TIME CAPSULE #1: Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

Dear 20-Year-Old Me,

How are you feeling right now? I should’ve written this 8 days ago, on April 20, but I didn’t think of this idea until now. I’m feeling all right, a bit excited. Today is Friday, and I’m seated on the bed in the room as usual. I am on school holidays, and excitedly/anxiously anticipating the release of the 200L second-semester results.

I started yet another blog a few days ago, and ever since then I’ve been hopping from blog to blog, reading and wondering how I’ll be able to create quality content. I feel like I did very well this last semester, way better than semester 1 where I failed miserably, having only one B with a barrage of C’s and two D’s. That was the worst waiting period ever, because I was so scared I would carry over something. This semester was way better, I read more and worked harder for my CA scores, and began preparing on time for exams. I also took notes and read them well, focusing on any areas of concentration given. I am very excited, and I pray all I see are A’s and B’s this semester with no sight of C’s or D’s.

I don’t know how to feel about being 19. It’s the last year which will see me having “teen” in my age. However, looking back at what I did during my year as an 18 year old, I feel a bit proud and happy with what I was able to do. I learnt how to sew, started a business with my friend. Now at 19, I want to start another business, this time in Nigeria. I just need to get everything together. My goals for my 19th year of life are:

  • Maintain the blog, stay consistent with posts and let creativity flow
  • Make more friends, improve already existing relationships
  • Get into the habit of keeping touch with people
  • Run my co-owned business well, learn new things
  • Acquire all sorts of knowledge – cooking, business, languages, the law, DIY stuff etc.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, get closer to God. I wish I got closer to God. I was on the right track in my 18th year, going frequently to weekday services. This slacked off once I got admitted into university. I’m not where I want to be spiritually, and I hate it though I know that when I do get to that place, I’ll be a force not to be reckoned with.

Now you see these goals, do you feel they have been achieved? How has everything been? What big changes have occurred? Did you stay disciplined? Did you put in effort? Are you still the same person? I hope you’re in a better place, financially, spiritually, fashion-ly, mentally, physically etc.


You, 19

**Time Capsule is a segment of the blog where I write letters to my future self, asking questions to which I wonder what the answers will be. I shall try to write one each year, to myself in the next year. Letters would also now and then be written to myself, 3, 5 or more years into the future. I came up with this as a way to figure out myself, creating another avenue for self-reflection. I often read letters older people write to their younger selves. While those letters are interesting to read, as I am young and reading on their mistakes and fears, I feel they aren’t too useful. I feel that writing to your older self is more beneficial, as it also serves as a way of seeing how far you have come. – Amaka

3 thoughts on “TIME CAPSULE #1: Letter to My 20 Year Old Self”

  1. so I’m here !!! I totally understand that feeling of worry over leaving your teenage years a few days ago I realized I’m actually in my mid -late teens imagine the horror lol. but I’m okay with getting old.when It comes to blogging allow ur creativity flow, you’ll never know where you’ld end up or what you’ll end up blogging about


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