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What If I Regret Self Hosting?

Self hosting is where you decide to take full control of your website. It is a process done by firstly finding a host, and also obtaining  a domain name. It has been called one of the most crucial steps to start blogging properly – according to a majority of the articles I find on Pinterest. Well, those guys were mostly trying to advertise their hosting company because of affiliate programs, but yeah. Self hosting is always emphasised on!


I started off on wordpress.com, which enabled me to own a free blog (with ‘.wordpress.com’ attached to my blog name as opposed to mindofamaka.com) and I was enjoying my space for a while. I always believed that I wouldn’t go self-hosted until about 3 years (cue audience laughing) – allowing me to milk all the opportunities not the free WordPress platform. After all, some of the blogs I liked were still chilling on free WordPress, where was I rushing off to?

mind of amaka, blog stock photo, MacBook black background

It was the thinking process of someone who didn’t like spending money much on stuff, who preferred and getting the most out of free stuff – but here I am, 1 year down the track, and already self hosted after 7 months of blogging! I went self hosted in these steps:

Hosting Provider

+ Found a hosting provider after asking around for recommendations, doing Google searches and comparing prices (a girl is on a budget).

Domain Name

+ Purchased a domain name and hosting plan to suit my budget, as well as my needs at the time. I was and am still quite a small blog, so getting a large plan isn’t really something I want to do right now. Currently, I’m on a 4GB per month plan. I opted for .com because the others just don’t sound as cute – plus, who wants to remember something like mindofamaka.blog? It just doesn’t mix well, to me anyway. People like Fisayo Longe (Mirrorme.me) and Chinju Nwankwo (Attics.me) are on another level though. I remember their URLs because their blogs are nice.

Install WordPress.org

+ Logged into my cPanel, installed WordPress from there and set up my website. Once I got in, I got down to customising all the things I wanted to customise, and installing essential plugins such as Yoast, Jetpack and Google Analytics.


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Though self hosting is usually seen as a sign of growth and advancement because you’re taking the reins and getting your brand together, I find that now and then, I wish I could revert back. Though it would be absolutely backwards to go from self-hosted back to free wordpress (forward ever, backward never people!), there are some things I miss from free WordPress, as well as some things I wish I did.

Self Hosting Can Be Lonely

I miss the community I had on free WordPress. It felt so easy to connect with everyone. I had more comments, likes, was more visible via WordPress Reader and through tags I put on my posts. It was just awesome, I really felt like I was growing and each month, my stats increased (but maybe I interpreted them wrong). Self hosting is a bold step, and it can feel pretty lonely.

Self Hosting is Responsibility

When you go self-hosted, you’re responsible for a lot of things. It doesn’t just start and end with putting in your card details to pay for your domain name and hosting plan. You have to ensure that you’re always on top of your payments, otherwise, bye bye website! Bye bye domain! Funke Olotu can shed more light on that for you. You can also watch Season 2, Episode 1 of Rumour Has It to get more gist, and even ask Linda Ikeji

Self Hosting Can Be Hectic

Not only that, but you have to think of your website/blog and where it is going. What are your goals for it? Is it just going to be you spreading your personal thoughts freely in your own space, or do you want to become one of the top blogs like Sisi Yemmie? When you think of those, you have to start thinking of content that would gear you towards achieving those goals. You start worrying about SEO, your ranking and all those terms you didn’t really pay attention to before when you were in the free world. Making an investment into self hosting would cause you to want to get a bang for your buck – you want to invest to yield money.



Like I said above, I did research and compared prices of different hosting providers, of course opting for the cheapest one I could find (as always). I wish I had researched more so I wouldn’t be so confused when it comes to certain things – for example, I hate to admit it, but I don’t know the difference between bandwidth and web space (runs and hides). The cPanel is one of the scariest things ever – there’s so many buttons (and ways to screw up your website) there! It’s like a forest. 

Choose Hosting Carefully

I knew I needed to choose a good host, and Bluehost might have been my choice if not for money matters. Either way, I chose my current host because It had prices that fit me, there were black friday sales going on, and it was used by some other bloggers I knew. Yet, in just a few months I’ve been frustrated quite a few times. I don’t think I’d blame my hosting company, but I think it all goes back to research which is my first point above.

I’ve been suspended about two times already in the span of two weeks because of spam mails I supposedly sent – when I have no idea how the email was sent and how it was spam! The hosting company just suspended me, and I realised also that they are a bit robotic – both times I was suspended, I saw the same emails from the last time and realised it was probably an automated thing. I didn’t pay attention to things like security as much, and I wish I had done more research in regards to that. 

I’d advice also that we READ the terms and conditions fully. Yet, I really believe hosting companies need to try more to suss out the problems – imagine me getting suspended without proper warning? Nobody tried to help me troubleshoot, they just suspended me and kept forwarding me to a page advising on how to better secure my website – I wish I was walked through. There’s that, and the fact I get the occasional mail from Jetpack saying my website is down or not loading – sigh.

Stay Woke, Folks

In conclusion, it’s not that self hosting itself is bad – I love wordpress.org because of the thousands of themes I have access to and all the plugins I can download. I also have tons more freedom than on wordpress.com, but I just want to say if you want self hosting, make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Think it through, do thorough research and reading, and opt for what is best for you!

8 thoughts on “What If I Regret Self Hosting?”

  1. This is really insightful. I’m currently at that midpoint of deciding whether to get into self-hosting or stick to wordpress.com. This was really helpful! Thanks! And I love your blog name. An invitation to explore the website.

  2. Very honest post…

    Reason I why don’t want to go self hosting is cause I’m not ready….

    And I don’t want what happened to me before to happen again…

    1. Lol whenever you’re ready oh! I personally just want to own my domain name because the thought of anyone else having it would just kill lol! In due time!

  3. How did I miss this post? Well a lot of shot happens. Going self hosted is a big step and honestly no one should take that step unless they have done their background work which includes researching. I feel you Amaka, for I know what you have been through lately in the hands of your hosting providers. Anyways we will make it through at the end.

    I will advice anyone thinking of going self-hosted to look for a good hosting provider with great customer service . It saves you a lot of stress. I tried to renew my domain name sometime last month, the money was deducted but it didn’t reflect in my domain. As in no extension or anything. I contacted them and in less than 10 mins, I had my problem solved. They even volunteered to automatically renew my domain once the money is reversed to my account. I forgot about it until two days later when I got a message that my domain has been renewed. Some companies are just so tiring because of their poor customer service.

    Thank you for the tag.

    1. We will make it through! You’re welcome about the tag, and you’re so right about doing proper research and customer service. May we all make better decisions regarding our blogs from now and in the future!

  4. Im starting a blog and Im actually really really into it but Im so confused. I dont know what to do??????. I had a good plan but now nothing seems to be working. Please help me.

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