Things Are Changing Around Here

With just a few more hours until January 2019 takes flight, never to be seen again, I’ve finally managed to get some content out! First of all, I welcome you all back to the Mind of Amaka blog – I hope you had a great time in December 2018, and a better January.

2018 Reflection

Before we get into the plans for 2019, it’s nice to take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on all that happened – the good and bad – in 2018. I will share this in various sections.


In 2018, I was ushered into my twenties officially. Though It’s my first year as a twenty-year-old, I can personally and honestly say I screwed up in many ways – ways I can’t really go into details about right now. But while I did screw up, I experienced a surge of development in other areas. Am I a better person, coming into 2019? Perhaps, just a little though. Most of the year is a blur, leaving me wishing I had penned down stuff more.

I will say that turning 20 made me start thinking more about my life and where I want it to be – I even made a virtual vision board (which I never really look at because I always have like 200 tabs open). But yeah, here’s to more development. I took up a leadership position in my law faculty as the financial secretary for the Law Students Association, participated in the planning and execution of several events – It was and has been such a learning experience!


I feel like kicking myself up the behind when I think of my financial status, but it’s all good. In January 2019, I’ve taken the first step towards better finances by writing down my rules of purchasing as well as opening an account with GTB where I shall strictly put funds for saving up towards stuff. Frankly, I have trust issues when it comes to money apps like Piggy Bank and the rest, so I’ll see how this goes. Currently, though, I’m saving for a camera upgrade and additional lens. Here’s to better money choices!


My spiritual life has never been on such a red level before. Yeah, I go to church every Sunday, but it’s more of routine and something else than anything. For the most part of the service, I feel dead. I don’t even know how to pray, or if God is even listening to me. Sometimes I think of myself praying and God just shaking his head at me. I got a prayer journal last year and I’ve barely used it. I wish I could figure myself out of this rut – I feel myself slip away more and more each day. I think of changing church but I’m still stuck in a way. I hope I figure it out. One thing that did stand out though, was having some things about my future – particularly my search for a partner & future career – revealed to me. Apparently, I’m going to be a corporate secretary? Let’s see about that.


Blogging was a bit meh but still fun. I mean, I had some nice posts out and all, but it became difficult at some points. Imagine, the same person shouting about how bloggers can get inconsistent was becoming inconsistent. That, coupled with my Hosting provider, Who Go Host, that gave me plenty trouble – from getting continuously suspended due to an issue with my account, to having serious downtime at the start of the year for more than a week. I had enough and made the switch to QServers, and I’ve been satisfied so far. I also realised in 2018 I need to clean up my act, writing posts in a certain direction. I do want to make money from my blog while also making money from things ancillary to blogging – product photography & social media management. So, I’ll probably need to delve more into SEO.


In 2018, I started offering product photography services to other people, and boy was that one of the best decisions ever! I set up Studio Amaka, and was introduced to a whole bunch of folks. I was privileged to be booked for businesses and brands such as The Rue Cafe, Mint Organic Care, Arami Essentials, Dew of Hermon, Havilah Co, Ketchup Cafe, Sari Herbal Living, Dach Candles, amongst others. I also managed to get some good shots for my personal use. It was definitely a year of learning – I have to admit though, I struggled with the business side of my creativity.

It’s one thing to start a creative business, but knowing what you’re worth is highly important. I talked about my challenges in this particular post. How bad was it? Let’s just say, at the end of last year, someone tried offering me N5000 and their product in exchange for photos of their product. They also were expecting that the price would go down as our relationship continued. God forbid.

What’s Changing Around Here?

While the importance of reflection can never be undermined, It’s also good to forge ahead, and plan for the future. By the end of 2019, I expect to be:

A Graduate with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

Enrolled In Law School, working towards becoming a member of the Nigerian Bar Association

A more established photographer/blogger/creative

A financially buoyant individual+A more informed individual – more open-minded when it comes to experiences and acquiring knowledge

There’s many more, but I believe you don’t have to share everything. Sometimes, you just have to let things unravel at the right time. To achieve the above goals, I’ll need to undertake a series of things and go through various experiences – my final year project being one of them. I plan on using this space to document my journey from the classroom to the convocation stage, as well as my transitions through the stages of my life. I have decided to label my blog as a ‘female personal development blog‘, in a bid to share more relatable and compelling, helpful content while fostering a kind of safe space. Let’s see how this goes!

In the meantime, I’d love for you to share what topics you’d like me to cover, and I hope I do not disappoint! Cheers to 2019! If you’ll excuse me, I have a vision board party to attend.

4 thoughts on “Things Are Changing Around Here”

  1. Beautiful reflections Amaka and it’s leaving me pondering over a few moments in my life. Thanks for sharing and here’s me wishing you the best of 2019. Welcome back and I look forward to reading more of your content.

  2. This post made me smile. I totally know what red level spiritually feels like. Seems to me 2018 was fantastic though. And I believe 2019 will be even better. Cheers to you 😉

  3. For starters, I really missed you. When I have nothing to write, I’ll just come here to read posts and get inspired.

    I pray you have an amazing 2019 and you get stability in all areas of your life. I also can’t wait for all the convocation stories and the rest.

  4. How am I just seeing this post a week after. First of, welcome back Amaka. Good to have you back. I love your new customizations for your blog. It looks lovely!

    Regarding the things that didn’t go well in 2018, I’ll tell you it’s all a learning process and you will get better. Keep moving, don’t stop, you will get there.


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