would stop shopping completely though! 

More about me, I’m the type of person who would rather use an amount of money to get plenty things, as opposed to a singular item. This is why my foundation search has been delayed, because when I think of spending 5000 outright on a singular item, I feel some type of way. Maybe It’ll be my Christmas gift to myself.. or even birthday gift.


Moving on from my scrounging ways, I recently got some packages I’ve been waiting for what seemed like forever for, and I am so excited. I also am pretty impressed with the way the photos turned out. I guess you could say I’ve been a busy body. I wanted to grow the face paint family (aka my makeup bag) while also getting things that will help in other areas, including blog props.

So, here are my new additions!

The Beauty Glazed Highlighter Palette – Buy Here

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Can I get a yass from the audience? The packaging is just too bomb! It changes colour in the light! I got it for about N999 due to the exchange rate at the time of purchase. I absolutely love it! From the packaging to the actual product, I’m in love.

I mentioned in my Smart Money Woman post that I wanted to blind my enemies with my highlight, but didn’t know how buying a highlighter would make me more money. Oh well, when It came, I pushed those thoughts aside a bit.

beauty glazed, beauty glazed highlighter, beauty glazed aliexpress, aliexpress makeup

It’s very glowy, and I love the three shades – French Vanilla, Cotton Candy Cream and Salted Caramel. The shades sound so edible! I didn’t do a swatch photo, but I assure you, we good with this product.

Beauty Glazed

I hope the photos can show you how awesome this product looks! My cheap side still wishes it wasn’t N1000, but hey, It’s been bought already!

beauty glazed, beauty glazed highlighter, beauty glazed aliexpress, aliexpress makeupBeauty Glazed Highlighter

I don’t know the general price of highlighters, but you can cop this beauty if you’re interested! I for one know it will last me a long time, because I don’t wear highlighter everyday.

PROPS – 5 Pack Monstera Leaves – Buy Here


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the leaves by themselves, but I did use them for the flat-lays in this post. They’re smaller than my usual plastic monstera leaves, and a tad lighter. However, they still do their job, don’t you think?


I don’t want to limit myself to tropical looks, though I do love my monstera and palm leaves. I’ve also ordered some flowers, which I hope to experiment with when they come!

MAKEUP: Focallure Brow Gel – Buy Here


I felt like experimenting more with my eyebrows, using products other than the regular pencil. When I found this FOCALLURE Brow product, I was definitely interested. I ordered it but it never came, so I asked for a refund and was granted one. However, I still had a little faith in the seller, so I ordered again. I’m glad my eyebrows came in the mail this time.


I’ve used it about twice, and I will definitely say I like it. I feel the shade I got is a bit too.. caucasian? The shades mainly match certain types of hair colours, and I feel I should’ve gotten the lighter brown one. However, it’s not completely useless and you can’t notice the difference. I also can’t tell which is better between a gel/pomade and eyebrow pencil. Either way, I love brow products!

MAKEUP: Eyebrow Razors – Buy Here

Man, my eyebrows have been through a lot in this country. I remember when I first returned and one day I was complaining about how bushy they were. My aunt volunteered to tidy them up for me. I foolishly went along. People, I had charger-cord thin brows for up to 3 weeks. It hurt my soul. I cringe looking at the photos from that time. 


So! I’ve been grooming them via the help of my trusty hair stylist. She does them so well! However, I want to see if I can take charge, because frankly, it’s not everytime I’m willing to go to the market and pay N200 to shape my brows. No time! Let’s hope I don’t replicate what my aunt did.

MAKEUP: 11 Piece Bamboo Brush Set – Buy Here

And now, for the stars of the show. Next to the highlighters, I got this gorgeous 11 piece bamboo brush set. I love the feel of them and the look of the wood.


I also love that they are 11! Prior to this, I had a few “fake technique” aka real technique imitation brushes in my collection, as well as some other strays.


Having 11 enables me to use them for a variety of things, and I love that I have 3 foundation brushes now. One of the foundation brushes is so dense, I just love putting foundation on my face with it. Very happy so far!


False Lashes – Buy Here

Finally, I also ordered some lashes. I’m not really well versed when It comes to lashes, so I just ordered what looked good and hoped for the best. I’m glad they were able to come just before my law dinner, although the feeling of lashes on my eyes will forever be foreign!


I was so scared I’d mistakenly wipe off my lashes, I put on my Cobain glasses whenever I needed to take off my shirt or wear anything. They stayed on pretty well! They don’t come with glue though. 

Personally I don’t like the length, but then when my friend was gluing them on, she said they’re not even long. Safe to say, it’s a good length, for those of you who regularly wear lashes. I don’t know when next I’ll wear lashes, but these will be kept safe until then.


SKIN: Face Brush – Buy Here

I’m sure we’ve all seen those little electric face brushes a lot of influencers seem to be using. I’ve seen them on Instagram, Youtube, everywhere! Well, I read some reviews when I wanted to buy them and since they use battery, I don’t want a situation where something malfunctions and I waste money, so I’m starting off with this little brush. Hopefully it can make a difference, no matter how small. It’s a decent texture, not too harsh or too soft on the face.


I hope you’re as excited as I am for these purchases! I actually enjoyed writing this, and taking the photos of course! See ya next post!

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13 thoughts on “Shop & Tell: Aliexpress Haul”

  1. Amaka your pictures keep getting better!
    I used to be a really avid Aliexpress shopper but last time I ordered, none of my 5 items came through.? And I didn’t get a refund for one or two of them?… sigh
    I’ll definitely go back, I’m just still trying to brace myself.

  2. Heyy Amaka!!
    I remember my days of endless AliExpress shopping. I really need to go back, I got everything from bags to lipstick organizers to clothes to the electric brush (which still works efficiently even after over a year, and I got mine at about 5 dollars), and others
    Still loving your photos!
    To all those who don’t know, AliExpress is bae!! Get on it!

  3. Lol @ scrounging ways. Great post. Is this highlight very pigmented? Like of you touch and brush it on just once on a spot does it show up very bright? Great pictures, you should switch up the background. Try white or black maybe. Hugs! ?

  4. These are all nice. How long did it take to get your delivery? I made an order with aliexpress during their sales and I’m almost running out of patience.

    1. Girl it took quite a while, I’d say 3-4 weeks at most. The thing with Aliexpress is you need lots of patience, and sometimes lots of luck.
      Your package either comes late, or never comes at all! I also ordered during their sales, and I think because the festive season is nearing, things might take quite some time. Hang in there! Lol

    1. 10k gini? Are they mad! What on earth did you order? Clothes? Did you try and report the sellers to Aliexpress? That’s terrible, I’d honestly cry if I lost that amount of money!

  5. Girl! First of congrats on the new site! I love how you’ve maintained the aesthetic it all still feels the same to me that’s consistency!! I’m also looking to get back on the makeup train and trying not to think of all the money I’ll be spending. Looking good ain’t cheap Fam! I haven’t gotten round to shopping on AliExpress as Jumia and the local stores are working fine for me. My fave item from this haul is definitely the brush set. Finding good yet affordable brushes can be hard but these look good.

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