The Glow Up: How Your Blogger Faves Started

In honour of the ever overused hashtag #throwbackthursday, I want to share something which might motivate one or two people out there.

I’ve been officially a blogger for just nearly 6 months now. In that time, I’ve read a lot of articles about blogging, a lot of ‘how to’ and ‘starter packs’ for blogging. Heck, I even wrote my own starter pack!

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I’ve also read a lot of reflections from other bloggers, about their challenges when they started blogging, and even challenges faced while travelling the blogging path. One challenge, which seems to keep coming up, is the issue of comparison.




As the famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt says, comparison is the thief of joy. It’s a very true statement, no matter where it is being applied. It’s so easy to look at what we see in the lives of others and have seeds of envy deposited into our minds.

It’s especially worse when we see these lives through the ever filtered, controlled lens of perfectly curated feeds and a barrage of exciting news. Perhaps it’s the amount of followers, beautiful photos or constant packages being received by a popular blogger.

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You’re a new blogger, trying to figure out yourself. You’ve spent hours reading all the articles on starting out, hopping from blog to blog looking for inspiration and wondering how you’ll get it together.

I’m not going to just say ‘don’t compare yourself to others’. We all know we’re not meant to do this, and it’s not healthy. What I am going to say though, is trust the process, work on your craft.

I would say my favorite Nigerian blogger is Ifeoma Amadi. Ever since I discovered her blog, I haven’t looked back. I’m low-high-key obsessed and I just don’t know why. I read post to post, wondering how someone could just be so cool, and so in tune with blogging.

Eventually the comparison bug bit me, and I found myself wondering how she became so popular. There’s nothing really on her ‘About’ page that says when exactly she started, so I felt she was one of those people that opened a blog like 6 months ago and already was becoming a hit. (Examples of those who are quickly are Nonye of This Thing Called Fashionn Pearl of The Pearly Life. These girls are on fire! They both started in June & December 2016 respectively.)

You can imagine my surprise when one day, while perusing through Who What Fab, her old blog, I found the very first post. Baby girl has been blogging for more than two years! It was refreshing to see that she started somewhere, she didn’t just become amazing overnight (she’s always been cool though). 

Truly, some blogs just gain popularity so quickly and It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap, but we must all try and take a breath once in a while. We should also try and remember that consistency is key, and one day our time will come.

Anyway, to help you with that, I have compiled a list of bloggers who you might know, who are doing well for themselves now. Included is a screenshot and a link to their very first post. Some delete their first posts, but I honestly think it’s awesome to leave it there! Like a little archive! 

I hope they won’t come hunting me down, because I loved finding these posts!


According to her blog, Fisayo made her first blog post on January 3, 2012. Today she’s quite popular, even owning her awesome line, Kai Collective. I loved this her first post so much, it had me honestly smiling! Check it out here, or simply look at the below photo

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.09.23 PM.png

It is honestly too cute how she said “I would love to say “Happy New Year to all my lovely followers” but that would be a joke as I don’t have any! Haha!” 

Ever since that post, she has gone on to have 149 pages of posts. That is A LOT of content. Little beginnings, people! Look at your girl 5 years on, still glowing, but even more!


IFEOMA AMADI (Formerly Who What Fab, Now Draped in Basics)

Going by Who What Fab, her very first post on Who What Fab is dated July 23, 2014. It was a style post about oversized denim jackets. Check it out (here)


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.22.04 PM

It is honestly so cute to see, and it is clear that Ifeoma has grown very, very much! This growth applies to her content, and especially her photography. I love her, very much. Anyway, the fact is, she has grown and bloomed. I love watching her grow!

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

SADE (In My Sunday Best)

She’s quite well known, and her first post was in 2012. It was about nail polish. Check it out here! Her little sidebar description says she started in 2011, so I’m guessing she deleted some. Oh well, check out the very first according to the blog.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.31.20 PM.png

And look at her now, 26 and popping!

asos off the shoulder

SISI YEMMIE (Sisi Yemmie)

This was quite a funny find because her first post (here) was about spoilt children. Do check it out! The first post was made in 2010, and I’m ever so glad that Blogspot has a way for one to put archives for their posts. It makes life so easy! Oh yeah, her blog used to be called Gist Dot Com.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.38.19 PM

Now she’s married and has become a mother. She’s even moved to Youtube. I love when blogs can show growth and are like an online diary following one through life and all its events. Go Sisi!

