The Power of Good Hair

Did you know good hair could boost self esteem? In the world we live in, it seems like every single individual is insecure about some thing or the other – be it their seemingly small achievements in comparison to their peers, or worse, their appearance.

My Self Esteem Journey

I’ve personally been through quite a roller coaster when it comes to acceptance of my appearance i.e. body and features. I always saw myself as some kind of ugly duckling, it’s either my lips were too big, my nose was too huge and to my horror widened more when I decided to smile, my teeth were not perfectly aligned, some parts of my face were dark while others were light – the list could honestly have gone on and on. This perception of myself, coupled with the fact I didn’t really have much representation back when I really needed it, took quite a toll on me.

I turned 20 the other day, and things have been pretty basic since that day. I didn’t faint and wake up with magical powers, or discover I was descended from witches and werewolves, like some supernatural genre books would have it. What I have found, however, is that there’s been a shift – small, but significant.

Amaka with the Good Hair

Now, let me just say this post isn’t some deep post about what society deems to be good hair, the relaxed v natural hair debate and texture oppression (a random term I literally just came up with), but this post all stemmed from hair in some kind of way – good hair. I recently posted on my Instagram story, gushing about my hair and how I’d make a blog post about it. I surely meant that. 

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I got a hairstyle just some days after exams ended and I was released from the clutches of my university. This wasn’t just any hairstyle. Why? I’d been dreaming about it since January 2017. What held me back was my tendency to stick to the status quo, plus the thought that it would all be a waste of money. It was meant to be a gelled up-do with some curly hair (a lighter colour for that ombré effect) to top it off. I knew it would fit me – yet unfortunately gelled hairstyles don’t really last. I’m also lazy, meaning I wouldn’t maintain it for more than a week. Of course, I don’t like wasting money especially with hair, so I kept stalling and stuck to the usual braids or weave.

Yet, after wearing my braided wig since this post in December 2017 I needed change. I was tired of my Ekaette cornrows which were screaming to be loosed. I decided to get the hairstyle of my dreams! To combat my valid concerns of the hair not lasting, I opted for big-small braids instead of just gelling my own hair. Topping off the neat braids with some curly hair to make some sort of afro, I stepped out of the salon feeling like a million bucks.

The Importance of Good Hair

The thing is, it’s not just on the day I got the hairstyle that I felt like a million bucks. Everyday I feel like I’m on fire. I love the hairstyle so much! It’s a bit weird getting used to stares on the road when you pass by because I guess it looks like a low-key fire ball is rising from your scalp, but I’m slowly shrugging off the looks – after all, they’re not really insulting.

Plus, the hairstyle exposed more of my face as it is an up-do, so I can’t hide behind my braids like I usually do. The ombre gives me joy, and I find that I stare in the mirror more. That, coupled with the fact the toner I use is working (plus I don’t have sweaty braids pressed against my face), makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. 

Good hair in this context means a good hairstyle, and a good hairstyle is so, so important, because it has the power to change your perception of yourself. I think I’d attribute this new found confidence to growing older and starting to appreciate and embrace myself more, but this hairstyle definitely took things to the next level! Previously I didn’t really hype myself up, but I find that when I slap some foundation on (yass to even skin tone – check out the affordable foundation I use here) and slide some gloss on my lips, I feel like I can snatch hairlines. I love when my outfit looks good, because this hair just adds such a wow-factor! Good hair has the possibility to give power! I’m smiling a lot more, basking in the gloriousness of this good hair!

But basically, I’m just trying to say that we all deserve to feel like this! Who doesn’t want to be proud of their appearance and feel like they could snatch hairlines? I feel renewed and confident, like some sort of curly conqueror. We all should take charge and deserve the ability to make decisions for our own betterment – whether they be huge and life changing, or something as simple as a hairstyle. Also, don’t be scared of change like me! I put off this for one whole year, and look at the effect it had on me when I finally did it!

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