Then and Now: #NeverSayNever

Firstly, shoutout to Ada of Crave Jade for this post which inspired me to do something similar.

Remember when the world first discovered Justin Bieber and it felt like nearly every girl was crazy about him? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you weren’t even crazy about him. I remember that time period, and I also was not a fan. Looking back, I don’t even know why.

I mean, I just started disliking him based on the fact that a lot of other people disliked him. I never actually listened to his music or anything (I later did, and I liked them). Well, he’s still existing today, and boy has he changed. I remember two of my friends were obsessed, one obsessed with him and the other with his relationship with Selena Gomez. What a time. That was years back though.

Anyway, I just recalled one of his popular songs, ‘Never Say Never’ which I believe was also the title of his movie. The other day, I sat down and thought of how I had changed so much. There were things I never even considered I’d ever get into, and yet, here I am! I guess change is good, but not when you’re changing from positive to negative! I just wonder what else I hate now that I’ll see myself getting into 1-5 years down this track called life.

Here are the things that I used to hate/never thought I’d do/never thought I’d get into.

(Wow, I’ve really been into lists lately) Evidence: here, here and here

Wear makeup: Like I said while talking of my makeup story, featuring me, the queen of grey (find out why I called myself that here), I never used to be moved by makeup. I was going through a phase of life where I cared about my appearance but didn’t care at the same time. I would say I started getting into/using makeup in 2014. Before that, whenever I wanted to get ‘dolled up’ I’d go to my trusty friend Happiness, who would use my face as her mural. (By the way, she’s come a long way and now owns her own makeup business! Check her out @beatbyhappi) Anyway, shoutout to Youtube for making the journey smoother!



Like & Wear Inscription/Graphic Tees: Oh my goodness, if anyone told me I’d one day get into inscription tees/graphic tees I would have argued with them seriously. I hated them. I used to feel they were for children or just really childish. Now, I have a whole wish list of the ones I want in my life right now! I don’t know how this love evolved. I even want to make some too! I guess I can say it all started with ‘Thrasher’ Magazine tees & bomb Pinterest photos. Let me bless your vision with one of my favourites.



Coloured Braids: I’ve been quite conservative when it comes to the world of hairstyles. So, for most of my life I’ve used black when it comes to hairstyles. I didn’t really like the idea of coloured braids, they seemed to fit every other person except me. I discovered this perspective was dead wrong lately! I’ve used brown, red, gold, burgundy, and I hope to keep pushing myself (with much aforethought, analysis and care, of course)



Weave: Similar to the above point, I also didn’t really use weaves for a long time. For many years I was just a braids girl, then I got to my final year of high school, and I thought, why not? I actually love weaves because there’s just so many styles! My favourites are curly ones. Still experimenting colour wise though! Even though I’m more open to experimenting, I still have many reservations.


Small Bags: Oh my goodness, the hate I had for smaller handbags was REAL! I honestly believed if you couldn’t fit absolutely everything into a bag, why did it exist? Whenever I’m going out, I always take a bag with me, otherwise I feel empty. I had big bags so I could fit all sorts – papers, pens, lip balms, books, whatever was needed/might be needed for where I was going. Some people I know even joked that I have everything in my bag. 

When I looked at small bags, I just felt disgusted. I thought they were soo useless! That all changed when I met one of the loves of my wardrobe – my brown bag. It’s not absolutely tiny, but it’s a size I used to look down on before. I just love how light and chic it is. Another thing I love, is that It was a thrifted piece at $3. It still has enough pockets for my over-packing habit, and goes with basically every outfit.


So that’s it! I’m sure there’s other stuff, but I just can’t remember them right now.

Is there anything you used to hate but now love?



10 thoughts on “Then and Now: #NeverSayNever”

  1. Whao!, I used to hate all these inscription top because I was always like “who writes on this clothes?” Ohhh!!! How I felt that colored braids were for me, but then I tried it out in my 100 level and soared into the world of colored braids?? lovely post and I love what you did with the post ❤️❤️???

  2. Nope, i can’t think of anything i hated doing then that i’m doing now. I just really like to try out things. If it doesn’t suit me, i stop but then i can say “i’ve done that!” I like to be open minded especially when it comes to fashion, makeup and hairstyle. One has got to live a little and have fun. Amaka I would like to see you in low cut or bantu Knot, Lol *tongue out* *runs away!*

    1. Low cut, i keep thinking of shaving off all my hair whenever I get frustrated with scratching it or choosing which hairstyle to do next lol. Who knows? As for bantu knots, heh let’s just fold that idea and keep on a shelf for a little bit lol. I wish I liked trying out stuff as much as you

  3. I love inscription tees!!! Welcome to the club..if it’s not too late lol. Hair struggles ?. I just started plaiting mine and I’m already frustrated..from synthetic to human and then the pricesss. My ancestors weep each time? I love curly weaves but my father thinks they are from the pit of hell soooo????

    1. Lol plaiting hair is frustrating, It takes me hours to decide on a hairstyle and I sometimes want to just shave it all off and throw a wig on! Ugh. Lol curly weave from the pit of hell? Na wa o

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