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be kind to me, february. (5)

Thrifting, or ‘bend-down-select’ AKA okrika, is amazing. I think a lot of bloggers can’t deny this fact. Thrifting alone is an awesome word, and the act is something that gives energy in a way. Come on, who wouldn’t be excited to get a good deal and save a ton of money!

I love shopping, yes. However, I’ve always been reluctant to splurge. The most I’ve spent on a piece of normal clothing is $79, and they were the best black jeans ever from General Pants Co, thank-you-very-much. You better stop side eying me! I had a job then, okay? Unfortunately, I left the pants with a friend while moving (absolutely not intentional). It hurts me to this day.

Anyway, the opinion here is that thrifting is awesome, okay? So, here is a bunch of stuff I copped at ridiculous prices (some were brand new!). Majority were from Good Sammy’s, an Australian thrift shop I talked of here. I’m yet to master thrifting in Nigeria, so until then, I save up for what I want while holding tightly to my precious steals (…and spying on Ifeoma Amadi).

Most times, thrifting is about being lucky & having a good eye. Boy am I glad for having those two factors work in my favour! I now present to you, my greatest thrifting steals! 

Brown Valenti Leather Bag – $3 (N810)

I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding how I obtained this bag, but I do remember the price! It is one of the first ‘small’ bags I own, and that’s a big deal considering I used to hate smaller bags.


It’s so cute, and matches basically every outfit. It can also fit quite some stuff (perfect for my over-packing personality) including clothes i.e a well folded sweater & a big scarf (this statement has been tested and proven to be true).


Wedge Heels – $2 (N540)

This Good Sammy piece is a steal because (1) price & (2) comfort! I love wedges, they’re a great wardrobe piece, especially for those who like being comfortable while towering over their enemies.


I once wore stiletto heels, and I felt like I was going to be crippled by the end of the day. Never again, God forbid!I like my comfort (…Said the girl, deceiving nobody but herself. Deep down, she knew she would most likely wear them in the future..) The downside to wedges, is that they don’t go with every outfit (cries in Nollywood)

Make-Up Bag – 50 Cents (N141)

I loved finding this. At some point, I didn’t really have anywhere to store all my makeup. I went to Good Sammy’s and found this beauty. I love the colour, and it is a wonderful size, swallowing nearly all my makeup! The greatest steal at 50 cents.


Light Travel Bag AKA I’m Running Away From Home

Still on bags, another crazy item I got from Good Sammy was this big bag. It’s like a luggage bag, and I’ve even used it as hand luggage before. It can fit in quite a number of clothes and shoes, maybe If you’re travelling light or for a short period of time. And guess how much It was?

50 Cents (N141). Yep. I wish the photos could show how big it is, but it’s quite spacious. Being cute is an added bonus!


Steals, Just Not Second Hand

Bootleg Birkenstocks – $2 (N540)

These are birkenstocks (a strange name, I know.), or an attempt at them, anyway. Either way, they were $2! I remember I got these on a day we went to an Embassy. They were from Cotton On, brand new! Haven’t worn them much, but I wore them on the plane trip back to Nigeria. Memories.


Striped Off-Shoulder Top – N500

Ah, my most recent snatch! There’s a trade fair usually set up at the main junction near where I live. I have always driven past, but on this day luck shined upon me. I crossed the main road and entered, and boy did I enjoy myself! My eagle eyes sharply scanned the environs for my favourite thing – a N500 rack.


I found one, and found this baby! I like it because the fabric is light, and the stripes give a ‘boho chic’ feel. Only downside is there’s a little hole at the front (this was what made the person who first looked at it to drop it, imagine!), but I don’t mind!


High Waisted Factorie Jeans – $3 (N810)

(swoon) One of my greatest shopping achievements – high waist jeans for $3! In some stores, they do this thing where a faulty item has it’s price reduced. So, you’d see jeans or a dress due to a broken zip being reduced from like $30 to like under $5.


These products are usually kept at the back of the store. That, my friends, was how I met my love. I was honestly so happy that day, I couldn’t stop grinning! The zip for the jeans was broken, and I was like ‘is that all?’ as I swiped my card, adding this much sought after piece to my wardrobe.