Yemisi odusanya sisiyemmie

BERRY DAKARA (Berry Dakara)

Berry started her new and current blog with her first post being on January 1, 2013. Previously she had a blog which she gave deets on dealing with NYSC. The first post is cute, and I can honestly see she was onto something from the start. She’s quite awesome. Check out the first post here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.47.18 PM

BOA (33 of 100)

ERICA (Fashion Lush)

Last but not least, another blogger who I really like is Erica from Fashion Lush. Her blog has about 265 pages of content, and for this post I went searching for her very first post. Thankfully, I found it! It was a post featuring another person, but is still cute anyways. Her first post was on either February 1 2010 or January 2 2010. Either way, she started somewhere! Check out her first post here

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.04.08 PM.png

Looking good, Erica!


Anyways, that’s just a handful of bloggers. There’s way more out there, just find them! Think of your favourite blogger and go on their blog, see if you can find their first post. It’ll help remind you that this blogging thing is definitely a journey like every other thing in life. We all start somewhere, and we get better with time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re going to be alright.

Then again, just because some of your faves started out not-so-perfectly, doesn’t mean you should be happy with mediocrity. It’s also good to aspire to be better, when you know you can do better. Learn from the mistakes of your faves and keep it moving!

I think it’s great that in 2017, we have so many blogging resources which give key info – books, other blogger posts, blogger groups, Webinars, etc. One thing to note is that these resources mostly come from people that started blogging as far back as 2009, so they have heaps of experience. Just keep honing your craft and working on your unique corner of the internet.

Motto: More work, less comparisons!

Sure, your blog might look okay to others, but perhaps you’re feeling you need a little more. For those who feel they really need a good review of their blog, and a little help from someone with experience or just support in general, there’s several platforms available especially for Nigerian bloggers. I should probably share them in a full post, but you can start with @thebloggersadvocate on Instagram.

It’s an amazing, supportive page for budding and established bloggers alike. If you want to become a cool kid, join the Whatsapp group and thank me later! The link can be accessed through the Instagram page. I’m part of the group, and I am having quite a good time so far.

Other helpful pages/establishments are @goodnaijablogs and of course The Blogger Point (@thebloggerpoint). These are Nigerian blogger groups though! I have found them more helpful than the ones based internationally, for now.

I only hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and are motivated to keep pushing!

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself with other established bloggers?

How do you get rid of the envy bug?

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.04.47 PM

48 thoughts on “The Glow Up: How Your Blogger Faves Started”

  1. Baaaaaaabbbbbesssssssss you sabiI write! ! ! ? ? ?
    Soo ummmm! Where do I tart from?
    1. The Envy Bug – it’s really a thing! Like it caught me as well but I didn’t let it get to me, rather I took a break to reevaluate myself, joined an awesome Blog support Group and returned with even better content (If I do say so myself).
    2.My favorite bloggers would always include; Desola Mako,Grace Alex,Sarah Audu and Cassie Daves. I’ve equally checked out their first sets of posts and seen how far they’ve come and this has really been helpful.
    3. Funny how, Ifeoma and I started blogging around the same time but look where she is. 3b. Consistency and quality of content is also super key and I’ll definitely get there in time because I believe that there’s enough “airspace for every bird in the sky” – I should copyright © this quote. ????
    Okay let me chill here before I use up all the comment post.
    4. You should totally tag the bloggers in this post on all their social media platforms, I’m certain they’ll be honoured.
    Great job B!

    1. I implemented your 4th tip and Ifeoma came through! I wonder if the rest will see it, haha! Thank you so much for this comment, I’m glad I got your attention with this post! Exactly, when you envy, just use it as motivation to work harder and upgrade yourself! I also checked out Sarah’s first post, still cute lol! True fact, there is space for everyone, you just need to grab it and really own it!

      Thanks Ebun!

  2. I loved this post! My blog just turned 6 months on Oct 1. And it takes a conscious effort not to get into the comparison craze. I’ve learned that everyone’s journey is different. Some will make it big in less than a year, others might just never. The key for me is enjoying every moment of the blogging experience. Whether or not my blog grows globally, I hope I enjoy these little beginnings where page views seem like they’re just crawling in. There’s so much more to blogging that killing your self to make it nig & I wish more people would realize that. My first blog back when I was 18 was a hot mess. Lol I can remember it so well. I even had background music (it was a thing back then).
    Anyways, I hope new bloggers don’t give up. Go for it if it’s truly what you enjoy.

