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How to Woo a Girl Like Me – Valentines Gift Ideas

Looking for valentines gift ideas?

A genocide of scented candles, roses and other flowers alike, as well as the abuse of the colour red, pockets of fornication, and a surge in chocolate sales.

That’s right, the humans are celebrating valentines.

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Ah yes, Valentines Day draws near. A time of abuse of the colour red, gift buying, fornication and all things ‘romantic’. Personally, I’m not a romantic person, and I like to think more of the future than the present. However, I still thought it good to compile a list of gift ideas for a girl like me.

Who is a Girl Like Me? 

A girl like me is firstly, well, a girl. She’s nearing the defining decade of her life – the twenties – and is trying to figure out a lot of things. Yet at the same time, she at this point knows what she wants. Disregarding the age, a girl like me is a student, a blogger, a creative, a brand owner/aspiring business owner who also has a taste for the good (yet affordable) things of life. She is also a budding makeup enthusiast, who cherishes the state of her skin. It wouldn’t hurt to look well put together at least 95% of the time either. Oh yeah, the girl like me is not exactly a romantic.

With the above file, I shall now give you a guide on how to appeal to the different parts of this girl described above. While she doesn’t have to be all-in-one and the exact description above, she can be one, two or more combined.

How to Woo a Girl Like Me

The Girl

Deep down, we all love cute things. You can check out @_pinkdynasty to order custom made gift boxes. I love her products as they can even be colour themed! Check her out! Apart from that, just take ideas from what you know about the person who has snatched your heart. What colours do they like? Are they a flower or chocolate kind of person?

The Blogger

Ah yes, the blogger! The blogger is an emerging personality and most times there’s always something new they want to have to take their blog to the next level. How about buying them a domain, and if they want, a hosting plan? It’s pretty affordable, depending on who you go with. Other gift ideas include:

A Blog Planner: This is if she’s the type that likes to ‘write down the vision’. If she’s not, don’t bother! The Cassie Daves Blog Planner is N5000! Affordable, yet efficient. 

Blog Props: If you’ve seen her strangely hovering over cardboard with suspicious items strewn all around it, phone in hand, don’t worry. She’s probably a flatlay enthusiast. What is a flat lay? Well.. we’ll save the gist for later, but you can also get a bunch of blog props. In this post I mentioned a few, but you can DM me on Instagram @mindofamaka and request perhaps a flat-lay prop pack. It can either be tropical themed, floral themed or simply a mixture.

I’d also say a camera, laptop and perhaps a sizeable data subscription i.e. 4GB+, but you can save that for the birthday. Data wouldn’t be bad though!

The Student

Books are always necessary, honestly. Buy me one of my law text books and I’ll appreciate you. However, the student may want a break from anything that reminds them of their student-hood, but since they’re usually broke, money and an outing would be awesome. Feed us!

If she’s into fiction/non-academic books (to escape the realities of her course work), you can snag her a book or two! Find out what type of fiction she likes, what authors and genres she goes for. If she’s a movie buff, take her to the movies! Overpriced popcorn never tasted better!

The Brand Owner/Aspiring Business Owner

Alright, this girl is a budding #girlboss and therefore needs all the support she can get. Therefore, invest into her life with books like #GirlBoss and Smart Money Woman, so she remembers what is important. Words of encouragement wouldn’t hurt either, coupled with perhaps a token of investment.

I know I’d love for someone to give me funds so I’d start bringing my product packaging ideas to life. If especially her business is a small one, invest!

The Cheapskate with Exquisite Taste

A gift card wouldn’t hurt. Make sure you know her favourite stores though! You may also dare to buy her clothing items…however make sure you get the sizing right. I can’t exactly list affordable places as affordable is a subjective term, but ASOS is a great start! For Nigerian brands, valentines gifts can be purchased from Haute Signatures, Dap Mod, etc. You don’t even need to get clothing, as accessories can also win her heart. For accessories, check out (Lagos), (Abuja), @olaidebabystores (Lagos), @shopthoniabankz (Lagos).

If you want to spend a little more, shops like @gafasandals, Shop Maju etc. If she’s a thrifter (aka you know she always gets the best looking second hand clothes), you can also check out @girlinbasicstheshop (Lagos), @9jathriftstore or @shopwitholotu (Abuja).

The Budding Makeup Enthusiast

The budding makeup enthusiast doesn’t need much. Perhaps a nice lipstick would do. Unless you know about skin shades, undertones and whatnot, let’s just leave the rest to the lady. Then again, there might be some things she has her eyes on.

I wouldn’t mind having my ministry upgraded by copping a ZARON Face Definer. However, if you know your girl hasn’t really grasped the beat face concept, keep her away from contour products so she doesn’t end up looking like all her life she had to fight.

valentines 2018 gift ideas, mind of amaka, makeup flatlay

The Skin Cherisher

Ah yes, to this girl, skin is in! She appreciates having mark-free, glowing skin. The type of glow that blinds your enemies as you walk on the streets. Well, for a delicious and budget-friendly option, a valentines gift idea would be the Mayanga Sugar Polish.

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It is N1500 for a small tub, and N5000 for a large tub. It also comes in 5 variants – coffee, raven, turmeric, honey coco and green tea! Delicious, right? Well, they’re even better on the skin. You can place an order by messaging @mayanga_

Mayanga sugar scrub, mayanga body scrub, Mind of Amaka

Other beautiful brands include Arami Essentials, Oreke by Dami & Matte Apothecary. These brands are affordable, and I hear their products work wonders! They also provide for gift boxes filled with lush, luxe skin goodies.

On a Final Note

As someone finds it extremely difficult to say ‘I love you’ and who thinks romance can be too cheesy and lame sometimes, I hope you’ve enjoyed the list. I like being practical, and while some things I suggested may last a few hours, the others may have a lasting impact for ages! Of course, this list is not just for the typical ‘romantic’ relationship, but extends to friendships, family members and whatnot. I hope you enjoyed the post! 

P.S. I made this post so you all would buy these items for me, duh! Why do you think I named it ‘how to woo a girl like me’. Get buying! *cracks whip*


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  1. i can finally comment because i am using my system. Amaka is on fire, posts back to back. I love this post, how you got off on familiar territories and went on and on. I think the perfect gift for you will be artificial flowers. Mr bf might think its so romantic but we creatives know thats a tool. A flatlay tool. lol

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