The Style Edit: Inhibitions

Welcome to The Style Edit, my personal style diary. If you haven’t read the first chapter (here), check it out! That is basically the first page of this style diary. I consider myself to have an “aunty” style. Think that one nosy family member who always has something to say but can’t get her life together, with her outdated look. When I’m not outchea’ looking like an aunty, I’m just head to toe in lazily thrown together drab. Anyway, I realize that I’ve been too conservative.

Note: I can’t believe I’m posting for the 4th time this week, it’s actually scary! I guess I should just appreciate the writing juices while they last. School starts again next week!

Meanwhile, I joined an awesome Whatsapp group consisting of bloggers, created by Dako Alice of The Bloggers Advocate! It’s been hot since morning! To join the group chat, click here (thank me later).

Maybe not, because at 19, I don’t exactly expect everyone to become one who owns and knows their style. I’m still trying to figure out my life, and my style just happens to be part of my life. Quotes say ‘dress to impress’ and ‘dress how you want to be addressed’, and I’m tired of slacking. So, my love for clothes and basically having a retail lust, in addition to liking nicely captured photos, has led to this documentation.

I’ll try things I’ve always wanted to try, things I’ve hated, things I’ve always liked, and also put a spin on things I’m used to. It’s all about clicking a massive edit button on my wardrobe. 

Though I believe I am quite creative and can bring good pieces together to make a great outfit, I have inhibitions. These inhibitions are deep, and they have turned from thoughts and words to chains on my hands, feet and mind. My inhibitions come in 3 forms:


In my head, outfit ideas flash and fade away, think those old school cameras with their bright flashes. I don’t get the ideas down quickly enough, and they sizzle into the air, unused. Here is an example of one of such situations:

It’s 5:00AM on a Sunday morning. I drag myself out of bed, then slug around until around 6.45AM or later which is when I decide to start getting ready for church. I go and wake up my other family members, but they will likely go back to sleep and wake up just after 7.

I didn’t bring out my outfit the night before, or have any major plan. So here I am, standing in front of my cluttered wardrobe, having just showered. I’m aware that time is going, and soon, 7.30 shamefully comes and passes me by. If I was disciplined, I’d be in church by 7.15, just in time for church to start at 7.30. I finger through all my clothes, wondering what I should throw on.

I touch a few pieces and ideas come, but I brush them off, opting for the usual “aunty” style: black skirt, a random top (usually my blue ankara peplum or some long-sleeve chiffon, sometimes paired with a blazer), and flats. I then attempt to wrap my head with one of my extremely long scarves, ending up looking like I was vomitted into the wrong era. At least I wore clothes. At least I’m finally out of the house. Maybe next week I’ll try better.

And the cycle continues.

Body Confidence

gingham top pinterest

The other day, I posted this photo to my Instagram page (here). In my caption, I expressed how I had attempted to have a little shoot to show off my gingham top recently bought, and yet my confidence diminished as I looked through each photo. I felt like the top was hanging off me, and I just disliked my skinny frame in that moment. This is the only photo I semi-like.

The road to self confidence for me has been quite bumpy, and I’m still travelling that road. Most days I’m marvelling at my flat stomach and being happy, then other days I can’t seem to comprehend why cameras hate me. 

So yeah, self confidence is definitely one of my biggest roadblocks when it comes to style. I feel I’ll look out of place or the clothing will only emphasise how skinny I am: a result which is not favourable at all.

Family Members

The biggest one! I see so many style bloggers post all these amazing outfits, and I feel a bit envious of their freedom because they seem to have their style figured out. If I decide to wear something out of the norm, all I get is “what are you wearing” and “what do you think you look like?”


I also get the jabs and roasts, the poking at my skinny frame and whatnot. All these things have just caused my enthusiasm to thin out, and I find myself wishing I could be in a place where I could feely express myself. I’m like a caged bird, looking out into the world while behind bars. I feel so locked down, like I can’t shake off the funk. However, I want to change that!

Now that I’ve brought these inhibitions into the open, I hope I can begin to shun them in order to let myself out of the shackles. I really want to explore, but I feel so reluctant and lazy, feeling what’s the point? I really want to discover, I want to know what works for me, and what doesn’t.

