Starter Pack: Bloggers

Just a disclaimer, this post is just for the bants! Nobody should come for me, because I’m also making fun of myself! 

Oh, and also, I realise that “blogger” extends far beyond the niches I am into i.e. lifestyle, fashion, style, etc. Some people have blogs where they write news articles and all that. Well, this post applies to lifestyle, fashion blogs etc. Alright? Let’s go!

Alright, so I started my blog in April (just under 6 months old, hey!), just a few days after my 19th birthday. Between then and now, I have been through hundreds of blogs, and hundreds of blog posts. From my shameless perusing, there are some prominent trends I have noticed. And it is with that, I bring you the blogger starter pack. If you don’t have at least 3/5 of these, you’re not a blogger! (all jokes)

The Almighty Signature

Okay, nearly everybody has a signature at the end of their posts! Where and how did this start? Who originated this idea? Either way, a majority of people throw signatures! Why do we put signatures at the end of our posts? Anyway, it’s actually quite cute (when the signature is in a cute font, not scattered). It feels nice, you know? Like signing off a letter to your beloved readers.

Currently I Am/Life Lately/Life Updates/Monthly Reflection

As a blogger, are you even a blogger if you don’t do this? You better bring out your pen (or fingers, in this case) and get to reflecting and re-capping! Do it monthly, and of course at the end/start of the year! I like reading this segment though, because I’m naturally inquisitive and take genuine interest in the lives of people. 

CqFtDGgXYAA712iThe above image is visual representation of me, lurking on your monthly/yearly reflections. Carry on. 

I’d even say, I’m likely to be that passenger on public transport who will tell you to stop scrolling so fast through your messages so I can finish reading a particular line! I care that much! Lol, God forbid! Please, I’m not one of them! Anyway, do keep us updated on your life, we’re rooting for you! Well, I am, anyway.

Mystery/Sunshine Blogger Award

Awards, tags. This is actually the defining moment of blogging. If you haven’t been nominated, can you really say you’re a blogger? Of course, you don’t have to do the award post to be classified as a blogger. The main factor here is being nominated.

In fact, I am totally a certified blogger because I’ve been nominated..twice. That’s right. 


The Mystery Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

*Takes a bow* I’m on another level, people!


“Sorry For My Absence”

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 6.22.07 PM

*Clears Cobwebs*

Oh my goodness, this one annoys me the most, and I pray I don’t become one who frequently says this line. People! I for one don’t always feel entitled to explanations for why you’ve been absent. Life happens, things occur! It’s okay! Explanations should only come when it’s been like 1 – 6 months of absence. THAT would be cause for worry and interrogations. 

If you are going to disappear for a bit and you know of this, just give us a heads up instead.

However, when you keep saying ‘clears cobwebs’ or ‘sorry for my absence‘ after like 1-2 weeks absence, it just gets boring (okay, this might be a valid apology if you post 7 times a week or something, but still, stahp!). I, as a self-appointed advocate for the cobwebs, demand you stop clearing us! Sure, I miss my favourite bloggers when they go silent, but when I get notifications of a new post from them I excitedly go and read, not always needing explanation. The abuse of this line needs to staaaahp!

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.03.19 PM

Opening A Shop

And last but not the least, we set up shop. Of course, I’m not really complaining about this because I’m down for seeing my favourite bloggers glow & grow, making that coin!

It’s just funny how many people actually do this. It’s a great idea though, especially for style/fashion bloggers. It’s good to have a platform of people who trust you, then take advantage of that platform! 

As a matter of fact, I’m not huge but already established and co-owned ELCI (@elcithreads) before I started blogging. I also operate a mini-store called ‘Ginger.‘, maybe I’ll do a proper post introducing you to it and all. In the mean time, if you love a page with good graphics & a gorgeous Instagram theme, pretty good amateur product photography, a store which allows you to find cute stuff for your aesthetic (be it 90s, bohemian, grunge, chic etc.) at affordable prices, then follow! There’s discounts, and just a whole lot of cool stuff coming up! Show some love! 

Okay, now it just looks like I wrote this post to shamelessly advertise myself. I didn’t o! I just can’t help but talk about my little projects. 

