3 Reasons Why I Re-Purchased the LA Pride Foundation

The LA Pride foundation is one which I’m sure you’ve seen mentioned a bit in previous posts. Recently, I got another bottle after my old one reached it’s lowest – it’s seriously one of the first times I can recall hitting the bottom of a foundation bottle. I went into reserve mode and had to scrape as much as I could. I was happy Prince Ebeano Supermarket came through with the upgrade.

Help! My Foundation is Finished!

Now, I had put off buying a new foundation or anything foundation while I still had this foundation. This was because I felt I wouldn’t even finish it that quickly. Little did I know, I’d start wearing makeup every day to school this year, thus hastening the inevitable end.

Seeing I’d reached the bottom presented the opportunity to¬†finally¬†try something new. I thought hard about what I wanted, weighing the benefits and disadvantages of branching into another foundation territory. In the end, I copped another bottle of the LA Pride Foundation, and here are three (3) reasons why.

The LA Pride Foundation Has Great Coverage

The foundation is 2-in-1 and thus acts as a concealer and foundation in one. This means it is quite thick. It also means a little goes a long way. I find that 2-3 pumps of foundation and I’m good to go. Coupled with my bamboo kabuki brush, I achieve quite a pleasant, natural looking finish.

Coverage is important, as I’m a girl with hyper pigmentation. I find that the coverage of the LA Pride foundation is decent enough for the price. As an oily skin girl, I also find the foundation manageable. It’s not matte or anything, but I still like the neat finish.

The LA Pride Foundation is Beginner Friendly

I’m past the stage where I am 90% likely to stab myself with an eyeliner (or am I?) so I can’t flaunt a beginner beginner badge, but I feel for absolute beginners this foundation is great. I start off with baby powder on my face after applying the Bo & Jo Naturals Miracle Cream, then apply the foundation. After application, I dust the areas that get oily fast with baby powder – under my eyes, nose, forehead and chin. After that, I’m good to go.

The only issue is that the shade range isn’t spectacular – light, medium, dark. I guess you could say I was lucky that the ‘medium’ happened to be my shade. Either way, given that I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with foundation, I’d still recommend it.

The LA Pride Foundation is Easy on the Pockets

If I concluded this post without mentioning I bought this foundation for the price, I’d be a liar and need to be arrested. However, I have not done that, and so your trust can remain in me. At this point of financial stagnancy in my life, I didn’t feel at all comfortable with splurging over 4k on brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Zaron and the likes. I had my eyes set on aesthetics, and you’ll see what I splurged on instead soon.


It just felt too exorbitant, especially for someone who likes to keep things simple. I’m sure those brands have products where a little goes a long way, but I still didn’t feel comfortable with the price tag. I don’t think I’m ready to enter that terrain yet.

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At N1220, the LA Pride foundation called out seductively to me once again, and I was overjoyed when I saw it. Though the new one I got appears to be a tad lighter in comparison to my old one, I’m still satisfied. Of course, the time for bigger brands will come, but until then, I think I’ll use up this bottle. Who knows, I might even buy another brand this same year without having finished this bottle. For now though, I’m satisfied.

And so folks, that is why I have opted for yet another bottle of LA Pride foundation! I was wishing I’d be able to try a higher brand, but at this time, It’s not exactly what is best for me. I’m still going to shine though! By the way, this post was not sponsored or anything, I’m just sharing what I’ve been using.

Hope you enjoyed the post! And p.s. I departed from my pink norm for something a tad darker, inspired by the amazing photos at Nigerian beauty blog The Spinster Reviews. Check out the blog! I think pastel is my thing though, what do you think?

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