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Skinny Girl In Transit: Is Drama the Spice of Life?

I’d been hearing about Skinny Girl in Transit, a Nigerian web-series shown on NDANI TV’s Youtube channel every Friday, for quite some time. I made a mental note to check it out but didn’t really get around to that.

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However, I watched Sisi Yemmie’s video ‘Husband Does My Makeup’ and while scrolling through the comments, some people said she looked like Wosilat after Yomi was done with the ‘beat’. My understanding was Wosilat is a character from Skinny Girl in Transit, and I decided to start on the series. The first episode began with Tiwa’s mother telling her the holy spirit said she should lose weight (what an intro!), and that was how I was whisked into the crazy life of Tiwalade.

skinny girl in transit cover, nigerian tv shows, free online nigerian tv, skinny girl in transit, mind of amaka

I watched episode after episode, moving from season 1 to season 4 within the span of a few days. The power of school holidays and decent speed internet. I don’t regret it one bit, it was truly amazing. I liked every episode, even if some had unnecessary scenes.

Favourite SGIT Characters

My favorite character has to be none other than Mummy Tiwa (Ngozi Nwosu). This woman, full of drama and exaggeration, stole my heart from day 1. I think I’ve picked up her mannerisms, and have become even more extra. You cannot watch 4 seasons and not know a few Yoruba words. You just can’t.

ngozi nwosu, skinny girl in transit, mummy tiwa

She’s loud, she’s prayerful, and she loves her daughters very much. I love the actress that played this character because she did so well. Though Mummy Tiwa needs to lay off on the marital pressure as well as some archaic ways of thinking e.g. on adoption etc., she’s amazing. What a character! All the “ah!” and “wo she shouted throughout the 4 seasons was appreciated. She’ll call in her prophet when things go awry, and if you mess with her, she’ll insult you into your grave. Oshisco PLC (someone please tell me what that means).

Other close favorites are Shalewa, Aunty Dupe, and Didi. Though Shalewa (Sharon Ooja) was quite toxic in the first two seasons, she smartened up towards the end. It doesn’t also hurt that she’s an absolute stunner, and is now my 2018 style inspiration. Every outfit was a hit. I don’t think she can ever be ugly. Aunty Dupe is a supportive, fun aunt with her deep perspectives on life. Didi (Abisola is someone you need in your life, especially in toxic work environments. Wosilat – the housegirl and catalyst for me watching this show – was pretty awesome too! She and Mummy Tiwa are the perfect combo.

Is Drama the Spice of Life?

At some point while watching the series, I believe it was the third season, I started asking myself a few questions. Skinny Girl in Transit basically revolves around the search for love and a better living for Tiwa, propelled especially by the pressure from her mother. It is also evident that Tiwa is quite a man magnet, attracting all sorts of fine men (evidence: her exes, as well as the future men that come into her life). These men all cause a lot of drama to enter Tiwa’s life, tears are shed, secrets are kept, there are breakups, there is pain. 

skinny girl in transit, sgit season 4, abimbola craig

In one particular episode, Tiwa began to make me mad. She was acting so childish, especially for someone who is supposed to be 30. I know physical age doesn’t always mean you’re oh-so-mature, but she was really annoying. This was while the main love interest was still chasing her.

She was throwing other guys in his face, pretending she didn’t like him. She also pretended that he wasn’t into her and she wasn’t his type. It was like reading some greasy Wattpad teen fiction (yes, I had that phase). Not only that, she made some stupid decisions, so stupid she ended up not even being my favorite character. I get it, we all make mistakes, but hers were quite annoying sometimes.

Shalewa questions what is possibly in Tiwa that causes men to gush over her anyhow. Girl, me too! That girl was a man magnet o

I found myself lowkey wishing I could have something like that, different people pawning for me and whatnot – a man boutique, as they say. I then shook myself. Is drama really necessary? I had an experience with someone where I felt like I gave in too easily. I wished It were like the movies or novels, endless chasing for about a few months or years before I would finally give in. It made me feel like something was missing. Yet, the thing is that nothing was missing. I just was influenced by what I’d been taking in.

