Shop Trendelo: My 20k Voucher Experience

On Saturday, I attended the much hyped massive trade fair hosted monthly by Shop Trendelo (@shoptrendelo). It is an event that holds every first Saturday of each month. That means 12 times a year, I have the opportunity to snatch myself some bargains, and I tell you, it was glorious.

 Did you know you can win 20k voucher from @shopTRENDELO each month? Want to know how and what comes with the voucher? Read this post to get the low down! You won't regret it! Click To Tweetshop trendelo experience, mind of amaka, shop trendelo, abuja events

The Trendelo 20k Voucher Competition

After seeing a photo of one of my classmates looking through a rack of clothes (the Instagram page posts photos taken of shoppers throughout the month until the next event holds) I knew I just had to stop playing and go. I tried my best to save up for it but then my money missed road in a way. Still, I knew I just had to go. One day a sponsored post showed up on my daily scroll and in the caption I learnt there was a competition going on, and a 20k voucher was up for grabs. The instructions were pretty simple:

++ Tag 5 friends and leave a comment

+ Repost the video

++ The most creative comment wins


Being the extra person that I am, I simply rolled up my sleeves and got to work, using my knowledge of pop-culture references (most especially Skinny Girl In Transit) while also sharing my plans to dominate my faculty as well as Abuja, to the detriment of my village people.

I then tagged 5 fellow Abuja dwellers. After that, I reposted the video with a yansh-opening caption too. What followed was a series of franticly checking on the comment section. I quickly realized I had a chance because it was like people had not read the caption well. Nobody seemed to be entering properly.


The D-Day

Saturday (March 3) rolled around and I dragged my wig-snatching sister along with me, positive that I would win. First of all, I haven’t even been to City Park at Wuse 2 before and I found the place gorgeous. Shoutout to Trendelo for making me end my hermit ways. I also appreciated the nice bunch of goats I saw hanging around – why on earth are goats at a park? I don’t know, I guess it’s for ambience.

It’s set up just above the car park in a large space under a large tent. I could already see racks on racks before even getting there. It was honestly exciting. I kept my outfit simple – white statement t-shirt (which I’d bought from one of the vendors days before at Lokogoma – N500!), jeans and sunglasses paired off with my Shop Sola (@shopsola_) tote bag.

Sure enough, the scavenging began. I saw so many racks I wanted to explode, so many beautiful items and pieces. Some I noted I’d come back to but later on they had been snatched up by fellow females with eyes for good things. You know of course your girl bought mostly law student-compliant clothing! There was a bit of colour though – wait for the haul post.


Have We Been Conned by Shop Trendelo?

Eventually 4pm came and my sister and I wondered why they hadn’t announced anything yet. This was because I previously DM’ed the account and asked what time they announce, and they said 2-3pm. My sister eventually said I should ask somebody and I did – going to a tall guy who looked like one of he organisers. He directed me to a lady in a purple t-shirt who was also pleasant and attended to my request almost immediately. A few minutes later they announced it, and my Instagram handle (@mindofamaka) was called out! I quietly went over and started my adventure again! They were laughing because it was as if I knew (did I? Lmao). They also commented on how based off my comment they were expecting someone more energetic – see, that’s the thing about having an online personality. 


The Winner Package

I thought I would get some vouchers, but the arrangement was that two nice ladies would follow me around while I picked up items and they would pay, until I had exhausted the 20k. I was photographed, and the photographer was also to follow me while I shopped to get photos of me ‘in my element’. It was so paparazzi like, I was shook. Surely enough we went all around the tent, visiting some shops I’d gone to before and new ones I didn’t stop at yet. It was a bit weird having cameras following me but it was worth it. The ladies were so nice and even offered styling advice.

I felt sorry for them because I really walk around when I shop. My sister at this point had her mood ruined because she bought jeans and a top she really liked but lost the bag somewhere.


Satisfaction At Last

By the end of the day, it was about 8pm and we all felt drained but I was so happy – come to think of it, I didn’t eat all day! TBH I’m not someone you should go with because I do long-suffering shopping. I couldn’t believe I actually won! It was so awesome, because it allowd me get some items to boost not just my wardrobe but my confidence. I really appreciate Shop Trendelo (@shoptrendelofor coming through.

My going there wans’t out of the ordinary considering I’m a trade fair hopper (I even saw people I’d patronized before) so getting 20k to buy items I’d been pining for was really awesome. I’m definitely going again next month, although I don’t think I’ll enter the competition again for a while. One awesome thing was people actually read my comment and laughed – putting my writing skills to good use eh?

Shop Trendelo Improvements, A Note to the Organisers

Even with the awesome experience, some things at Shop Trendelo can be improved, in my opinion:


I won because I actually followed all the instructions and put effort into my comment. However, there were about 76 comments on that post. How was it possible that people didn’t see the golden opportunity? I believe that it is because the post was a video.

I went through the page and saw that the previous posts announcing the 20k voucher were pictures. With a video, people just watched, skimmed the caption then bounced. Most comments said ‘wow’ or ‘will be coming’ which was clearly not creative. I suggest that a graphic be made with all the details – including the fact your photo will be taken. That should be what is a sponsored post – trust me, you’ll get entries alright. The whole getting your photo taken felt glamorous and some people were looking at me. If proper awareness was done, who wouldn’t want a VIP type package along with spending money?

