The Nigerian Blogosphere is Dying, and Nobody Cares?

This is just a short post to show concern for what I would term the death of the Nigerian blogosphere. I’ll throw it back first of all to my earlier days of blogging. I joined the Nigerian blogosphere at its peak, I believe. Not so much about blogs like Linda Ikeji etc., but more about personal blogs, blogs like Who What Fab, Vincent Desmond, Sola Fagbemi, Epiphany 29, and so many others. And better still, more blogs were popping up each and every day, more people were joining the little cluster. Yet, looking at how things are now, I’d say most of these blogs have been abandoned.

Funny enough, at the start of this year, I attended a vision board party. I find it funny looking back now because most of the bloggers present at that event have abandoned their blogs!

When I started blogging, The Blogger Point was reigning. It was the go-to hub for bloggers and the top community – I particularly remember their forums which I loved reading through. Today, they barely even pop up on my Instagram timeline. I remember the rush of excitement I would feel whenever they put up a new post. Now, I don’t recall the last time I went on the site! How time honestly flies!

I joined the blogging world because I wanted to be part of a community, I wanted to express myself! I updated my blog quite frequently while it still had .wordpress.com attached to it. I wasn’t even thinking of stuff like SEO and other technicalities. I posted at least once a week – very lengthy blog posts, too. I followed and joined blogger communities other than that of The Blogger Point such as The Bloggers’ Advocate. Blogging was so exciting for me, both the creation of content and the interaction with the content of other bloggers. I really felt I had found my hood. Now, I feel isolated for the most part.

In 2019, my blogging dwindled severely. I think it’s funny because in 2018 I was planning to bring out the big guns with content! I hope next year will be better, but if it isn’t, nobody will die. I think I just miss how things used to be, constantly seeing post updates from faves and all. The bright side of all this is, my faves, though not blogging anymore or blogging consistently, are making strides in newer pursuits. Their blogs served as the foundation for whatever level they have upgraded to now! Ifeoma Amadi is now working in the luxury fashion field and making her coin. Vincent Desmond, one of my fave skincare and personal grooming bloggers, is making strides as a writer and even recently bagged an award. Everyone is earning way more and doing things. Even me! I branched into product photography, which secured me an amazing job right after university. It’s the income from this job I use to sustain myself and acquire more gear for my photography. I’d say blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me.

While I’ll miss all the blogger events that used to happen (they still do, but it’s just not the same) I can at least appreciate that perhaps for many of us, blogging was just another phase to usher us into our next level. I guess it’s not such a sad affair after all. But please, we need more blogs and more content to consume! I do, anyway! Shoutout to all the bloggers that are still keeping the content coming – Cassie Daves, especially!

7 thoughts on “The Nigerian Blogosphere is Dying, and Nobody Cares?”

  1. I totally agree with everything you wrote here. I still remember when the TBA WhatsApp group was a thing. It was really fun to have a group of bloggers,talking and helping each other. Now, everything is all gone. Although we have more than enough news and entertainment blogs, I think having more lifestyle blogs by blogger BASED in Nigeria will be awesome. Nigeria is still new to all these and a lot of things are not yet so common here like podcasts etc. I have a lifestyle blog and I have decided to take it seriously because I have a feeling anyone that neglected their blogs will regret it soon because blogging opens so many doors you can’t even imagine! Goodluck with yours too and I hope we will all be better next year. I hope a lot of bloggers see this great post. I am going to share it too. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This was very well written Amaka. Welldone! And there’s so much truth in this post. But I like that you stated that blogging was basically a foundation for some people to upgrade because they’re honestly doing amazing things. I was at the vision board party as well and I didn’t create that much content as I hoped I would. Asides from working on a project almost throughout the year, I was also battling anxiety and the thought of creating any form of content was the last thing on my mind. I really had to fix that before proceeding with any other thing.
    Let’s just hope that 2020 will be better in the Nigerian blogosphere. For all of us!

  3. Well said Amaka. It sort of makes me feel better knowing that bloggers moved on to greater things. I’m so happy for everyone. I was at that vision party and I honestly did smash all my visions. Well, the ones that were not content related. I want to go back to actively blogging. I hope I can. *fingers crossed*

  4. I am of the opinion that this death did not only occur in Nigeria but in the world generally…you can google ”what’s up with blogs at the moment” and find out more for yourself. Instagram has soaked everyone in, it’s really unfortunate.

    1. Exactly, you used the right words, “Instagram has socked everything”.
      The new blog is now Instagram. I really hope something can be done about it.
      Never know there was a community of bloggers supporting bloggers in Nigeria.

  5. Sad but true. I think what hurts more is coming to terms with the fact that you (I) came into blogging towards the end of it… I only pray I don’t miss out on the opportunities that come with Instagram and YouTube.

  6. I started my blog because I wanted a place to share the stories that wouldn’t stop swimming in my head. As at then, I had no grand plan or vision whatever. I just wanted to write and share my stories.

    I think 2018 was the peak for me. I’ve sort of been struggling with my blog since then. When I saw what other people were doing with their blogs, I started to feel this pressure that I had to up my game. But omo…it’s s not been easy. I’m still trying to navigate adulting, still in the process of discovering what exactly I want to do with my life.

    I do love writing but I’ve been considering shutting down my blog. We’d see how it goes.

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