The Shalewa Edit – My 20k Shop Trendelo Haul

When I entered the competition hosted by Shop Trendelo for a chance to win 20k to spend, I had a clear idea of what I wanted. You see, I wrote here about my review on the awesome series Skinny Girl in Transit, and one of my favourite characters was Shalewa (Sharon Ooja). 

Shalewa was a beautiful, tall girl with an absolutely amazing model figure. She rocked each outfit effortlessly, whether going through boy blues or trying to look simple. It was honestly hard to ignore her. Sharon Ooja is simply a gorgeous lady.

By the way, this post was meant to be up ages ago. I just wasn’t happy with the photos I took – say no to mediocrity!

Though Shalewa didn’t have too much of a positive role – she often body shamed her sister, Tiwa, as well as had a kind of materialistic mindset – we all must admit her wardrobe is goals. Upon conclusion of the series, I felt renewed and inspired. I don’t know why, but seeing Sharon Ooja rock outfits so effortlessly made me want to do better. As a style illiterate, I was all of a sudden struck with an urge to snatch edges. I wanted to do better, look better, work harder.

Therefore, seeing an opportunity to win 20k – which I would of course use to vamp up my wardrobe – was something I guarded hotly. I checked madly to see who else was entering and what they were doing. In the end, I won and I couldn’t have been happier. In this post, I shared my whole day experience, from getting to Shop Trendelo, to leaving late at night, drained and with numb feet. Though I’m no style aficionado, I picked a few treasured pieces, keeping in mind fun, as well as practicality.

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I bought more than the items I’ll be showing, but due to the lacklustre-ity (allow it.) of the other items, I’ll save you the boring photos. Here are some items that were out of the norm for me, from top to bottoms!


Ever since I saw the Zaron Face Definer debut on some makeup pages I follow, I’ve definitely wanted to use it. The only thing is that it’s about 4k+, and your girl isn’t a strong makeup user. I keep trying to control myself by finishing the makeup I have before getting a new one, but does that ever happen? I think makeup is just something you don’t ‘finish’ like that, except it’s something you use every single day in copious amounts.

We were down to about 6k when I came across a stand selling makeup. I had been considering getting a small cute grey bag instead but my eyes darted towards the stand. I eventually abandoned the bag (which was 4k) and went for this. It was N2000. I tried verifying if it was the original, but somehow lost N25 by sending the code to the number as instructed. How suss. I guess I’ll still manage it to achieve that ‘snack’ look Shalewa usually had. Shalewa was definitely no beginner when it came to contouring and highlighting.


Considering I have people who wear only designer in my class, I tried as much as possible to dodge the ‘min min’ bags (supposedly dupes for miu miu). I have been seeing small bags being rocked effortlessly everywhere, from my church to the streets of Instagram. I hated small bags before, but as I was bombarded with them, I just found myself liking them. And so, I definitely took the opportunity to get one!

shop trendelo haul, mind of amaka

I was disappointed with the colour because I thought it was grey. I bought it as the tent was getting dark, but I guess the colour isn’t that bad after all. I managed to go for the features I wanted in a bag – the round metal handle was a must have, though it needs a touch up. I was inspired by Shalewa’s love for the finer things of life, as well as one of Ifeoma Amadi’s bags.


Alright, so this was definitely a random buy. I didn’t go to Shop Trendelo with the aim of buying a pink dress, it just happened. I remember Shalewa wasn’t one to shy from colour whatsoever. When I saw this dress amongst some other beauties on a rack, I just had to have it. I didn’t want anyone else to take it. 

shop trendelo haul, mind of amaka

Granted, the dress is short and stops above the knee. It also is one you can only flawlessly rock with heels. I like the lace detailing (I think it’s eyelash lace, not sure) and the vibrancy of the pink. Perhaps I’d use it for branding purposes or something! Either way, this was a good buy. I bought it before I won the 20k, though.

shop trendelo haul, mind of amaka


shop trendelo haul, mind of amaka

God knows how long I’ve been lusting after these. These shoes scream ‘snatched!’ to me. I love the shine of them, and I had no choice but to go gaga over the tassel detailing with the touch of gold. Yes! I am shook. I haven’t worn them since I got them because I knew I had to get the right photos. I’m not a gloss girl, but these babies called out to me!

I had a choice between these and some heels, and knowing that I would only wear heels once in a blue moon, common sense took over, and voila! However, it set me back 7k out of my 20k. I should have priced, but I guess I was just too excited (we all know if I saw these in the market with my own money I would’ve started haggling like a seasoned market woman).


Apart from the above items, I got some items which I feel weren’t as exciting as those mentioned above. Still, I’ll share the deets

+ Denim Jeans x2 – I got a pair of blue denim for my sister (because she lost the first one I bought) and some black denim for myself. I’ve been wanting black jeans for a long time, and I’m happy I got them finally! The black denim make me feel like a construction worker with my butt crack They were N1000 each, bringing the total to N2000.

+ Chiffon Tops x3 + I got different chiffon blouses in your everyday office babe style, channeling the time Shalewa finally got a job. The pussy bow blouse was a must have, as seen on Melania Trump and Shalewa. I got one in a black and white polka dot fabric. They were N2500 altogether.

I can’t seem to recall some other items (oh wait, I do. I got 2 skirts for my sister and I, both for N4000), but these are definitely the most exciting of the bunch. I hope you enjoyed the post! Here’s to more opportunities to build my dream wardrobe!

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8 thoughts on “The Shalewa Edit – My 20k Shop Trendelo Haul”

    1. Omg 20k and thrift shopping would be so mad! Lol I wish I lived in Lagos just for the thrift shopping steals to be had. Oh well, I hope you do have fun and can’t wait to see your post on it if you’ll write one!

  1. The shoes, can I borrow them for a day? I would use shoe pad so it will feet cos my feet are one of the smallest for an adult feet, lols.

    But then, you seem to have made the best use of the money.

    1. Lmao sure! Just don’t get any scratches on them or we’ll fight o! I honestly wish I had small feet sef. I hope I did make the best use of the money!

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