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Apart from the romance side of things, there was a lot of workplace drama and home drama. It made me ask, is drama really the spice of life? Is it even possible to live a drama free life? I think we all have a little thing for drama, except when we’re embroiled in it. Come on, celebrity news and scandals sell like hot cakes. Bad news spreads faster than good. Doesn’t that say something?

I hope you guys get what I’m trying to ask here. Then again, now I think of it, if all that drama hadn’t gone down in Tiwa’s life, would the show have been interesting? Unlikely. As one with a fear of anything ‘green’ or anything that falls into the category of ‘vegetable’ and ‘fruit’, I don’t think I’d be keen on watching 4 seasons of someone jogging on a bridge, trying fad diets and bad smoothies. 

Should you watch Skinny Girl in Transit?

While I hopped on the bandwagon pretty late (I also attribute this to the fact that I prefer when seasons have finished, because that way I don’t have to anxiously await another episode), Skinny Girl in Transit is a hyped show that is definitely worth the hype. I love the storyline, though I will lowkey side-eye Tiwa – this has changed after the season finale for season 4 though. The characters are amazing, brought to life by equally amazing actresses and actors – Abimbola Craig, Ngozi Nwosu, Sharon Ooja, Bisola Aiyeola, Ayoola Ayoola – etc.

I loved everything else, the job Tiwa had – a fast-rising OAP, the different relationships – work, family, love, friendships, every outfit Shalewa had on, the insults from Mummy Tiwa, the emotional scenes – one of the best being the confrontation between Mummy Tiwa and Aunty Dupe in the kitchen (S3E6 “Getaway”). A host of topics were covered – self-development, weight loss, body positivity etc, marriage pressure, having a shameful past, etc. Being a pink theme enthusiast (ahem, my feed @mindofamaka says all), I loved the artwork for the series.

If not for anything else, please watch it for Mummy Tiwa! That woman is amazing!

Have you watched Skinny Girl In Transit? If you have, what did you think? Do you think drama is necessary in life? Does drama spice life up?


22 thoughts on “Skinny Girl In Transit: Is Drama the Spice of Life?”

  1. I agree, Sharon Ooja is an absolute stunner.
    All her outfits have me drooling too.

    I haven’t watched SGIT because… *ahem* data (MTN that kuku likes to drain someone’s data) but with this, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get around to it.

    1. As in, I don’t understand how she does it! She looked so gorgeous even though the makeup got a bit shady at some points! It’s okay you haven’t watched it, I had people like you in mind and tried not to add any spoilers whatsoever. Get on it ohh!

  2. I too just jumped on the SGIT train really late I literally just finished watching all 4 seasons. Tiwa was getting on my nerves in season 4 , the thing was just too much. I love it tho , the drama, romance , comedy. Can’t wait for the next season.
    There’s always going to be drama in our lives , whether good or bad. So we better just accept it.
    Btw, I totally hated the wosilat makeup , she doesn’t need all that clown makeup. She was still funny without it.

    1. Thanks for answering the discussion topic girl! Wait o, are you sure there is going to be a next season? I’d like to see the wedding and all, but it’s like season 4 was the final but I don’t know o. You’re right about Wosilat, but there’s nothing we can do now hey.. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I jumped on SGIT a bit late but it was worth the hype. Dídì is definitely my all time fave and Shalewa major style inspiration. Tbh, I’ll love a drama free life but this world people totally thrive on drama. You should totally tag Ndani TV on your SM posts. Plus, let your readers know where they can watch this series.
    Oshisco PLC is more of a slang.
    Origin – Yoruba Language
    Derivation – Òsì
    English Translation – Rubbish, Nonsense!
    Same applies to rada rada.
    Thank me later ?