-Sorry for my absence.- (1)

Blogging is awesome. I don’t regret it at all, and if you can’t tell, I extremely enjoyed writing this post! Once in a while posts should have a laid back feel, you know? I’m still figuring out my blogging style anyway. So, based on these starter pack items, I present my blogger report card/blogger CV:

  • A blog signature (100%): Has a clean looking simple signature which has evolved.
  • A monthly life recap (100%): Has a segment called ‘Mind on the Month’.
  • Opening a shop (100%): Operates an online store called Ginger (
  • An award nomination (100%): Nominated for Mystery & Sunshine Blogger Awards
  • Excessive apologies for absences (0%): Has not had any absences yet.

Did I miss anything? Do mention them in the comments! How many of these have you done? What does your blogger report card look like?

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.04.47 PM

35 thoughts on “Starter Pack: Bloggers”

  1. I laughed while reading this! So true. Especially the signature and reflection posts. But really I’m not a “blogger”, or an unserious one cos I have a signature I don’t like and don’t use, I don’t do the reflection posts either. But the absence posts? Yes pls lol. I’ve had the award posts twice.
    Interesting read.

    1. I’m so happy to read that you laughed! When I get comments like this, I re-read my whole post and smile, happy it pulled a positive reaction out of someone! Eh you have absence posts and award posts, let me give you a C in your report card lol that’s half at least.

      Didi commented that leaving your link in comments is another one, so there’s another one for you lol!

      You have a category called life on your blog, surely to keep that category alive some level of reflection is needed, even if it’s not an outright one lol e.g. reflecting on an event or setting goals! Even personal development requires reflection to an extent.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Lmao! Biko Where’s my cane? I need to flog this girl. You nailed everything though. I have done everything except for” apologies for absence”.

    Another thing you didn’t mention is “leaving your link” after commenting on another blog. We all do it or have done it at some before we ‘blow’, Lol.

    There should be some funny blogger award because i can’t help but laugh whenever i visit your blog. This is good dear.

    1. Haha and then you leave your link at the end of this your comment! It’s you I should bring cane for!

      Lmao I feel weird when I leave links, like my comment is meaningless and I just wanted to advertise myself. I just comment without the link lol whoever liked my comment and wants to know more, knows what to do! It’s true though, I have discovered many blogs from those who leave links, and even just clicking on their icon. It helps!

      I’m so happy you laughed from this post o, I just like being random like this especially with the use of memes lol! Don’t cane me na, didn’t you enjoy the post? mchewwww lol thanks for stopping by!

      1. Hahahaha there are lots of things we bloggers do that this post have made me given a thought to.

        Aside the link, we also like to drop a quote at the end or beginning of our post. Then there’s the ” I am currently listening to a song or watching a movie” before writing the body of the post (sometimes i wonder if some people were actually listening to any songs) but honestly i have discovered new songs through this.

        Can’t wait to read other comments, i really enjoyed this. Lemme comman be going, Lol.

    1. Haha, but you’re not a fashion, style or general lifestyle blog nau, you have a specific topic which is fresh graduates, the rules don’t apply as much!

      You’re the graduate equivalent of Naija Single Girl, and blogs like that are a whole different level lol!

  3. Loooool I smiled throughout whilst reading this. I’m guilty of everything apart from opening a shop. I used to have a signature but I don’t use it anymore. I’m also a huge fan of reading the Life Lately posts of other bloggers, there’ something fun about learning what’s going on in the lives of others. Maybe it’s just my inner amebo lol. This was a fun post Amaka! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Hurry and open shop o! Lol! Even if its air you’re selling, sell something! I love life lately posts and used to like ‘currently I am’ but then they got annoying.

      I want to know deep stuff, not every time knowing that you’re eating icecream or wishing for this or that lol. Some people make it interesting anyways.

      We’re all amebos to a degree at heart. Thank you for stopping by! I seriously am so happy you actually keep coming back to read my posts and comment, I appreciate the love soo much!

  4. hi amaka
    there’s nothing wrong with apologizing for an absence, honestly.
    if you’ve stopped blogging suddenly and been off for a while ; it only make sense to apologize to your readers.
    Then the mystery award thing and currently i am , lol… no comments .
    at the end, it’s all for laugh gags, so i’d just see it that way.
    nice post anyways .
    Kené |

    1. Lol I said there’s nothing wrong with it generally, but when you constantly do it within short periods of time, it just gets stale and boring!

      You even begin to look a tad unserious. You even said “been off for a while” lol like I said if its 1 month – 6 months that’s fine, but doing it after every week or 2 weeks, haba!