Let me get to brainstorming style ideas. I believe style posts are quite interesting, it’s like having your stashed away dreams of becoming a model come to life, for at least a few shots.

Have you got your style figured out? What do you think your style is? Is there anything restricting you from expressing yourself fully? For those who do style posts, how do you plan them? 

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.04.47 PM

27 thoughts on “The Style Edit: Inhibitions”

  1. I looove this post! I honestly don’t even know what my style is and the body confidence I’m still dealing with that. I personally think that when you accept who you are as a person it also reflects in your style. So take your time, but in the meantime try everything! Lol

  2. Family members ooooo?. Girllllllll it has been a struggle for me since I can remember. For the longest time, my style was very vintage, Grunge, hipster tomboy vibed. But my sisters were more classy/elegant dressers. My mom used to have the exact same style as me too. But they all ganged up on me giggling at my outfits??. I was always asked to go and change. So now my wardrobe is more refined. It’s still me, but more polished. ?

    1. My family are a bunch of haters, they must always put mouth especially my mother and sister. It’s so unnerving sometimes, even if it might be funny. Lol my past style was goth because I loved and exploited the colour black, my sister has always been girly and childish, printed tees and animated characters, but then again I’m 6 years older. I’m just tired abeg

      1. I can read the tiredness in your words?… Wehhh. I always just tell myself, sooner or later I would be my own person, chasing my dreams and dressing how I really want to?

        1. Yasss! Me I’m waiting to live in my university hostel so I can truly express myself. I honestly feel so caged, you have no idea. Like it feels like it’s strangling me

  3. This is so wonderful! It’s a lovely read, I’m looking forward to more pictures of you in these style edits. I’m s style blogger and I think the first thing is to define what you like which you’ve done comfortably, aunty style. Then Aunty be a funky aunty, wear your midi skirts with peplums and mules. ?? Although I think YouTube videos will help you with your scarf situation, just an instance??
    Explore baby! There is nothing wring with your body and it shouldn’t matter what other people say about your outfits what should matter first is you being comfortable in what you’re wearing. Lastly, don’t be afraid to redefine your style. OK, that’s it….bye!

    1. Ahh I thought I was the only one who leaves long comments on posts! Glad to see my comment twin in a way! Girl I’ve tried Youtube videos but im always in a rush and end up with the same lump on my head called a hair tie.

      I dread the day I’d have to tie a gele, it will probably resemble a DSTV dish. Please oh I don’t accept the aunty style haha, it’s a style of necessity, a style for survival! But you’re right, I can really develop it and own it. Explore is definitely the key word for this style diary!

      Girl it’s easier said than done when it comes to ignoring the comments but I’m going to try more. Thanks for coming by! Loved your detailed comment

  4. Lol… you’ll get pass this inhibitions eventually that i know. I don’t know what my style is either, but i love to play dress up. I’ll sometimes be in my room, mix and match outfits and model for my sisters. You have a great body, own it! you just need to get those voices outta your head and have fun!

    1. Amen, I claim it! Voices be silenced forever (or at least brought to the lowest volume). At least you like playing around, sometimes I wear hits, and most times I wear misses haha! Thanks for your lovely comment, I do need to have fun!

  5. love, your body is okay. and i love the top, saw it on your instagram and i didn’t think anything was wrong with the pictures. as for figuring out my style, yeah… i pretty much know what i like but the ‘ego’ to execute it is the problem. nice post.

  6. Hahaha…you’re such a clown though.
    I’m with you on the body thing as I’m a booby blessed with a flatassed and skinny type of girl so it has not been easy getting to love my body in this world where you either be an Agbani or an Omotola. So yeah…i feel you.

    Skinny girls own the fashion world now. Infact, the problem isn’t the body type but self-doubt confidence. We really need to work on that and all will be fine.

    Getting one’s style figured out is an overtime event. Experiment all and then ditch some and stick to some. I just reread today a bookmarked post from Cassie Daves on finding your style, I think it might help.

    Here’s the link just in case some others would like to read it too.

    1. Owning the fashion world? Here I was thinking that curves are in o, the more bodacious the better! Man having a big bust and small back would definitely suck! I find boobs to actually be useless. They’re just.. there. Thanks for the link will check it out!

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