Early Bird Gets the Bargains

The winner should be announced earlier so they can shop properly under good lighting (so as to see the items they’re collecting).I’ll tell you why in my haul post – yes, there’s a haul post coming! Winning the voucher comes with photos of you being taken as well as videos – announcing earlier will enable this to get done better.

Who Dis?!

They should be careful with verification. Anyone could have walked up and said they were me (they wish). I thought they would ask me to log in to my account or send a message with my account to verify, but then they used the fact that the profile picture I currently have has a long face, and matched it to me – lmao. I would’ve blown special powder on anybody that tried claiming they were me anyway.

More Swiping, Please

POS is definitely available at the event, but some people didn’t have. It would be awesome if vendors could ensure adequate provision of POS. It’s kind of annoying to hear ‘transfer’. As someone who doesn’t know how to transfer with my phone, I was offended (jokes).

Changing Rooms

It would be good to have places where one can change, apart from running to an uncrowded corner. Mobile changing rooms could be provided if possible, but I get that vendors are working with limited space. Until this is provided, I guess we’ll stick to wearing clothes we can easily remove or wear things over.

Shopping Bags & Branding

If vendors have Instagram businesses with logos, they should use branded packaging. I went home with a lot of basic, red nylon and blue nylon bags. It would be nice to know where my clothes are coming from, so I can follow them on the gram or something. Shop Trendelo shopping bags wouldn’t be bad either, as the yellow is a popping colour.

The Atmosphere at Shop Trendelo

That being said, I loved the vibe. The shopping music was awesome, and I loved the hustle and bustle inside the tent though it got quite hot at a point. I also loved things like some vendors calling out ‘my people you haven’t seen me o’ and ‘looking is free!’ which was hilarious. There was a lady selling bras who wore a bra on top of her clothes while calling out to people, it was also funny! What a way to sell your market. I saw so many gorgeous items that I wished I could have all of – oh well, there’s always next month! My wig also nearly came off more than a few times because of the trying on struggle – never again!

abuja events, abuja shopping, what to do in abuja

Going home in a cab, I felt so elated honestly. I haven’t held so many shopping bags in a while and it was good old retail therapy. I really appreciated the company of the other ladies too as they were so energetic and pleasant. The event reminded me that life is not about law books, and I really should explore Abuja more. The park was so awesome though I didn’t explore the whole of it. I definitely have my eyes on more events – Food Fair, Abuja500, anybody?


Naomi Campbell or Nah?

You know what else happened? I got scouted! A lady asked if Im into modeling and I said no and she said I’d make a good model. She then took my details and said she’d get back to me. imagine! Just because I decided not to be a hermit for once. If it develops into something, you’ll definitely know.

I’ll do a haul post showing you what I got!

Looking for events in Abuja? Are you a bargain chaser? The Shop Trendelo trade fair is definitely for you! It occurs every first Saturday of the month at City Park, Wuse 2. Follow their Instagram – @shoptrendelo – to stay updated for the next one including your chance to win!

Thanks for reading!

Are you a trade fair hopper? What’s the most you’ve ever spent in one go?

16 thoughts on “Shop Trendelo: My 20k Voucher Experience”

  1. Lol such a nice post! Was at city park on said date. Didn’t stay long though, just bought one thing and left. Can’t wait to see your haul post!!

    1. Omg you were! You must have gone early because I arrived at around 1. I can’t believe you bought just one thing – how did you dodge the temptation so easily? Teach me your ways! My eyes were busy popping at every rack lol

  2. Lmaoo now i want to go for the next one!! In my hay days ahhhh I spent a lot at all these fairs. But right now the lord has a blessed a sister with self control.

    1. The spending is real oh my sister lol. Thank God for your self control. Me I know my weakness is anything N500 or N1000 chai! Please go for the next one

  3. Amaka with the wits. I laughed so hard while reading this post. Can’t believe I read word fro word like I am reading a novel and I am even imagining how it all played out.

    The number of times shoptrendelo has followed and unfollowed me on IG ehn, I think it’s about time I attend one of their trade fair. I’d tell all my gfs so we can go see what we can buy for a good price.

    Please, bring the Amaka Campbell in you alive, girl!

    1. Hey Deb! Glad to hear you laughed lol it makes me feel good. You should go oo get yourselves somehthing nice too! Amaka Campbell it is! Lol

  4. Congrats on winning Amaka, I can imagine you got tones of stuff because trendelo is so affordable. I’ve only been there once but I quite liked it, perhaps I’ll stop by next time and ender the giveaway. Although, I rarely ever get lucky with giveaways. I agree with what you said about changing stall, it pretty straight forward. Looking forward to you haul.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Sarah! Lol I actually did in a way, but I didn’t do my strictly N500 and N1000 items like I’d planned, ended up splashing 10k on two items because ‘treat yourself’. Enter the giveaway oo! You just might get lucky, plus the criteria changes each month. I guess I was just lucky this time.

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