    And thanks for this reminder girl 🙂

    1. Exactly, let’s try not to be stat-zillas and just enjoy the whole creative process. Too much pressure on ourselves may push us to put out mediocre content! Lol I remember my first blog, my first post was a pepper soup recipe (don’t even ask) lmaooo was your first blog on Tumblr? That is honestly the only justification for the background music, because I had music on my Tumblr blog! I felt so hot lmao!

      1. Looool it was on Blog spot. ?? I felt so mad cool too. 18 with a blog and background music writing nonsense. ?? . Then I moved to wix. ?I wish I never deleted it tho. It’d been nice too see the mess I was writing ??

  3. This just made my day!! Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it. I actually created my first blog in 2013 before I started again in 2014 but whowhatfab actually started in December 2015. This just goes to show that as long as you’re doing what you really want to do, now matter how shabby it might be in the beginning you’d still make it through and well.
    This is an amazing write up, well done girl .

    1. Either way, you’ve always been amazing and have come quite a long way, while also having a long way to go! I can’t wait to see what other feats you achieve! Lol and I was there thinking you started 6 months ago or something, haha! Thank you for coming by, I appreciate it!

  4. I’ve been blogging for more than a year and sometimes yes, I do unhealthily compare my blog to others but though I didn’t announce on my blog, in my mind I decided during the summer holidays to start over. 1. I was inconsistent cos of school 2. I felt my content was wack. So I started over in September, deleted some posts but left my first post ?
    My point is since I made the decision to be serious and consistent in September, I’ve seen changes. My views increased and visitors and followers too. It kind of made me more confident in myself and I don’t think I’ve been comparing blogs. I took a shot at consistency and quality and I saw a difference. I’m even deciding to work more on the quality of my posts.
    But nevertheless, people still move at different paces. Mine might be slower than the next person but as far as I know I’m blogging for the reason I wanted to, I’m not being pushed by the wind, and I’m confident that I’m not mediocre, I’ll get there one day. And when you get there, you’ll enjoy it.

    I hope my comment isn’t too long

    1. I forbid you from apologising for long comments, I love them! It means someone really enjoyed the post, and it really touched them! You can start over, and work out what schedule is best for you! I know school can honestly be hectic as a law student but its all about knowing what is best for you! I’m glad you’ve seen changes, and I hope you stay being confident! Consistency is key for sure! Exactly, be sure of your talent, believe in yourself, don’t get discouraged or forced to do certain things to fit in, if you know its not your thing. Thank you for reading and especially commenting!

  5. Omg I can totally relate to this post. It sorta feels you were writing from my head. Weird eh ? It’s amazing how far they’ve really come. I actually thought this envy thing was just in my head, it’s so refreshing to find out I’m not an evil person. This post is so awesomeeeeeeeee.

    1. You’re never alone oh! As long as we are human, envy must come lol no matter how small. We’ll all get to the top of our games one day

  6. I’m so much loving your blogging related posts as there is so much to learn. We sometimes tend to forget that these bloggers we admire so much didn’t start blogging 6 months or a year ago like we assume, most have been on it for years. They have put in the work and are reaping fruits of their hard work now.

    Also rather than compare ourselves with others, we should work on being best at what we do as that’s the only way we would get the world to recognise us. You can’t compare yourself with a travel blogger who has traveled to 10 countries at most while you’ve just visited only 5 states in your country or compare your self with ifeoma who has her own camera guy and blogs consistently with badass fashion style and photos with yourself who probably blogs once a week and takes pics with regular phone (biko you are not blog mates, be honest with yourself) while this is a process, there got to be things you are doing that will make you stand out like these super bloggers.

    It’s not about taking a break to to re-evaluate your blog only to come back and we are seeing same things still (I don’t know why bloggers say this re-evaluate thing a lot, Lol)

    An advice to myself is love what you do and do you.

    1. Loved your comment! I love long comments ehn, lol! It’s true, we need to realise that everyone starts off differently. We have different strengths and weaknesses, different tools, different backgrounds and challenges. That is what makes us unique, and sometimes makes some of us shoot farther than others. At the end of the day, the best thing is do strive to be better without necessarily having to put ourselves up against other bloggers, comparing ourselves! Lol if someone goes on a break they better come out with the big guns o! I want to see improvement! When you love what you do, it honestly shows, and attracts people! Thanks for stopping by babes! I’ll definitely put out more blogging related stuff. I’m enjoying it too

  7. This babe, you did a great job with this post. It just makes me want to work harder and put out better content. Rome wasn’t built in a day, we should always remember this ?. Thank you for this.