      Anyway the post is for jokes lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Your blogger report card is looking quite shining! I loved reading this???. The monthly recaps and current favourites are quite a thing it seems. I havnt done any of such posts and I don’t have a signature sign out, but I think it’s pretty cool, like yours. And as for the “sorry I disappeared” one ???…I think I’ve done that once when internet was an issue, but it does get abit blehhhh when bloggers do it often. Will drop a comment if I remember anymore ???

    1. Yes o, my report card is indeed shining! I think with this post, the less things you’ve done, the cooler you are lol! Thank God you are not on the permanently apologetic squad, I hope you keep it up!

  6. This was such a fun read! I don’t have a signature tho. I stopped doing the monthly recap post early this year for no specific reason though I enjoy reading that of others. I don’t have a shop and I don’t think I ever would, lol. I don’t do the ‘clears cobwebs’ thingy. That part actually killed me but those awards? Yes! Haha. And oh I embed my link in comments. Shamelessly and I’m okay with others doing it on my blog. I think that’s the real starter pack. Enjoyed this. xx

    1. I’m so happy you came by! Lol I feel so cliche honestly, who sent me to start doing these things? I guess as you grow in your blog journey these things begin to lose relevance and you just mature all round.

      You may not have a shop, but you might end up offering blog services one day, who knows?

      Lmao please don’t ever do the clears cobwebs, I will chase you with cane o! I think the awards are mandatory lmao. Okay, I accept that links in comments are a thing now!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Amaka! ??

    You thrilled me with this post.

    Okay I’ve done almost everything except opening a shop and that signature something (How do you do this please ?)

    Apologizing for my absence, I do it well ?? At a point, my bobo too had to ask me “Do you really need this?” ?? And trust me to always defend myself even when I’m wrong ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    So now I think it can really get annoying when it becomes always every time. And I get bored when I read it on other people’s blog too so I’m sure I need to stop mine!

    Leaving my link on comments, I don’t even do this before o ? But when is saw bloggers doing this when they leave comments on my blog, I just followed suit too…We learn everyday, good or bad.

    That Taking Stock or Currently post though, sometimes I read sometimes I just ignore depending on my mood ?

    1. For the signature, I just write ‘Amaka’ in TextEdit with a cursive type font and screenshot in a rectangular-ish shape, then put it at the end of posts. I then ‘centre’ it to make it look like some sort of signature lol!

      Please o stop clearing the cobwebs and apologising, I’m the President of the Anti-Cobweb Clearer Association (ACCA) and we will sue you soon! Lol! I sometimes leave my link, but on a whole feel it’s not too necessary, maybe this perspective will change.

      The long comments I leave on other blog posts are enough advertisement for me, I see in my stats people clicking my big head through the comments I leave lol! I’ve discovered lots of blogs through that link dropping, so I guess it really is effective!

      Taking stock/currently posts are okay when done well, but sometimes It really gets boring (‘currently I am’ posts, in particular) and just looks like lazy blogging to me, trying to fill in space lol. It really depends on the mood.

      I’m so happy you’ve joined long-comment gang and have blessed my post with this your long comment. Please keep it up! Haha

  8. Hahahahhahaha ? ? ?
    Ayam obviously not a blogger because I have done none of the above.
    Abeg where can I register to get my own starter pack?
    In fact lemme go design my own signature ??

  9. ???
    I’m clearly not a blogger.
    No signatures after posts
    No nominations
    No shop….yet
    No monthly reflections.

    I need to do better! ?
    Nice post

    1. Ehh aunty, but don’t you have a section called ‘the red shop?’ it’s not for decoration o, its evidence! Lol! Your starter pack report card is terrible, I’m calling the cops to shut your blog down!

  10. Amaka!!!
    I love reading your posts girl. This should be one of my favs.
    I’m definitely not a blogger. ?
    Signatures, Chai. I don’t even know if it can be called a signature, Nominations. None!!!. •Hides Face•
    At least I got a shop lol.
    Monthly Reflections, just once. Lol.
    Thanks for this b.

    1. It makes me happy to hear that you love reading my posts! I’m overjoyed even! Lol ah ah wait, at least you’ve done the reflections once and have a shop, that accounts for a high C grade in your blogger report card! Thanks for stopping by, lol!

  11. This was a good and very funny read. Many bloggers should relate to this.
    You reminding me of Nsg,daammnn I miss that babe!

    1. Haha don’t chain me o, I still have posts to publish! We do need to get more creative with regards to certain things. Creativity also involves putting a cool twist on something overdone!

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