    1. Ah my ever able Yoruba translator. Thank you o! Cheers to late jumping, now I’m on to Gidi Up and Before 30, maybe a bit of Rumour Has It. Shalewa’s style was JUST TOO BOMB! Ugh! Thanks for the tips, I linked to the NDANI TV’s Youtube page in the first few sentences sha, but I’ll tag them on IG! Thanks girl!

  4. I love SGIT so much! Mummy Tiwa is my favourite as well, she’s hilarious and so extra. I love it! She wasn’t always the nicest person and had some pretty judgemental opinions though. Didi is hilarious, she’s the sidekick everyone so desperately needs. And Shalewa definitely grew, I agree she’s an absolute stunner. Tiwa’s attitude at times really irritated me especially in season 4, like she could be quite immature. All in all it’s a great show and I agree with all that you said! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I’m glad I have another mummy Tiwa lover! That woman was just too amazing! Agree with your points about Didi, Shalewa, and Tiwa’s attitude! Omg season 4 was the worst, sometimes I wanted to strangle her! Always nice to have you around Demilade!

  5.’s my first time on your domain site!!! Have I been gone this long? It’s Beaurifullllllll and delicate. I love it. Skinny girl in transit was my “reward” at the end of a crazy week?. I just used to sit and binge watch. Then I got hooked on Shalewa’s style tooooo… She got me wishing I had the money to be fly like that ?. Loved the story line and lessons in each episode. My favourite characters were the drama queen mama and Shalewa. And Mohammed??. The last three episodes though! #ChestPains . I’m hoping we get more amazing web series like this this year ??

    1. Welcome back Aunty J ooo! Lol so even you were on the SGIT fam! Awesome! Shalewa is too amazing, she is actually who I need to be dressing like. You guys aren’t even ready for this glow up! She inspires me to thrift better sef. I also loved the story. Why did you like Mohammed though? Because he’s a fine boy? lol! Yea those last 3 episodes were crazy but it all worked out in the end I guess! I’m currently watching Gidi Up and Before 30, you could check them out too!

  6. Hey Amaka. Have seen Skinny Girl in transit and I LOVE LOVE the series. You sure summed up the whole Storyline. Amazing writeup ?.

  7. How can you pick all the character and forget the most dramatic of them all, Mide’s sister? I can’t even remember her name in the movie but she’s the amazing Beverly Naya. Asisde mama Shalewa, she is my favourite and most dramatic of the series.

    She’s like the one that start a fire and still proceed to quench it. Love me some Bev!

    And yes drama is a necessity in life or we’d be boring and dry.

    1. Lol I think her name was..Derin (lol quick Google search). She was dramatic, but irrelevant to me since she only materialized in season 4 lol. I still hated her though! The actress is good, you have to admit. Lool or we’d be boring and dry abi? What if we never knew what drama was?

  8. OMG! SGIT is absolutely the best, get you a friend like DIDI. I loved her eh. Even though Hadissah was a b*tch but when even she was in the scene there was always some interesting clap backs. i love mama tiwa…omg she is da bomb not to talk of shalewa though she was shallow but i love her style.
    the movie is amazing and your blog is adorable

  9. I have been following SGIT since forever. The only Nigerian web series I don’t sleep on❤️ About drama, I love DRAMA. For me, it’s the spice of life, like what is life without drama??

  10. I v been stucked with SGIT since day 1,my fav is also mummy tiwa,she’s really a drama queen,,my fav scene is the last scene in d last episode of S4,she went way extra??,if u know u know? (i dnt want to be a spoiler too lol )n I also learnt so many yoruba slangs from her lol,slangs I still use til date…and Didi,I really need a friend like her in my life?…I thought I was d only one getting style inspirations frm Shalewa,u need to see d amount of screenshots of her outfits in d movie on my phone?…As for the drama,I think I enjoyed d movie more cos of d drama,tnx to mummy tiwa tho…

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