The Style Edit: Genesis

Ever since I mastered the joys of the internet, I have always had a thing for saving photos of stuff. Whether I saw an amazing aesthetically pleasing photo on Tumblr, We Heart It, or Pinterest, my instinct was to save. This has led to folders upon folders, filled with all sorts of inspirational photos. When that wasn’t enough, I took to creating collections of photos I loved on We Heart It (here) and Pinterest (here) via boards. 


The thing is, I have so much inspiration. I know what I like, I know what I believe looks good. Yet, why can’t I bring my imagination to real life? Why do I stick to wearing the same drab outfits? I recall a memory from high school, when my friends surrounded me in an intervention type of way, begging me to stop wearing black thick stockings paired with some grunge-vomit shorts.

There’s a quote which says “my style isn’t even my style, I can’t afford my actual style.” I feel like I can heavily relate to this. However, It’s not that I lust after Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Armani and the likes. I’m a simple person, and it all comes down to one thing – price. I shy away from high prices, mostly to my detriment.


But then, what is my style exactly? I know I favour comfort, and I know the definition of style is basically an individual’s twist on a certain thing. Looking at the clothes in my wardrobe, as well as old photos, I feel tired: tired of not having anything to wear even if I had a wardrobe full of stuff. I was tired of always opting for the same pieces when I could’ve done way more. My head is full of inspiration – reflecting in ELCI‘s pieces sometimes, yet I can’t transfer it to my reality. I want to change that.

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Then again, I don’t think I have a style. I feel what I believe style is, has been shaped by the thousands of fashion photos I’ve looked at in all my years of using the Internet. Oh well, I’d still love to test my creativity, to test my mind. Join me on this style journey: The Style Edit. It’s like a whole other ‘journal’ strictly for me to explore and find my style, and boy do I have some exploring to do! I want to even test out looks I despise. I’d love to do outfit posts but with a special twist – let’s see how long I can maintain this. 

Until then, this photo is my inspo


18 thoughts on “The Style Edit: Genesis”

  1. “There’s a quote which says “my style isn’t even my style, I can’t afford my actual style.” I feel like I can heavily relate to this. ” I can relate to this

  2. Fashion bloggers really confused me until I looked for the basic styles on Google and found out that my style is actually Chic ie simple yet stylish. I hope this helps.

  3. “my style isn’t even my style, I can’t afford my actual style.” ?? I can totally relate.
    Asos is a great place to find trendy stuff at great prices during sales. And if you are in Nigeria, a good tailor can make all your style dreams come true at a fraction of the cost. Your last picture is interesting. I can’t see anything besides fur, her head and her chic eyewear. I have to ask, why are you “hiding”?

    1. Girl ASOS is killing me right now! I’m broke and they’re having so many sales it’s actually disgusting. I honestly feel so attacked right now.

      Maybe next year, lol. Yep I’m in Nigeria, Abuja just like you. The way my ‘akkant’ is set up.. even thinking of paying a tailor right now stresses me lol. I have a sewing machine which I must climb on out of necessity.

      As for the photo, I’m hiding from responsibilities lool. I love the photo because it just exudes mystery and ‘cool-chic’ vibes

  4. I have a lot of clothes but I still struggle when I need to wear something “nice”. I never feel like what I have is good enough, but why can’t I get those good enough stuffs so I don’t feel inadequate when the need arises? Question?!

  5. Hahaha…I can relate,alot!
    Having a wardrobe full of clothes and yet not having clothes to wear.

    Wait…did I just say wardrobe full of clothes??No Ma,sorry,thrash that. My wardrobe still has enough space to carry as much clothes as I can acquire.

    If that skirt on the picture above is yours,keep it for me…I can fly over to Abuja tonight and pick it up.

    P.S:I’m still enjoying my walk on your street.

    1. I’m so happy to read your comments lmaoooo! Abeg o the skirt is not mine, aunty if I had that skirt, will I even be complaining about my style? Please ooo save your ticket money! Hahaha!

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