The Only Black Soap Worthy of Mention

Ewami Essentials is a Nigerian organic skincare brand with a host of products catering not just to your skincare needs, but your scalp. 

A month or so ago I received a package of four products, via a collaboration partnership with The Bloggers’ Advocate. I received their body oil, coffee scrub, cleansing grains (face mask powder) and most importantly, their black soap – called local fresh. 

I’ve used many black soaps, and will continue using more throughout my life, bought varieties from brands. I’ve tried Bo & Jo Naturals, Coastal Scents, Dudu Osun, and also the local black soap bought from women that occasionally walk by with trays on their head, filled with crumbly, soapy goodies + shea butter. 

Review: Bo & Jo Naturals

Ewami Essentials

However, nothing prepared me for the experience I had with the Ewami Essentials Black Soap. Firstly, I’ll admit I was confused as to what the hell it was since they didn’t call it black soap, but upon a sniff and observation, I knew what I was dealing with. 

P.S A dime size goes a long way. Don’t get carried away and end up mourning like I am right now!

The Best Black Soap Texture

What followed after were weeks of extreme joy and pleasure when it came to using the soap. I used the soap on my face and body, and something kept bringing me back. It was the texture – I’ve never seen black soap texture so jelly-like and soft. It was like a slightly stronger, thicker version of honey – scooping out in such a delicious way. If you thought the Arami Essentials Onyx Polish was soft, you will have to try this!

Left to me, I'd carry a tub around forcing people to touch the soap because the texture is just so lovely. #blacksoap #ewamiessentials #review #skincare #organicskincare Click To Tweet

Instant Lather

I especially enjoyed the way it instantly lathered when it came in contact with water and my skin – I just couldn’t stop enjoying the experience! I feel like in all my experience using black soap, this has been the most enjoyable. And you bet my skin stayed looking good, especially when I cleared up my diet – my face was on a 100!

The smell was also decent – not too harsh yet not non-existent at the same time. I felt like crying once I realised how quickly it was disappearing! The packaging is also nice, though I’m more on the minimal side – the tub and labels hold up well in a wet environment like the bathroom.

swami essentials, black soap nigeria

I am extremely pleased with my experience using this Ewami Essentials product, and honestly wish people would be able to touch it. Left to me, I’d carry a tub around forcing people to touch the soap because the texture is just so lovely. The closest I can do now is to write this post and share it with the world, in the hopes that someone else will want a taste of this experience!

The Low Down

Would I Repurchase?

Hell yes! I’ve been prevented though because of the shipping costs (from Lagos to Abuja) – need to save up a bit more because I want two tubs next time I order. See, it’s not wise to order just one! I’ve also pleaded with the owner to get an Abuja stockist.


De-ionized water, african black soap, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, sandalwood powder, camwood powder, aloe vera leaf juice, organic raw honey.

Black Soap Benefits: 

Protects skin against photo aging, has deep cleansing properties and alleviates razor bumps. Safe for all skin types especially acne prone skin.

Price: N2400

Where to Buy: Ewami Essentials Website

6 thoughts on “The Only Black Soap Worthy of Mention”

  1. Wow!!!! You have just left me thinking… I am currently enjoying my narganics black soap and their rose sea polish which I so much love but the soap is on the pricey side so I think I will try Ewami and see how it goes.

    1. Please do try Ewami! Lol I’ve been lusting after Narganics but the price point is strong o, oh well, It just serves as more motivation to get those coins up, right? Lol

      1. I definitely will. I have checked their website. But let me warn you before hand, if you are allergic to fragrance don’t go near narganics because their soap has a mix of lemon, rose and some essential oil smell that lingers, I love it though. Thanks dearie. Who knows, I might end up falling in love with ewami just like my dearest Amaka. Lol. Well done babe.

  2. This sounds like a nice soap, the one thing that has put me off black soap in the past is the scooping. This one sounds like it’s very easy to scoop. What was the effect of this on your skin? Did you notice anything different? xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. I love that the jar is actually filled to the brim. i detest products that are half the size of the jar. i feel like if thats the quantity you are offering, why not get a jar its size. anyways, i love the look, love that it isnt black. but girl how did you go through this big jar so fast. lol,

  4. The price is relatively fair For that Size. I’ve read so much review of Arami and i think it wont hurt to see how their products would feel against my skin

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