    1. You will work harder and put out better content! We’re going somewhere ooo! Have to start from somewhere, to get somewhere. Thank you for the read and comment girl! I hope to continue seeing you in my comment section

  8. I almost started comparing but I decided to use their achievements to motivate myself although I’m using school as an excuse right now. My fave bloggers are Grace Alex, Ifeoma Amadi, Levy bride of and of course MindofAmaka have been my best bloggers. Thank you so much for the post.

    1. Glad to be one of your faves girl! Don’t compare, just trust the process. It’s good you want to use their achievements to motivate yourself! I will also take that idea on board

  9. Wow girl nice one
    So I’m not a blogger but I always have things and thoughts in my head I want to share with people and write about but each time I start I just stop…….but your blog just makes me want to get a site already trust me I knew nothing about blogging two months ago but now I’m learning more.
    1. comparison issue especially is one of the things stopping me right now feeling like who will even read your Space when they are better bloggers out there.
    2. There is also the fear of not being consistent because of what I’m studying in school ? I’m legit scared mehn

    1. Maybe you should try and open a blog! I’m here for you if you need help, and the different support groups also are there! Don’t compare, you have to start from somewhere! Trust me, your readers will find you if you write well. Just be consistent and offer quality content. And as for your schooling, come up with a schedule that works for you! I know my own schedule is hectic, that’s why I said 2-4 posts a month for me, but then I manage to schedule at least one post every week. It works for me! It’s all about finding what works for you

  10. I wonder where you get the energy to compose this long article but trust me gyal your write ups has kept me moving. You are one of my favorite bloggers

    1. Omg thanks! I really hope to keep motivating you and remain one your favourite bloggers! I won’t let you down! Lol the energy just comes o and off I go! I type very quickly and next thing you know 1000+ words have been typed! It’s just how I am

  11. Aww this is so great to see how far they’ve come. I mean, the quality of their content now is beyond. Especially sisi yemmie. Certainly inspiring when we see growth this way, instead of comparing and not knowing where people started or how much they actually worked to be there now. I started blogging in 2011-2026 on blogspot and it was great. Grew a large following too. But I just never loved using blogspot for various reasons. So I deleted it and started afresh on WordPress. I didn’t even bother about losing the following there cause for me, it’s always more about putting my best out there for myself and being proud of what I put out. You don’t even want to know the original blog name before “The Curly Christian Girl”???

    1. Haha I want to know ooo! I love the Curly Christian girl, it’s a cute name, and it also tells the purpose of your blog all in one. Lol! Aunty so you stopped blogging on Blogspot in 2026 abi? Professional blogger! Just teasing

      Imagine, you even had a large following. On the other hand I never really stuck with it long enough to have a large following, but here I am now, working towards establishing something solid

  12. I can relate to this my dear, I also thought Ifeoma started some months back, anyways the key is to keep up with whatever we are doing and stop by the comparison. Thank you for the dm on instagram. Don’t forget to drop by my blog too

    1. Exactly, don’t compare, just keep researching and working on yourself! I definitely won’t forget your blog, I check you out now and then. Hope the DM ideas worked!

  13. Very true, comparing can be helpful to growth and if you let it, it becomes a problem, you keep thinking there are better bloggers out there what can u offer. Well written, very detailed.

  14. This was a very good one. Thanks for reminding me that these popular blogs started somewhere and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them. xxx

  15. This post is everything especially with all the pressure building up on you from your expectations. I’ve learnt to talk to myself during those times like calm down girl, your dynasty won’t be built in a day.

  16. Biko, how am I just seeing this post?? Thia might be selfish but it makes me feel wayy better about where I am right now.
    Thank you for helping us find these, so we don’t have to.
    It’s so amazing to see how much they’ve grown and evolved, and I really do appreciate this!
    Amazing job, Amaka. You are going places… Far, great places girl!!

  17. Wow. This is so me. I never visit a blog and leave without comparing at least one thing, girl, even the font, I compare ?? But then, I just came across this post. Thanks so much. I’m going to really focus on getting better and improve the quality of my content (esp pictures). Thankyou so much once a again. I needed this!

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