The Comment Section: Penny For Your Thoughts?

The comment section is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial parts of any informative post. While certain types of niches can get a pass e.g. a blog giving legal information and whatnot, some niches definitely need a thriving comment section.

Let’s set the scene: you stumble upon a new website/blog or one you’ve been to many times before. Perhaps you were searching for an answer to something and this is the place that attracted you the most. You finish reading, getting the much-needed information. What do you do next? Some close the tab, while some of us head to the comment section. 

I’ve been an avid comment reader for more than 5 years. It all started with the likes of Facebook. I find that I’m a professional lurker, commenting rarely, but quietly noting happenings. Facebook started this obsession with the comment section, because you can’t simply just look at a photo or video and keep it going. Well, I can’t anyway.

This is especially the case where it’s something really funny, deep or beautiful. I always like seeing what people think, though I barely ever leave comments. I always go to the comment section – be it on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or a top blog like Bella Naija

The comment section can either be the best thing ever or the worst. It can also be both. I like comment sections for the variety of opinions people share. Perhaps the topic at hand is a controversial one, we see all sorts pouring out from all corners. In the comment section, fights get started, and people drop some amazing replies. I guess this is also why I just love places like The Shade Room, Lipstick Alley, Quora and the occasional Reddit topic.

Given this background in the world of the comment section, nothing feels weirder than seeing blog posts with lack of comments. I don’t know why. I mean, comments don’t necessarily mean the post is terrible or the writer is talking trash…I’ve seen some excellent posts with not a comment in sight. Not even one from those strange spammers asking you to visit some website.

spray bottle, pink aesthetic, pink theme, mindofamaka
I wish I could take a spray bottle and spritz some comment love over some posts…but that’s not possible (Pinterest)

In my head though, when a comment section is empty, I feel like nothing is really happening on the blog. I mean, I don’t have direct access to stats of every blog – except where someone has a live counter of page views, but even then that is not too specific – so comments are a way I mentally assess if a blog is “popping”.

Personally, I love comments. Becoming a blogger had me having to break out of my comfort zone. At first, I wanted to just remain lowkey, having the mindset that whoever will read my blog will find me. However, I one day decided to start commenting more on blogs. I was seeing some pretty interesting posts and felt led to comment. And so, I began my long commenting spree. Looking back, this was pretty awesome. Not only did I break out of my shell, but I also brought some interested people my way. I don’t know about you, but I discover new blogs each day through comment sections of blog posts. I always look at the comment section!

What I’m trying to say is, we should encourage a commenting culture especially in the blog world. And by commenting, I don’t just mean saying ‘nice’ and keeping it moving. I want to see what you truly felt about the blog post! I want to read one of your personal experiences relating to the topic of the blog post. One thing I like doing in my comments is really being in-depth, sometimes this means my comment may be longer than the post, lol , but I tried to limit that.

I don’t know what is worse – no comments at all, or a comment section filled with ‘nice’. Honestly, the best comment sections are those with a host of personalities, all sharing their various life experiences. This is why I especially love the comment sections of Humans of New York, as well as Quora. Humans of New York has one of the best comment sections on Facebook, as new topics are covered by each subject. Check it out!

The only downside is some people take the opportunity to become trolls, spewing hate, stupidity and negativity, leading to fights in the comment sections. However, that doesn’t mean comment sections should be a complete write-off. Come on, what would my life be like without things like tv show recap websites and their comment sections? 


At the end of the day, I’m saying comment! As a blogger, especially a newbie, comment on other blog posts! Leave genuine comments along with your link. Sometimes even, your comment can be so good you don’t even need to leave your link. The reader would be so fascinated by your thoughts, they’d click your profile, wanting to know more.

Go forth and comment! No, I don’t mean join those groups where you have to slave to get comments – ‘comment for comment’ etc – that stuff is stressful. If it’s your thing then I guess you can go for it too.

Do you like reading the comment section? Am I the only one who feels a bit empty when a nice post has an empty comment section?


16 thoughts on “The Comment Section: Penny For Your Thoughts?”

  1. I totally agree with this post, I am a big fan of reading comments on blogs, Instagram posts and I am happy that the same love has come to me in a somewhat meaningful number.
    Most times, I am moved to comment on a post when I see other comments, it makes me feel like I’m not alone (well, except in your case I always end up writing mini blog posts in a form of comment).

    What’s worse to me is those generic “nice” comments, those show that maybe you didn’t pick something up from my post, or just maybe that’s all you have to say- still battling with that sha.
    Okay, I’m leaving your space. I love your post and keep em coming!

    Ash |

    1. Continue with the mini blog posts, I don’t mind haha! Exactly, that ‘nice’ is just somehow. What is nice? The post? The photos? The style of writing, we need more details o! Thank you for coming to my space in the first place Ash!

  2. I love reading comment sections too, although I hardly ever comment. I’m just used to tapping the like button and moving on but from now, I’ll go forth and comment *lol*

  3. I read comments. I spend a significant amount of time reading comments. It’s espcially fun when it’s interactice. However, I don’t judge blogs and posts by comments. I try to leave a comment on posts I read but that’s not always the case. I asked this on twitter as well because I didn’t want people to think I lead comments on their blog just to lead my link which I never really leave a link (maybe I should). But anyways, I think a blog can flourish and not have comments. ?