In her post here on thrifting tips for newbies, Didi of The Blackk Beauty (shoutout to her for inspiring me to write this post) advices:

FIX IT – So you pick out a really beautiful gown. Spotless, brand new and upscale but there’s a problem – It’s too big! You are probably sad about this and wishing it was your perfect size. Buy it! “What!? you say” yes! Buy it and then find a good tailor to size fit it for you. Trust me you are going to like the result. But if you aren’t bothered about it and can let it go, why not buy it for a friend or sister in that size and have her reimburse you, it’s a win-win!

Of course, I got back to Nigeria and swiftly gave it to one ‘obioma’ (someone who amends clothes) – boom, the jeans were ready to be worn! I remember that was the same day I got my favourite (and so far, only) tote.

Jelly Shoes – $2 (N540)

These shoes have brought good memories. I remember I wore them during my second year first semester exam period, and one of my closest friends said ‘these are the shoes you wear back in primary school when the school bus has come and you can’t find your normal shoes.’ The imagery just cracked me up! They were bought new from Cotton On – so not really thrift, but still a steal! Of course, they can be found easily in Nigeria.


So yeah, these are my proudest buys when it comes to being a cheapskate! I just hope I can get more chances like this, especially considering I live in Abuja. I’ve got my eyes set on Nyanya market, all it takes now is time…

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Are you into second hand clothing, or would you rather have new things? Any particular steals you can think of? 

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30 thoughts on “Shop & Tell: My Best Shopping Steals”

    1. Haha yes oo thrifting is the word for okrika things, It’s all about packaging 😉 Lmao! Thanks girl! I did take the photos, I’m glad you like them!

  1. Hmm! Finally the shop and tell post was published! All these items are so eye pleasing and I’m so crazy about the black jellies (I have the white color but I hope to get the black soon) and your birken…….. issa hit biko coman dash me ????

  2. I want the valenti bag and the cotton on shoe, the light travel bag and the wedge but your big leg won’t let me shine in those *rolls eye*…. getting someone to bring them over to Lagos won’t be a problem for me, Lol.
    Mehn amaka, these are amazing steals, just here wishing i can have some. A girl can never have too much clothes, bags and shoes you know?

    1. Hahaha!! Keep suffering there o! I am glad I have my big leg mchewww! The Valenti bag, ha you’d have to go through 3 security guards, 3 guard dogs and 5 electric wire fences to get it o, it’s so precious to me!

      Lol you’re right about never having enough, but I hate having too much at the same time. I want to be selling stuff once I get tired, before I look at a full wardrobe and still have nothing to wear!

      As for the light travel bag, lol! Where will I put my clothes when I fly with my fellow witches to your house nau?

  3. amazing steals.. I do second hand clothing a lot, but I’m much of a confused shopper, and have problem with choosing one out of a hundred (it has to be black or white, this or that. ) And so when I go shopping (thrift or not) I sometimes return with nothing or most times with stuffs I wouldn’t imagine myself using. I love your picks.
    And the shots? wow! they are beautiful. What camera do you use?

    1. I use an iPhone 5 coupled with good lighting to achieve these shots! Lol I can get confused sometimes with this shopping thing, so I feel you! I also sometimes end up with things that I can’t even see myself wearing, lol! These are just really lucky finds, I’ve also had some ‘meh’ finds. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thrifting used to be fun atleast in Abuja back then before exchange rates ruined everything. The prices they call now, one might as well order brand new from asos. Great post.

    1. My only wahala is with my financial situation, ASOS is something you save up for lol! Especially with that N1500 you apparently pay to pick your goods up from the post office

      1. Yeah. 500 at Nipost.
        But my point was in Wuse Market, I went to get black skirts and cardigans few months ago. Everything I liked was “Sister that one fine, na 5k”. He explained that there were import restrictions too so he couldn’t bring down the price. So I spent some 15k on only 3 articles, which could get me alot more a few years ago.

          1. I kid you not! I was weak. My sister and I kept looking at each other like “what planet is this?”. But maybe it is only wuse market sha. But I haven’t gone thrift shopping ever since.

          2. The guy had some thinking difficulties probably. There is no justification whatsoever for charging 5k for a USED item! Abi was it used Gucci or Prada? Nonsense

        1. I know NIPOST is N500 o, I read one chat and someone said they paid 1500 to collect their package and I thought because It was from ASOS the price increased or something. Happy to know that it’s still N500 which I am loyal to (but still reluctant to pay, hiss)

    1. Thank you for the award! I have been nominated before and have already done a post on it, but I’ll just answer the questions in your comment section or so if i get the chance

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