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I recently wrote a post on my feelings of conflict amidst a rising insecurity about my law path. I consider this post to be a kind of continuation of that, because the truth is I have a lot of stuff I’m trying to figure out, like most people out there.

be kind to me, february. (9)

Style Blogger Struggles

Firstly I’d like to give a shoutout to style bloggers. It’s not easy! To be honest, blogging is not an easy task. It might be easy to do when you’re passionate about it, but it will always be something that takes time and planning, especially if you want to execute well. If you’re not into blogging seriously, then it’s fine to be careless I guess. Anyway, like I said, style bloggers are really trying. I say this because:

  • Stares: Getting stared at by strangers who might even laugh can be so uncomfortable sometimes, lol! Some style bloggers do their shoots out in public. I did this mini-shoot right next to my house and still got stares!
  • Batch Shooting: When taking outfit photos, especially if you want to do it in batches for efficiency, it’s not easy! Changing clothes, switching shoes and whatnot. Style bloggers are awesome.
  • Planning Outfits: I have a document where I plan outfits (I’m not really a style blogger though) because now and then, I’d like to bless you guys with my style escapades.
  • Photographer Woes: I had to coerce my 13 year old sister into taking these photos of me, and she’s making me pay her o! Imagine, what happened to family discount? Lol! Someone that was wearing most of the clothes/accessories I wore in these photos! Either way, she did well, and deserves the N200 I will bless her wallet with.

That’s just about some of the challenges faced by style bloggers. They’re quite cool and creative people, so we need to put some ‘respek’ on their names! Well, those that execute properly, anyway.


Style Escapades

Now, back to my style escapades. I started The Style Edit as a way to document my search for my style, as well as what looks good on me. You see, I am a skinny person. A woman in church the other day called me aside and told me I looked sickly. It didn’t hurt, but I was slightly confused. She pleaded with me to eat. I thanked her for her concern. Thing is, I don’t see anything wrong with myself in the mirror, but people keep picking up on these things! Am I blind or something? It’s true that I don’t eat though… long story.

Anyway, I am skinny. A lot of things just hang loosely on me and are simply unflattering. So, I’m trying to figure out what works, in addition to editing my self professed ‘aunty’ style. Having a certain style can be a conflict sometimes, and lately I’ve been thinking hard.

So, on the Monday following Independence Day, I felt inspired to take a few photos while playing around with makeup. I certainly had fun, to the detriment of my pending assignments. I took my time, cleaning my face, contouring, blending and whatnot. I’m slowly getting the hang of this, but then I still shied away from eye makeup. If you’ve read My ‘Beauty’ Fails, you’ll know what I mean.


Casually Corporate?

Thing is, I feel split into two halves. One side of me wants to become the queen of corporate, embracing my inner Michelle Obama or Jacqueline Kennedy, while fiercely walking down my school halls in high heels.


I even once had a Pinterest board called ‘First Lady’ which is a look I wanted to own. It was filled with photos of drool-worthy corporate wear, and I imagined myself in the designs, feeling a fierceness bubble within.


I love this long sleeve piece of mine. When I saw the fabric at the market, I knew I just had to have it. I gave it to my tailor along with a long sleeve I had thrifted, and asked her to recreate it. She delivered! It’s one of my favourites! Frankly, I love black and white, and being a law student just gives me an excuse to wear it every day.

The Tumblr Influence

On the other hand, the other side of me stems from many years spent on the cool side of Tumblr and Pinterest. I’ve seen all sorts of styles which I’ve really wanted to try out. My fear is that, as I become older, I won’t be able to try these styles any more. I love sneakers and being comfortable! I love ‘cool’ trends like denim, Cobain glasses and skinny jeans. I love the thought of wearing all these nice things while generally being my youthful and creative self.

22290785_1499746170119730_1666526965_o (1).jpg

I love the items I’m wearing in this photo, they each have a story. The denim jacket was a gift from my wonderful friend, Happiness. She bought it from me at an awesome store in Perth called Cheep. I loved Cheep, their things were so affordable even if it was mostly cropped stuff. They were definitely a Tumblr type of store, I can’t place a name on their aesthetic! The jacket is the right shade, the right feel. Watch out for a future post where I attempt to pimp it up.


The Cobain Glasses were bought from Aliexpress. I loved seeing them on people, and I am actually heavily influenced by photos. It’s crazy. Photos are kind of like drugs to me. So, it was no surprise that when I got the chance, I bought them sharply (shoutout to Zenith Bank for making this possible).

Stores sell them for N2500 or so (and frankly I, a declared and confirmed broke ass, don’t have the energy to throw away N2500 like that on accessories), it just didn’t sit well with me), but I got them for around N700 – N750. I bought two, bringing the total to about N1500.