    1. I don’t judge either, but sometimes you really want to see what other people are saying about it so you can be like ‘yasssss’ or ‘nah’ Lol. A blog can indeed flourish and not have comments, but when you’re a comment reader like me, it looks so dry

  4. I’m not much of a comment lurker, I think I only get attracted when I see the post has a lot of comments. Except on shaderoom ofcourse.
    Although as a blogger I must admit that really creative and nice comments make my heart flutter all the time. Sometimes when I’m feeling down and under I go back and read my comments.LoL.
    But yea, I honestly prefer no comments at all to a comment session filled with “nice”
    You are officially the new flatlay queen by the way…xxxx

    Ifunanya ||

    1. Lol the shade room is a mess! You’re right about reading comments to boost your morale and get you inspired once again. I didn’t take the flatlays in this post o lol, but I’m getting there!

  5. Commenting on posts is very synonymous to connecting with the writer. Some platforms don’t make it easy to comment either, is like saying “just read and go”. I actually find it easier to read and like and go but if the comments section isn’t getting any love, I sprinkle some of it with my thoughts, hopefully it can spur the next react to do same. If it’s going down already in the comments section I can like some of the comments and the post.

    Many times I am soo busy that if I have to comment on all the blogs I read then I would have to dedicate some time for that but then again how many posts can I read and genuinely comment on in a space of an hour?

    I used to comment on four blogs a day, for 2 days in a week but I couldn’t keep up with the amount of blogs you keep discovering by the day. It was like showing up once in a blue moon. It could take a month or more to get around to dropping another comment on the first blog and by then they have 8 to 10 more posts !

    While it may be tasking for bloggers who have other things keeping them busy, I think reading and liking is still great but when you can, comment not for the sake of having them to return the favour but just because you can. That’s how I see it.

    If it were possible, the non bloggers community need to be encouraged too to share their geniune thoughts too. I feel like they are less compelled when it’s fellow bloggers only commenting, plus the commenting platforms requiring them to fulfil certain requirements to comment

    okay lemme come and be going! I’m talking plenty already ??

    But thank you for talking about this though, well articulated.

    1. Ah, I love long comments o lol!I hate being the first to comment because it feels so lonely like you’re talking to yourself in the wilderness lol. It’s true, commenting is something that should be deliberate and thoughtful. I try to be as genuine as possible. It’s so true! Commenting platforms should be easy to navigate for both registered and non-registered users. Not everyone has time to be filling forms up and down. I also appreciate seeing non-blogger comments because it means outside your blogger bubble other humans are finding your space! Thanks for dropping this appreciated, long comment lol!

  6. OMG I hate getting comments that say ‘nice’, it just seems so bleh. I agree with you totally, I’m all for commenting. I love commenting on other people’s blogs and also reading comments on blogs, websites and social media. As you said, what I hate is the toxic stuff some people spew in said comment sections, it makes me so mad lol. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I can definitely see you like commenting, I love reading your comments! You’re right, toxic comment sections are just so messy and sad, and when it’s back and forth with arguments and fighting, I just exit the place lol. I guess that’s what we get when humans from different backgrounds are put in one place!

  7. This post mirrors most of my thoughts about comments on blogs. I love reading and writing comments. Although doing that on some blogs (especially those that require me signing in) can be tasking.

    Oh and I got here from your comment on a blog ?.

  8. I love leaving comments on blogs. There was a time I was off the blogosphere and I realized that what I missed most was reading other people’s posts and leaving comments on them. It feels weird to spend time reading a post and not dropping a feedback for the writer. I however hardly have the patience to read comments of other people except if it’s a topic I really need more opinions on.
    I don’t think zero comments means a post isn’t all that, sometimes life happens. I’ve had people who read my posts message me privately to comment and though I always go “You could have left it on the blog nah” in my head, I appreciate it nonetheless. I also stan for bloggers who reply their comments . Makes me want to leave more. Enjoyed reading this. xx

    1. Happy to hear you liked the blog post. You’re right, sometimes life does happen and I also feel you on the whole ‘you could have left it on the blog’ thing lol! What can we do? You definitely should check out comments more, I’ve seen so many things and read so many stories just from comment sections.. It’s quite amazing

  9. Hanty Amaka! Chai…Let your committed reader not abandon you again like this. I legit made a mental note to come catch up on your blog posts during lunch time and it so happens that this post is speaking on my conscience. When I started blogging, I did not really mind whether people commented or not, because I was still trying to pick up my confidence. But with time I realised that interaction is very important, not just on my blog, but also continuing with conversations outside of the blog, on other social media accounts. And also realised that people love when you are a genuine commenter. I am not a fan of those “great post”, “Nice one”, kind of comments. Like give me the beef…Let’s actually have a conversation. Sometimes these type of comments come across as fake and you wonder if the person really read the post or if they’re just writing it to get noticed. So I decided to be more intentional about really letting people know how I felt about what they wrote… good/bad, because that’s what I expect of them too. Do unto others right? I think sometimes as bloggers, we tend to focus so much on our own posts, and forget to direct some comments at other blogs. I realised that this was me at the beginning of the year, So no that I’ve finally settled into my new job and stuff, I’ve literally decided to pause on all my posts, until I visit every single blog I follow, Read 1 or 2 posts, and leave my honest comment. And honestly it has been so much fun not having to write a post, but just sit and check out what others are up to. So to end my essay …..hahaha. It’s good to be back!

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