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May 21, 2018

The Power of Good Hair

Did you know good hair could boost self esteem? In the world we live in, it seems like every single individual is insecure about some thing or the other – be it their seemingly small achievements in comparison to their peers, or worse, their appearance. My Self Esteem Journey I’ve personally been through quite a […]

January 1, 2018

What I Want Out of 2018: Blog & Life Goals

Ah yes, the start of the year, where most of us start acting brand new. This period (end of the year/start of a new year) always brings about reflections as well as goal setting. Most times, we promise ourselves so many things, only to end up feeling un-accomplished by the end of the year. I […]

August 22, 2017

The Day I Asked for Death

Depression is a big thing, It affects so many people around the world. It’s like a dark figure with a chokehold on you, invading your mind and body. It makes you feel worthless, it drains you. It makes you reluctant, it makes you doubt. I hope to bring more awareness to mental issues throughout my […]

July 7, 2017

The Mystery Blogger Award

I’ve always seen this mystery blogger post on so many blogs, I didn’t know I would actually get nominated! It was a bright and sunny day (no actually it wasn’t, we’re in the rainy season people) when I opened Uzzy Mami‘s latest post which piqued my interest. I read through it, smiled, and then saw […]

July 5, 2017

My Makeup Story: The Queen of Grey

I never used to wear makeup. Frankly, the reasons were not unreasonable. I was still young, and though I didn’t exactly like my face, I still found no appeal in makeup. I was a teen filled with angst, worried about everything else in the world –looks included – without actually caring about makeup. Girls I […]

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