Awesome, right? And shipping was FREE!

If you want me to give a low down on my Aliexpress adventures, indicate so in the comments! Honestly, there’s a lot of things you can get on Aliexpress for a lower price, you just need eagle eyes + patience. I should totally be an Aliexpress personal shopper.


And lastly, my black denim jeans. These are the only black denim I have, something I desperately want to change. I bought them at a discount for N2000 from Mr Price. That time, the store was closing down for a revamp and so they were selling a lot of things at lowered prices. I took the chance.

Problem now is, a law student wearing jeans ripped at the knees is not sexy, so I’ve put them up for sale on Jiji. Please take them off me! Here’s the link to my mini-shop here

mr price, mr price clothes, tumblr clothing, tumblr outfit, cobain glasses, denim jacket, vintage jacket

Achieving Balance

So, while I can picture myself looking out from the window of a skyscraper at the hustle and bustle of the city below, I can also picture myself in my Tumblrific/Pinteresting outfits, doing the things young people do (how would I know what they do? I’m a hermit).

The thing is that, well, as a law student, I wear mostly corporate. This even extends to Sundays because, like I’ve said before, I just throw on whatever is available and bounce. I am more likely to be wearing the first outfit when you see me, than the second one. The second one is my inner style, the one I’m so afraid to express because of my inhibitions, as I mentioned in the last Style Edit post. However, I like the way the casual outfit came out, and just hope for the boldness to keep pushing myself.

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Corporate Outfit

Glasses: Haute Signatures | Suit Jacket: Thrifted | Top: Tailor Made | Skirt: Kmart Australia

Casual Outfit

Chokers: Ginger NG| Cobain Glasses: Aliexpress N700 | Denim Jacket: Cheep | Grey Singlet: Kmart Australia | Skinny Jeans: Mr Price |

My sister even said my second outfit was what the stylish norm was, but then when it came to actually going out to events I just throw on my drab and go on! I need to seriously repent. On the other hand, she took really nice photos of me. Appreciate them! I love how I turn photogenic with the right angle and right makeup application.

And wow people, I actually think I did heaps better in this post than my first attempt, where I tried to show off my Haute Signature glasses. Check it out here and celebrate my progress!

Until the next entry! If this is your first time reading one of my Style Edit entries, check out the other ones below:

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Did you like the post? Which look did you prefer?

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21 thoughts on “Style Edit: Casually Corporate

  1. You’re kid sis ???. Where did they ship little sisters from though. My own here I have to beg untilllllllllllllllll… And bribe her with food before she can take me photos. But I know they’re usually good photos so I just humble myself and beg. I’m at a phase where I’m moving into the corporate world. But all my life I’ve had a very retro/vintage/hippy style. So I’m in some sort of style transition. But I want to fuse the two, so I don’t loose my style identity. I love both your looks! But the hippy in me is swaying to that denim Jacket ???

  2. Amaka, i loved this post! My favourite outfit would have to be the casual outfit and your sister is right, the large denim and ripped jeans are all the rave! She’s a good photographer you should harness her talent!

    1. Good photographer eh? You should be joining me to beat her for charging me! Lol! Let us just find that camera that has gone missing somewhere in this house

  3. Do i like the post? Like hell yeah, i love it! Err, amaka is this your serving us some corporate and street style? My prayers have been answered “chukwu dalu” Lol.

    My fave is the corporate look. You totally nailed it! I give you an A. I’d like to see more corporate styles from you, it’s refreshing!

    1. Haha see her mouth like chukwu dalu! See the hype I’m getting ooo lol, I’ll definitely get more corporate clothes. I actually like corporate too. It’s FOMO that makes me wish I wore the ‘casual’ look more

  4. oh yea…you look nice in both outfits. love your post.I also buy stuff from Aliexpress…cheap and nice! Aliexpress for the win!

  5. AliExpress is a goldmine biko! I prefer the casual look because it’s laid back and chill.
    I give the fashion bloggers major respect, it’s not easy, the stares really annoy me though
    Continue to do you love!

  6. Loved reading this.
    As a too skinny person I can totally relate to the struggle for finding the perfect fit , I have also been told that I look sick although I eat a lot.
    I have accepted my body as it is and I learned to know what kind of outfits flatter me most.
    For instance I would rather wear flared dresses than a skinny jeans.
    The most important thing is to be comfortable and content with your body stature.

    1. LOOOOL! I ask myself the same question too. It’s something natural to me, I’d say. I guess I write as If I was gisting with a very good friend. I don’t know, I start with a title and next thing I know I’ve vomited like 1000+ words. I like detail, and I am a story teller oo, God made me like this lol

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