The Art of Remembering

remember |rɪˈmɛmbə|


1 [ with obj. ] have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past)

– Oxford Dictionary of English –

Song: Do You Remember – Jarryd James

Picture this: add about 4 – 10 years to your current age. Where do you see yourself? What do you think you’ll be doing then? Who do you think will be in your life? What do you think you’ll have accomplished?

Well, If you don’t want to think about those things, that’s completely fine. I feel the same way, because I have so many questions I need answers to. This post is not about to give you a comprehensive list of all the answers to the questions of life. It is simply here to remind you to practice the art of recording.

What do I mean by recording? Well, it’s simple.

I believe that we should all practice the art of recording. When I mean recording, I mean taking down journal entries, taking video clips, taking several photos at every phase of life. I would be so happy If I could one day, in old age, look back at the moments of my life through all the things I have recorded. When I look at my photo album for example, I can attach stories to each and every photo (Even selfies, of course I was feeling myself that day). I’ll tell you the benefits of each, in my perspective:


Photography has been around for a very long time. In recent times, It has developed so quickly and there are so many ways through which photos can be taken. Photography is not just by a big old, heavy camera. Photos can be taken with your trusty phone, however the quality varies depending on the mega pixels of the Camera.

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I love my iPhone 5 because of two things – the ability to listen to music, and the good camera quality! Though I have beef with some non-iPhone users regarding the superior camera argument, I still appreciate my phone. My phone has been with me for about 2 years now, and the camera has captured many moments. From my high school ball, to the day I came back to Nigeria and much more.

I re-call when I was younger and still living in Nigeria, looking at the albums at peoples’ houses was always an interesting activity.

When we went to Umuahia in 2015,  my grandparents from my mothers side had a whole ghana-must-go (a large bag) filled with photo albums. I saw all photos of my mother and her 5 siblings from childhood to youth and adulthood. I saw all their moments, from secondary school, university matriculations and NYSC camp photos.

I saw funny photos, like when my uncle was obviously feeling like a model in some shots, and when my aunties went to the studio to pose. I’m sure they must have felt so cool in those moments, wearing their jeans and tops with sunglasses and hats. I saw photos of my grandparents in their youth, and their own parents. It was such an amazing experience. I felt like I was viewing history. I even saw photos of myself as a newborn, my first birthday, being a little bride at weddings etc.

Photography is amazing, as I feel when I take some photos I am contributing to history. Imagine when things like wars and other events were happening in the world. Imagine how life would be without being able to see photos but only hearing of what happened? There’s just something so powerful about photography. I only wish that cameras were available way before then, like when Jesus was around. That would honestly be so amazing.

Take photos! Take photos so you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come. Take photos so you can try and capture the moment, to freeze that very moment.

It’s also good to write details on the back of the photo because you may not remember all that transpired on the day of that shot.

One thing I liked was seeing some writing on the back of the photos at my Grandparent’s house. Even If I wasn’t there, I had an idea what was going on in the photo.

Journal Entries/Diary

I will always advocate for journals! Truthfully, I’m terrible at keeping them. I either start all focused and then continue forgetting. Next thing I know, I look in the Journal and the last time I put an entry in was January while It’s now December. I hate this so much! I feel like I’ve robbed myself but It’s such a bad habit. I am grateful for the times I did remember and was consistent in updating my journal though.

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You do not have to update it every day, but a weekly or even fortnightly update would be good. When I finally remember I haven’t been consistent, I usually just write a detailed and jam-packed entry. I feel journal entries are important due to the ability to look into your life at one moment. While photos freeze the moment, journal entries can really show your emotions and inner voice.

I’m obsessed with reading books titled ‘diary of…’ and posts about snippets from the lives of people. Frankly, nobody has a boring life. Everyone should record what they can and save it somewhere it won’t be destroyed! I sometimes stumble upon old documents and discarded books where I have written something quick or drawn something, and it transports me back to that moment. I love when I can look back on these moments.

Blogging is a great way to keep track of your life, in a way. Posts like ‘currently I am’ or posts where you pour out your heart are really good! It’s not only therapeutic, but one day you will look back and see that you have gone far.

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Video Clips

Last but not the least, one should take video clips. I’ve watched video clips of weddings especially, and It’s so amazing. Before, I’m sure not everyone had access to a video camera like today.

Today, we have things like Youtube which have so many videos! Videos are so important, and they can even transcend the beauty of photography in some cases. Weddings for example may not be fully captured in photos. Videos are essential. I don’t have too many videos, most of them are from Snapchat but still remind me of good times.

post-66483-snoop-dogg-champagne-gif-imgur-KaLT copy

Imagine 10 years into the future, you look at a video of you in this moment. Wouldn’t that be awesome in some way?

While a photo can freeze you in time, most times we do a lot of extra stuff before taking photos. Maybe we wear makeup, try a myriad of poses, look for the perfect angle. Sometimes our photos can be too artificial because we think of them too much. Videos can be random and just capture us in that moment, living and existing.

I love old school videos, like those grainy ones with time stamps taken in homes. Cameras are way more advanced now though, so clear videos are cool too!

Either way, we all should try and record pieces of our lives. Imagine not just you, but your future family members being able to see you. Of course, we’re more inclined to capture the good than the bad, but I feel It’s good to just have records of both. Sure, memories are primarily held in our minds, however physical forms of memories are not too bad!

It could really help you one day in the future. Some of us would look back on old entries and pieces of our history and feel grateful for how far we have come. We won’t always remain where we are, so why not make the most of the moment and record it?

P.S. Peep the look I was shooting someone in the feature photo, lol

I’m done rambling now, but just consider it!



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